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Oberlin is the only school I considered with a conservatory on the same campus. The shared programs mean that we get to see such incredible performers as the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and even Yo-Yo Ma on stages at school. It also means all our concerts are really, really good.


The people at Oberlin are what make it unique. You are constantly surrounded by a diverse student body who have done things you've never heard of. Everyone is really nice, friendly, and welcoming. Also, Oberlin is a small place so you run into everyone a lot, even if you don't want to!


Say anything? MONKEYS! The Naked Truth about Oberlin comes out when you visit. I don't think I would have chosen to apply Early Decision if I hadn't come on the New York Fly-In. It's really difficult to pain a picture of any college campus and the best thing a student can do - especially to find out more about Oberlin College - is to visit.


Oberlin loves to talk about how more of its graduates go on to get masters or PHDs than any other institution. This may be true, but I think it is misleading. The reason that so many Oberlin graduates go on to get higher degrees is because a degree from Oberlin alone is not worth much. I'm sorry to say it, but in my experience, few if any employers have heard of Oberlin. The name does not carry much weight, and if people have heard of it, its not for the kind of reasons you want when you're applying to a job. HOWEVER, I do believe that institutions offering higher degrees do look highly upon an Oberlin degree, and in this regard I do think that going to Oberlin can help you, not only in receiving a fine education, but in maneuvering into a well-respected masters program.


The range of diversified talents, opinions, and concerns for political and environmental issues.


Oberlin College is a premier liberal arts school with a vibrant history of activism. I chose this school because my values are similar to the values of the majority of the students. The students and faculty of this school really care about the world we live in and try to nurture its progress. Oberlin takes a stand against environmental degradation, takes steps toward green energy, and trains its students to grow and change the world for the better. As the first college in the U.S. to admit students of color and females, Oberlin is truly one of a kind.


Something unique that I have seen in my time at Oberlin is the continual student and institutional support for environmental events, causes, and practices. There are many examples of this: they range from pioneering ecological design practices, to purchasing local food for the dining commons, to requiring all new buildings on campus to be LEED certified, to community service for green causes. Oberlin runs a farm purely through student volunteer work, which benefits from many environmental efforts. Overall, I would say the degree of awareness and the number and quality of environmental initiatives could not be found at another school.


Oberlin is an easy place to crack up. It's cold in the winter, isolated, peopled with fellow young adults who are on permanent caffeine jags and who just won't shut up about their latest obsessions. When I was a senior, we were having a meeting of all the student teachers of beginning creative writing. One of my fellows was complaining about a student who was continually late with their assignments. The advisor said, Well just tell him he's going to have to pull an all-nighter like all of us have done. I piped up and said, I've never done that. My remark was met with dead silence. At Oberlin, it is a matter of pride to be busy.


The campus is full of many interesting artistic poeple who are very passionate about their work. When Oberlin Students want something they go for it with 150{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. This can be seen through our colleges Green Initiave, The Seed house, and our Eco Olympics. The Collge is incredibly green and enviromentaly concious.


A destination for people of every background who want to discover everything there is to know about the world, who want to try everything until they discover what they love, then chase their dream to the ends of the earth.


The co-op system (people can choose to work and make their own food instead of going through campus dining), how easy it is to be a double degree student in the conservatory and the college, how accessible the conservatory is for non-conservatory students, and the ExCo system (students teach students for academic credit)


Oberlin has an extrememly diverse student body, while at the same time having a very cohesive, close community.

David Arnow

Go with the reviews from students. Oberlin is a very distinct clear place. People are not going to have terribly different interpretations. I went there for the music, the chemistry (social and the major), the anti-frat culture, the political activism, the non-alcoholic recreational drugs, the academic seriousness. It's just me, but if I had to do it over today, that's exactly where I'd go.


It is one of the most liberal and accepting schools in the US today, and it was exactly what I was looking for. It's the school full of all the people that like to be themselves, so that those who were rejected in highschool end up here and now are accepted, with the common point of the initial rejection.


Oberlin tends to be very accepting. People here do not concede to the norm. They do what they feel is right. They're very original.


The school was much more liberal and open than many of the other schools I visted. The school focuses on bringing students together for service.


Oberlin is wonderful because its students are completely serious about academics, but also know when to relax. Their passions are not limited to the classroom, and energy is divided between school, extra-curricular activities, and social lives in a very healthy way. What it all comes down to is that students at Oberlin care - for their time in the biology lab as much as for the concert benefit they're planning to aid with genocide in the Sudan. Oberlin students are balanced in a way I haven't seen at other institutions.




WOMEN'S RUGBY IS SO HAPPENING HERE. The weather *sucks* -- it has snowed here in May. But, it's also been 70 degrees after Thanksgiving.


Yeah man so come to Oberlin. It's a good time if you make it one. There are always kids like you just waiting to meet you ;) ON THE NEXT PAGE YOU ONLY GIVE TWO (2) CHOICES FOR GENDER. Neither of these 2 genders apply to many students at my school. Did you mean SEX?


The reason I applied to Oberlin was the double degree program (you earn a performance degree B.M from the Con and a B.A. from the College). I changed my mind about being a performer, but if you want to learn more about your


Oberlin is a wonderfully unique place and an excellent school in just about every respect. You won't fit in there since no one does, but you'll be glad you chose Oberlin.


Oberlin is the BEST!!!


people smoke a lot of weed. but, amazingly, there is NEVER any pressure to do any kind of drugs or drinking if it's not your thing.


Remember, there will be times where you might utter that you hate Oberlin and that you never wanted to come here. We all go through this. I mention this to keep you in reality and to not get your hopes up far too high, as we are still dealing with people. However, it does offer a brand new experience to all of us, and it can be very exciting to go through.


Oberlin is a place to expand your horizons and meet new people from all over. The professors are great. You don't have to worry about a bad graduate student teaching your class. The music is wonderful. It's a great experience.


Yay i love oberlin


Safer Sex Night-Come to the student union dressed in your nighties/whatever and learn about safer sex while dancing it up with your barely clothed classmates. Drag Ball-Learn all about cross dressing and have some fun while you're at it. Dress as the opposite sex and find yourself attracted to the wrong people! 420-Good, clean, fun.


The campus is small and the town is even smaller. After a while, you city kids may be yearning for some good restaurants and multiplex theaters, among other things.


If it works out for your financially----COME TO OBERLIN!!! It will be a fantastically challenging and rewarding experience for you!


Fairchild co-op!!


There is a serious lack of heavy metal on this campus. This must be fixed. Also, am I getting paid if this is published? ...Crap




a lot of people compare oberlin and wesleyan university in connecticut. they are similar, but have totally different vibes. so don't think that one is a substitute for the other. just don't


i think I got it.


No dating scene. There is a lot of awkward sex, and random hook ups. Bring a car. If you get claustrophobic leave before your head explodes. The Sco sucks and if your a freshman girl you will probably end up fucking some 22 year old townie by the end of the night


OK so here's the bad stuff: You can only live off campus your senior year, but living off campus isn't great because all the houses are pretty nasty, they are just cheaper which is most of the advantage. You also have to be on a meal plan all years. But a co-op can be the meal plan. The extreme leftism of this campus gets old, so does the political correctness. But it's the lesser of two evils considering some of the shit that goes down at right leaning schools. I get the feeling there isn't much religious life, but I haven't really tried to find it. There's a lot of cultural Judiasm. Good stuff: Honestly the kids here are well-rounded, generally and specifically intelligent, politically interested, but still normal. I love my friends here so much. I'm not sure any of them will ever be CEOs. I'm not sure I care.


Obiegame. Check it out. www.obiegame.com Interactive treasure hunt... thing. Mostly internet based. Will eat your life and ruin your grades. Totally worth it.


Oberlin really promotes study abroad opportunities and generally makes it very easy to find programs and transfer credits. They will even allow you to apply all Oberlin based financial aid to a semester abroad as long as the program is affiliated with Oberlin (i.e. an Oberlin student has previous attended and successfully transfered credits from this program). I had a great time on my semester abroad in Australia and I'm getting major credit for some of the courses I took there. Winter is gray, very gray. Be prepared.


I loved Oberlin, but it is not like reality, maybe that's why I loved it so much.


Great college! Not recommended for conservatives or those easily offended. There is always something fun to do, and the people are absolutely amazing. Professors can be your best friends, and the campus is gorgeous.


If you don't want to be stuck in a two block radius, bring a car! Don't live in a first year hall.


that's all.


I love this place! It's an experience like none other!


Oberlin is great! You'll meet tons of interesting people once you get out of lectures (there aren't too many, don't worry)!


You can smoke everywhere


I hate this place. It is amazingly unfriendly to non-traditional students and students who are religious or are political moderates/conservative.


I love Oberlin. I started off in the Conservatory as a music performance major, but now I'm in the college. You can do almost anything you want here.


We've got TGIF! And COOPS!!! wonderful, self-sustaining student operating groups for housing and dining. Amazing food, cheaper and socially conscious.


Oberlin = awesome