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For many students the co-op system at Oberlin provides an affordable and better-tasting dining option with the added bonus of an incredible community. I eat in Fairchild, the vegetarian/mostly vegan/no cane sugar co-op, and I can say completely certainly that I made the best decision of the last few years of my life when I checked the box saying I wanted to eat in a co-op. It provides me with a home away from my home away from home.


Before you decide sign your name to come to Oberlin, come visit and do the following: -Sit in on a few classes that interest you! (Very, very, very strong suggestion) -Visit and eat in a co-op, don't be shy, just come on in, it is free and you are welcome! (Bring the family) -talk to a few upperclassmen to get a feel for how Oberlin has molded them -talk to a few underclassmen to see how jazzed they are about their first years. -Check out more than one department that interests you. See what vibes you get.




I eat in Pyle Co-op and it's awesome!


Oberlin is a great school, but it is very much a bubble. After spending a summer on a dude ranch in Colorado with a lot of deep South Texans, a member from a Detroit gang, some guys from Jamaica and a lot of other people from walks of life that I've never encountered before, I've changed my mind quite a bit about a lot of the types of people and things that are often looked down up or judged by Oberlin students. I've become a much more questioning, thoughtful, and open individual at Oberlin and I look forward to taking my experiences here into the "real" world!


I represent HARKNESS.


I am entering on behalf of Keep co-op. The sophomore slump at Oberlin can hit people pretty hard. Oberlin is kind of going through an identity crisis, where it's not sure whether it wants to be an Antioch or an Amherst, but for playing the middle, it's doing pretty well.


oberlin is a great place because u can find your niche, whatever that is... there is probably already a community of people here that are interested in the same kind of thing.




I've been in Fairchild Co-op since I came here, and it's been great. The students do all the cooking, cleaning, administration, food buying, etc. The meals are generally very good, though occasionally disappointing. Last semester I was a head cook, and it was pretty thrilling to find that I could reliably prepare a great meal for 50 people. Fairchild is all vegetarian and largely vegan -- wonderful if you're a vegetarian who's tired of having to be cautious and ask about the ingredients when you eat. I've met most of my friends through the co-op.


CO-OP DINING: I eat in Fairchild Co Op (aka FairKID). Its vegetarian/vegan and super delicious. Its a great opprotunity to cook with friends and actually learn how to make real, healthy, non dining hall food. You run into some of the most interesting people on campus in these co ops, because they knows whats cool- and lets face it- dining halls suck. One veggie meal is spent speaking on transgender and the next on astro physics. Definately cool.


I eat in Fairchild Co-op and I love it. I only discovered it this semester, and I'm graduating in a year but I definitely intend to stay, it's been much more rewarding than the dining halls.


I am from Fairchild co-op.


Oberlin is pretty sweet most of the time. Some things suck, like the cardio machines at the gym are crammed into one hallway and Student Health is generally useless, but overall my experience at Oberlin has been very positive. I really enjoy my time here and think a lot of people would agree with me.


i am told to write here: we are fairchild. we are awesome. (okay, i wasn't told to write the last part) (but it's also true).


Don't listen to anything an athlete from Oberlin tells you. Nobody cares about sports here and nobody cares about athletes.


Almost everyone at this school can find their own little niche.


Oberlin was a great place, but I am happy to be in the real world. I often lean towards places and people who remind me of this time in my life, it will always be with me. But alas, those crazy years are over and I believe I'm all the better because of them.


I'm still glad that I went here.


The school is beefing up its athletics program.


Oberlin College is different then most places. Its a helluva experience. You get the best of both worlds, academically and socially.


We have womb chairs in the library. They're LEGENDARY, you should come find out why. Also, what other school could you possibly go to where you could experience the daily joy that is observing the albino-squirrel population that inhabits Tappan Square. Experimental College Classes are a dream come true. If you've always wanted to learn how to defend yourself from zombie attacks, watch the greatest plays in football history during class, or make your own rockin' websites (the list goes on) ExCo classes will be your best friend. WINTER TERM!!! 6 weeks of, learning whatever you want wherever you want. Have fun. Safer Sex Night and Drag Ball. The whole campus will be dressed to the nines (i.e. almost nude or as the opposite gender) for these incredible and unforgettable nights. DeCafe smoothies with make you wilt in edible ecstasy. The sauna in the gym is great. Things are not taboo. If you want to say it, say it. If you want to do it, DO IT.


The library is so wonderful for taking naps in. I love the atmosphere there.


Oberlin is great- you do have to be prepared for people thinking about themselves as "weird". sometimes people here do weird things and it's like "dude. you're totally just doing that to be ridiculous. chill the fuck out."