Oglethorpe University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants a campus with lots of fast paced action at school or a large school, or doesn't like the the liberal arts education system.


Anyone who is not interested in receiving a quality education in a culturally diverse environment should not attend this school. The classroom size is uniquely small for a university, which allows for one on one interaction and the opportunity to really get to know your professors. If your are the type of person that likes to shrink into the background, not participate in campus life, and essentially is a loner, this university is not for you.


Someone looking to be anonymous at a huge university or who is lazy academically.


A person who has no clue what they plan to do with their future should not attend this University, because they would end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily trying to figure out . I also feel that someone who is closed-minded should not plan on going here, because i don't feel they would be comfortable in this setting. College is a time of self-discovery, and so one will come in contact with things they never thought they would, such as same-sex couples or individuals who don't come from the same religious background as them.


conservatives. our school is very liberal and very open minded. although there are a lot of conversatives on campus, they do not share the overall outlook of the majority of the students here.


A moderate, socially adaptable person who enjoys having a social life outside of Fraternities and sororities.


closed minded individuals that dont like a strong sense of community


People who live to party, or must constantly be entertained.