Ohio Northern University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small town, small school.


I do not need a sentance to describe Ohio Northern I only need one word, home, from the moment I stepped on campus the environment and friendliness made it feel like home.


A quiet hometown school.


ONU is the smallest big university in America.


Ohio Northern is a small campus with a lot going on.


Ohio Northern University is a campus that is big enough to challenge any of it's students, but is small enough to care about every student individually.


ONU is a strong academic, personal, dedicated and student driven University where any of your goals can be achieved.


Ohio Northern is pretty bland in terms of diversity of culture, race, religion, politics, and scenery, but I think that it is also open to change.


Ohio Northern University is a small, well-rounded liberal arts college, that is very welcoming and challenging academically.


A small, community-oriented university that is well-known for its pharmacy and engineering degrees in particular.


ONU is large enough to challenge, small enough to care.


Ohio Northern University is a small, focused, friendly, successful school with amazing students and professors who are driven and feed ONU's contagious personality.


Ohio Northern Univerisity is a small, academic based school. The small community immediately welcomes students and makes them feel comfortable. There are many different social activities which are very open to new members at all times of the year. The campus community is very friendly and warm. You can always find someone to help if you have problems or issues. The faculty and staff are very committed to each and every student's success while at the university and after their time there. It is a wonderful school that I reccomend to anyone! There is something for everyone at ONU.