Ohio Northern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing aboutt the school has to be the food. The food has always been amongst the worst in the country. Every other night there's boiled chicken, or barbeque boiled chicken, or cajun boiled chicken, or, well you get the point. You better have a strong stomach to eat the food or you may get a case of "mac attack".


The worst part of ONU is probably the brutally cold and snowy winters. It gets really cold in the winter and then when the snow starts falling the walk to classes is a little rough. With most of the housing within walking distance to the campus, there are many students fighting the snow covered sidewalks to get to class. If the university could come up with a better way to clear the sidewalks for students, it would be greatly appreciated.


Sometimes the professors don't seem to have enough supplies/room for everyone during labs. Also, the cafeteria food isn't the best.


The worst thing about my school is the living situation. The dorms and apartments are nice, however, they are not built to be quiet. I can always hear the people who live above me in the apartments banging around in their room, yelling, and coming back late at night orearly in the morning. Everyone has a right to live, but often I am kept awake and my roommate and I have a hard time studying. Other people have complained about this as well.


I think the worst thing about my school is the slow reaction time of some staff when an issue needs to be addressed. However, this if usually on the nonacademic side of the experience.


Overall, I would have to say it is the cost of education. Students who receive financial aid are still graduating with tremendous debt many over $50,000. The school is good to give many scholarships, but much of the aid does not change when tuition rates increase year to year. With the economy currently in a less than good situation. More and more students are becoming aware of the impact student loans will have on their future.


The dining hall experience is something else. Typically incoming freshman find the food to be wonderful, and as you get use to it you realize it isn't that great. However, as far as the selection of food, it is amazing compared to some campuses. Full buffet-style dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, daily. Dorm-life can really be different depending on where you live as well. They are currently renovating some of the housing so they will be better than when I was an incoming freshman. As you gain more credits housing gets nicer.


The worst thing about Ohio Northern is that the work load can sometimes get a little bit strenuous. It is proposed by the school that for every hour of class attended, you should spend two hours outside the classroom working on the material (homework, studying, research). With four hours of class every day, that is 12 hours alone on school work, plus any other activities you are involved in, including work and sports, which can add up hours also. Once you factor in necessary social time, you are sometimes looking at a 18 to 20 hour day.


The weather consists of snow, wind, and rain. It's like living in the Arctic Tundra between November and April. It is still snowing during spring break!


The worst thing is probably the stress on general education classes. Although they are important, I know myself and others have had problems with those courses getting in the way too much with their major classes. Sometimes the professors expect the students to work harder than they really should have to at times.


The worst thing about this school is how handicap-unfriendly it is. The elevators can be very unreliable, especially in the winter, and all of the buildings have at least two stories. I don?t need a wheelchair, but those that do are faced with a barrage of heavy doors that are awkward from a sitting position. The sidewalks can be very icy and dangerous. When wet, the tile can also be very slippery even if you wear shoes with treading.


The worst thing about ONU is the lack of variety in the classes you can take. Especially if you are in one of the less popular majors, there aren't a lot of options for elective courses to take. If you have a very unique or specialized interest, it is unlikely that you will find a course on that topic. However, the professors are willing to help and often will allow you to do an independent study so that you can focus on your interests if there is no course in them.


Location, we live in the middle of a corn field.