Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for school spirit and high graduation and job placement rates.


Ohio State is a large university that offers something for all students. Stellar academic programs, a wide variety of degree options, excellent support systems, a multitude of student clubs and Greek life, endless social opportunities and one of the top NCAA athletic programs in the country merely scratches the surface of what OSU offers. Within degree programs the university does an excellent job of creating a smaller atmosphere for the student - this helps tremendously to balance the sheer size of the campus. As an added bonus, Ohio State is located in the vibrant metro area of Columbus.


The Ohio State University is known for its unassailable reputation. The prestigious university hosts a diversity of students who are dedicated to succeeding in life, which is prevalent through myriad rankings and statistics. In addition, Ohio State University alumni stretch all across the world. The networking capabilities are tremendous due to the high volume of connections. Evenmore, the large public school is in the center of one of the most economic-thriving cities in the nation. Its location is prime to the amount of success students encounter following graduation. Not to mention, the football team is legendary!


My school is best known for the school spirit (go bucks!) and the great academic values.


Our varsity sports and our enthusiastic alumni are known around the world.


The Ohio State University is best known for our football team in sports, our medical, engineering, and business degree programs in acedemics, and our multiple student opportunities to utilize collaborations with companies who are leaders in their industry.


Ohio State is one of the top universities in the field of academics. There is a strong focus in student success and it is a very competitive school. Ohio State is also very popular for their football team, the buckeyes. One of the best in the nation! GO BUCKS! OH-IO!


Ohio State has to be best known for its sports and the almost cult-like following by its students, alumni, and just regular fans. But not only does the school excel in sports, its reputation on an academic level is quite impressive. This is thanks in part to upscale research labs, top-notch teaching staff, and seemingly limitless resources for students.The main campus is famous for being one of the largest in the nation, but it seems to shrink in size the longer you're there. It's beautiful, and thousands of students have come to call it home.


FOOTBALL!!! and Sports! A big emphasis on school spirit revolving around the Buckeyes and the rivalry between OSU and U of M!ch!g@n. A large student enrollment provides for a spansive networking base. The school is kind of a party school. Drinking is a big part of this school's culture. So large, in fact, that the president of the university is pursuing interest in lowering the drinking age to 18. However, if you don't drink, the school has a wealth of other extra-cirricular opportunities from intramural sports to clubs and organizations.


Ohio State is best known for the great educational experience ... and football.