Ohio State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is extroverted and motivated should attend this school.


People who love being a part of a crowd. There is no better crowd to be a part of than the Buckeye crowd!


driven, social students.


A student who desires a full menu of opportunities from the college experience should strongly consider The Ohio State University. Limited is not in the OSU vocabulary! The options available for degree programs, research, interaction with top notch professors, internships, work study, social opportunties, big time college athletics, recreation, support, etc. are the best in the country. OSU students are passionate about their school and being a Buckeye holds a special place in their hearts for a lifetime.


A person who is open to try new experiences should attend Ohio State. Ohio State has over a thousand student organizations, so this person is bound to find something new and exciting. The Ohio State family is huge, so this person should also feel comfortable being part of a huge Ohio State family. The Alumni Organization has dinners and meetings and they are a great reference for career contacts.


The ideal student at the Ohio State University is one who wants to be a part of a community. This is a very large university driven by school spirit. Being a Buckeye is a badge of honor and creates a bond between all students. Wearing your scarlet and gray with pride is pretty much the standard every weekend and weekday on campus.


Students who are smart, high achieving but who aren't affraid of a challenge. Also anyone who wants a large range of opportunities or who isn't quite sure of what they want to do. Any interests are available to pursue on campus so not only one type of person is the norm. Also anyone who is interested in sports, this is a big sports campus.


The Ohio State UNiversity welcomes motivated students from all backgrounds. Somebody who should attend this university should have a burning desire to better themselves, connect with their community, and make a difference whether it be in their personal lives or reaching out to their community. The student should ooze with pride about the school and their personal achievements.


One who isn't afraid to go out of their comfort zone and discover new opportunities through friendships and socialization. Because Ohio State is so large and diverse, people have to have good communication skills and the desire to live in a city or real-world environment. People that can create friendships and create a sense of community in such a large campus such as Ohio State most definitely succeed here in the end.


The Ohio State University is a school for students that value opporunity. With its massive size and student body comes massive diversity and options–a plethora of studies, cultures, clubs, dining facilities, housing options, study abroad options, and other choices that make every day as exciting as the last. In fact, studying at OSU is kind of like one of those "choose your own adventure" books, an experience that is unparalleled by most institutions.


People who love the large and city campus feel should definetly come to OSU. OSU is unique in the fact that when you're on campus it feels like a college campus, but if you step a block off campus you are almost immediately immersed in Ohio's largest city. An OSU student should be hungry for opportunity because there are plenty offered. Prospective students should be ready to commit to being a Buckeye for life.


An outgoing, football loving, and career and academic driven individual. There's a TON of school spirit here (mainly with athletics), but a lot of people come here for the academics and research as well.


A person who is dedicated and wants to learn while also having the time of their lives should attend Ohio State.


Anyone eager to begin a new, exciting, intellectually stimulating lifestyle at a wonderful university. Anyone looking for a school full of energy and spirit, Ohio State is the place to be; We love our Buckeyes. Additionally, our academic and exercise facilities are top notch and our professors genuinely care for students. Ohio State will provide a life changing experience and mold each individual into a globally aware, independent and intelligent being! And hey, there are some pretty attractive and intelligent males and females on campus, you may find your future spouse or best friend for life!


Someone who is social, outgoing, driven, smart, talented, diverse, creative, tolerant, have a thirst for knowledge and new experiences.


I think anybody can attend our school because our school is very culturally diversified and has a huge student population. Everyone deserves a chance to experience what this school has to offer, the available resources that are provided to the students, and our very friendly and active student population. Everyone who comes to Ohio State has a very different experience and often find themselves learning life long lessons and making lifelong friends in the school as long as they reach out and try to get themselves involved.


Anyone with a desire to better themselves intellectually, spiritually, culturally and even socially would benefit greatly from attending the Ohio State University. Having a drive to succeed and enough self-discipline to remain focused on one's studies is also of great benefit. The opportunities and diversity that are abundandly available at a univeristy of this size allows for anyone, no matter where they are coming from or where they intend to go, to find their niche and truly get the most out of their college experience.


A person who is ready to grow, ready to explore, ready to take chances. Some people say it is too big. But it is not. It is full of opportunity for people to "bloom" into the peple they are menat to be. OSU has so much diversity, so many opportunities to expand, grow, and explore to find out what type of person you can become. And once you find out the time of person you can become then there are so many ways to take that new you to great places in the community.


Students who are motivated to succeed and willing to work hard to earn their degree will flourish in this school. Those who can really balance school and having a social life will also do very well. From proud Ohioans to curious out of state students would find this school intresting, fun, and a great place to learn alot and get prepared for their future work place.


Any person that wants to have as many opportunities as humanly possible should attend The Ohio State University. Although it is a very large school, there are enough academic and nonacademic groups available to learn and grow in. Every type of experience is available at Ohio State.


Any kind of person could fit in well at Ohio State, purely because of its large and diverse student body. With so many colleges and programs, just about anyone could find a good fit for them academically, and that is mirrored in our large array of student organizations. There is a strong welcoming feeling as soon as you step on campus, so even if you are not outgoing, you would not have a hard time making friends and fitting in.


Anyone can attend this school, but being able to be independant is a must!


Any person who enjoys life should attend The Ohio State University, because there are countless experiences of a lifetime to be had at this school. Never had I heard of a university that offers a rollerblading club or Quidditch Team before attending Ohio State. Quite literally, I have been bombarded with research and internship opportunities, study abroad programs, student organizations, honoraries, and greek organizations while being on campus. The organizations and programs that I have taken advantage of always keep me busy, meeting new people, and learning new things. Ohio State truly offers opportunities for every student.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one with an open mind. Because, with its size, the student population is so diverse, it's hard to specify a specific personality that would "fit" here when, in truth, so many do. An open-minded individual, however, will benefit most from the diversity they'll find on campus as they'll be most able to embrace the new friends and opportunities they'll encounter as a result of the University's size and variety of worldviews and activies. Embracing these, open-minded students find the most success.


Someone who doesn't mind that it's a big campus. It's easy to get lost, so you should have a good sense of direction and be prepared that there's a lot of people. That being said, there's also a lot of on-campus activities, so lots of opportunities to meet people and get around!


Anyone! Everyone will fit in at OSU there is literally a club for every interest and a full range of course offerings.


Ohio State has something for everyone, all at an affordable price. If you are a fitness nut, you will be happy to know that Ohio State has been ranked the “Fittest College in America” by Men’s Fitness Magazine. For the grade conscious student, the OSU library system is world class and gives you online access to every well respected journal imaginable. The party scene is excellent throughout the week if you are into that and older students enjoy the vast number of bars close to campus. OSU’s huge budget brings in a number of awesome musicians every year.


Anyone who is willing to put forth the effort to become who they want to be. The school is very diverse with a lot of majors to choose from but work load can be intimidating.


Ohio State is big and so the people that should go here should be a bit outgoing, have at least a medium sense of confidence in themselves, be willing to take advantage of the many opportunitieis that the school offers, and is self motivated.


People who attend Ohio State University should be ambitious and willing to work toward being a successful and well-rounded influence in the world. Students should be open to learning new things while forming their own opinions and learning to back them up with intellectual and practical arguments. Students should be independent and willing to become a disciplined person who can both work with and lead others. Ohio State provides a fun and professional atmosphere for these students.


Any person who wants to be at a fun and exciting campus with enormous amounts of opportunity this is the college for you. There are so many people with different backgrounds and history. Students come from other countries to study in their specific fields. There are also more chances to learn abroad. To summarize Ohio State is a great place to learn, study and achieve.


Any kind of person. There is really a niche for everybody here, and they are really good about matching people with good roommates. The dorm atmosphere is great too. I would recommend OSU to anybody. Except a michigan fan, that is.


Sports fans, people who want an economically sound college that makes sense in terms of distance, money, etc.


Really anyone can attend OSU. The school is very diverse and there is truely something here for everyone.


Any person who is full of school spirit and wants to experience what diversity really means should attend The Ohio State University. Also, someone who is willing to learn and wants to participate in research should attend this school.


Someone who wants a great education in a big city.


The type of person that should attend Ohio State University is on who takes their education seriously and wants to receive a diploma at a school that is respected for education. Ohio State has a great business school as well, the Fisher College of Business which is respected in the business world.


Any student that is diligent and self-motivated should attend The Ohio State University. Ohio State is commited to a student body of academic excellence. As an incoming freshman, i was told of all the varities of help any student could recieve in a class, be it from another student, a tutor, the proffesor, or even someone you met at the library. Ohio State is a wonderful school to attend if you are looking for a great education and want to become of a world wide familiy. Anywhere you go, you can always find a buckeye. O-H...


With the size of Ohio State there is a place for everyone. People overwhelmed by crowds of people would not enjoy this community.


OSU caters to all types of people. While most of the students here are outgoing and personable, there are many introverted students as well. The university does very well at making all students feel welcomed and accepted. Someone who wants to be challenged and pushed to pursue new paths should attend OSU. Someone who is not afraid to ask questions, or stand out from the crowd. OSU is an individual's paradise.


An outgoing, determined individual willing to learn and open to try new experiences. Someone who is unique, and can bring new ideas to the table and work with others.


Someone who has a goal of graduating from a higher educational facility and is serious about it. Additionally, an individual who is looking for a complete college experience. The amount of activities and clubs offered make it impossible to not just have a proper education but memorable experiences to accompany it.


I think someone who is comfortable meeting lots of new people should attend a school like the Ohio State University. Someone who can balance academics and a social life would do well at this school. There are so many extracurricular activities available here that you need to be able to balance all the different aspects of college life.


I feel that this is a good school for any person. All are accepted and respect each other.


I believe that everyone can attend this school. There is not a particular type of person that is fit to attend Ohio State. There are endless options for extracurricular activities and clubs, so there is something that is just right for everyone. I believe the welcoming atmosphere always active campus is a friendly environment most anyone would enjoy.


The type of person who should attend The Ohio State University is someone who appreciates what has been given to them. For example, Ohio State is a prestigious university that many people want to go to. Ohio State is a school many kids say they want to go to from the very beginning whether they grew up loving the sports teams, their parents went to school here, or they just love the school. Someone should also love to have fun. Ohio State has many activities that go on year round. All in all, pride is a major key.


A person that choose to attends Ohio State should get ready to be resonsible and do the work that is due to be done, and excited to be graduating at a college that will be very rewarding to their students that do well.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is open to new experiences. There are a lot of students on campus; so if a shy person from a small town might be overwhelmed by the sheer size of this school. A person who is curious would also do well at this school. Exploring the campus and the city will help a person become more interested in the school because the campus is so big.


Anyone attending this school should be someone who is willing to feel lost and uncomfortable and nervous at first, but will realize that all of that initial worry is all worth it in the end. Not one person will come to the school and feel comfortable for the first week unless they have spent much time here, because you are thrown into a campus and classes with so many new people. But once you figure out where you belong, you will never want to reach that day when you can leave.


Any kind of person should be able to attend this university. Many people might say this, but there is something at Ohio State for everybody. With over 1000 clubs, if you can't find something to get involved in you aren't looking on campus. Some may argue if someone doesn't like a big university, they shouldn't attend this university; I beg to differ. Ohio State is big because it is made up of hundreds of small communities. You can feel at home in the Oval, experience the outdoors at Mirror Lake, and experience life everywhere!

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