Ohio State University-Mansfield Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Honestly, I think the kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one who is looking for in-depth major courses because OSU-Mansfield has mainly general education classes and not many major affiliated classes. This is because the majority of students at OSU-Mansfield transfer to the Columbus campus after their first year.


Any person or persons considering taking mostly online classes, as this campus is just beginning to add more to the curriculum, should not attend this school. In a few years time, however, I see this campus as offering many more online options. Other than the online options, I see the Mansfield Campus of The Ohio State University to cater to most other students looking to begin their journey in higher education.


A person that is looking for the big city or the large campus should not attend this school. The campus is very small, which benefits most considering the class sizes are very small. But some students look for the larger campuses with many more students. This campus is very small and is not in the heart of a big city.


Someone who is not suited for academia in general should not attend this school. Principally, because it will be a lost cause on their part as a result of a lack of motivation. Some are suited for more technical, hands-on professions, which a liberal arts school doesn't always offer.