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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


They exist, I wouldn't say most of the campus is made of them.






Students party quite a lot here, but there are also others who do not drink, do not party, or do these in moderation. Weekends are just fine for drinking and partying, just not Wednesday night. Many students (especially with the more difficult majors) go to class and there are many extremely intelligent people at OU. No, we have no affiliation with OSU.


I think that OU is a party school, but I think it has calmed down a lot. A lot of people have much higher expectations than what it can offer. Also, there are a lot of intense "hippies", but there is also a lot of every other "type" of person.


I do think that we pregame harder than alot of schools party, but at the same time most of the people I know who go here are not going to school here for it's drinking reputation.




these are some what true at least on the weekends people do go out and party alot but everyone also works really hard to get school work down. We work hard and party hard but most people tend to notice the party hard more


I don't think so. People here drink, but I do not think it is anymore than any other college.


Yes we are a major party school, but people then overlook the great academics and other renowned aspects of our school.


Yes and no. I think OU students stuady hard, and party harder. The academic programs here are good and people worked hard to get here. Just because people like to drink, does not mean they do not do well in school.


Although a lot of crazy stuff does happen sometimes (then again, how is that different from any college?), OU has much more to offer its students than just huge parties. There are tons of ways to find something you're passionate about, get involved, and really have an impact on our world. No two students are the same and we're not all drunks; we all have our own knowledge, skills, experiences and gifts to offer and that makes OU a truly diverse and interesting place to learn.


Somewhat, but I believe most schools resemble ours in the "party" aspect.


I don't think so. People have all sorts of different things in common with a very diverse group of people and just because you dress one way doesn't mean that you can't hang out with certain people.


1.) No, there are plenty of other opportunities to do activities while your peers are off drinking. 2.) Yes, if you are at all uncomfortable with large groups and extremely trashed people, young and old, go home. 3.) There is plenty to do. However you need to be comfortable with a complete stranger approaching you on the street for no reason. Just humor them, and keep walking.


While a lot of people do drink, and OU has a great party scene and is a really fun place, getting drunk is not the only option. OU has a lot of amazing student organizations. I am involved in several, but there are always more I wish I had time for. Athens has a fabulous music scene with great shows every weekend, and a lot of the time during the week. There are always art showings and community gatherings. One of the best things about OU is Vegan cooking workshop. We cook together, serve together, eat together, and clean together. It is a great community experience like nothing else I have ever been a part of. It has really created a home at Ohio University for me and a lot of other people, too. Then there is the nature. Athens is a beautiful county. OU has a lot of open spaces, native trees, and a great bike path. There are national parks all around us that are easily driven to and even within biking distance if you're feeling ambitious. Ohio University is my home, and it has nothing to do with the party life.


No! Yes, there are parties here and some people are always drunk;however, there are other things to do on campus and different types of people.




not really, there are some that do and some that don't.... but there's more to our school than what people initially think


From my experience, yes.


Yes, but there's more to the university than that. OU has a lot of great academic programs, especially in journalism and communications.


We're smarter than a lot of people give us credit for. Scripps is an incredible school.


To some degree


nope this is a very laid back campus, which is awesome and we do have a reputation for drinking alot, but i dont think it's any more than other schools. I have had potential employers ask me about this reputation during job interviews and that doesn't look good.




no since I am not


While this is somewhat accurate, I think Ohio students are very well-rounded and studious and know how to keep the partying under control while still getting work done.


-All students at Ohio are definitely not partiers. Some of them are, yes, but I would say that other campuses have problems just like we do. -There are plenty of things to do in Athens! Two movie theaters, plus Midnight Movies on Friday nights, lots of comedians, plenty of restaurants, and lots of cultural events.


Sometimes people do get a little crazy and party, like on Halloween and Palmer Fest, but students do actually study and live substance free. You don't have to come to OU and get drunk, there are people who actually have fun without alcohol.


For the most part it is true that OU students party pretty often but they are also a very hardworking and intelligent group. In recent years our administration has been trying to break OU's reputation as a party school.


the partying stereotype is outdated - or rather, i think other colleges have caught up. you can party and be an alcoholic at any school. as for the "average" thing, we have some amazing and talented student here. we have the only degree-granting tutorial-based honors college in the country. the amount of students that receive nationally competitive awards (Rhodes, Fulbrights, just to name a couple) is outstanding. and our journalism school is nationally recognized for its excellence.


To a certain extent I would say OU has earned its reputation as a party school, because it does go on a lot, all throughout the week, even, but I wouldn't really say OU is different from any other university that way; if you go to almost any school, you'll find people partying. But in all honesty, we aren't all like that at all. A lot of people do, but then there are some of us who don't. There are a lot of things to do here other than drink. Yeah we have the big Halloween party, but trust me, it isn't all it's cracked up to be, and it isn't all OU students out there doing the crazy stuff - people come from all over for the party. Just realize that there are partiers, and they seem to get all the attention, but that by far isn't everyone. As for the haunted part, I've heard a lot of stories, and I've been in the Ridges, and I can't really say one way or the other whether it's haunted (assuming you believe in that sort of thing), but I will say that some of it can really freak you out.


nope. I don't drink, or party at all, and neither do most of my friends. In fact, we tend to study quite a bit.


No, I do not drink at all


Not entirely. There are some people who do drink practically every weekend, whether legally or not. There are an equal number of people, however, who find other things to do with their time, at least until they turn 21.


Regarding Ohio: No. Ohio has some of the largest cities in the country. Cincinnati has sports, arts, restaurants and museums that could rival those of Boston and San Francisco. Columbus is similar. Regarding OU: To a degree. You can usually determine how serious people are about school based on their major. If they are here for Political Science, journalism, business, communications, dance, music, or the Honors college, then they usually take their schooling very seriously. Not everyone drinks their life away. Plenty of people do, but frankly, no more than at any other school.


We're not all farmers.


I think the stereotypes are mostly true.




For the most part, I think they are. I hear and see drunks every night, regardless where I am. I'm a transfer from OSU in Columbus, and it wasn't this bad, even there- I don't drink, so maybe I'm biased.


They vary from person to person, just like every other college student




There are a lot of parties and people who drink, but there is also a good percentage of those who do not partake in drinking


There are people who party hard on every campus nationwide, and considering the high volume of bars near campus OU doesn't have as many problems with drinking as it used to. Additionally OU offers a students from many socio-economic backgrounds, not all students are wealthy, Ohio Univeristy is home to many appalachian scholars and almost everyone is on financial aid of some form.


In some cases, yes


For the most part, yes. Only because the students enjoy the "party school" image. When I first started school here, OU used to be a slightly selective school and now I feel like they just let anyone in. Manly because a lot of people choose to come here because of the "party school" image and I feel like it's just dragging our academics down. I feel like my education from this school is shit.


No. Drinking and partying can be found on every campus across the nation. I think OHIO is pegged as the party school because of Halloween and the nationally ranked magazines. Not only do we have smart students, we have some of the brightest, with over a dozen students winning nationally and internationally competitive awards.


I would say these are accurate to an extent. For instance, I come across a lot of people whose only goal seems to be to get wasted every single weekend and do nothing else. But for everyone one of those students there are a handful of others who are involved in a myriad of different activities - political activists, actors/actresses, music fiends, writers, etc. There are a lot of talented people hidden beneath the stereotype that this is just a "party school."


Make no mistake, while Athens may be small, it is packed with fun and entertainment - even if you don't drink. Athens has a great, and largely untapped, music scene just waiting to really take off. The University also continuously tries to bring big events to campus. In terms of partying, OU really doesn't party any more than any other school. Especially in the last few years, as the administration has come out with a new alcohol policy that is really strict. They're coming out with a new pot policy too.


The partying down in Athens is something to experience. The concentration of bars in the Uptown area is pretty overwelming, but most of these places are just restaurants who happen to have alcohol permits. Also, the academics at Ohio University are extremely underrated. We have been ranked nationally within the top 10 for our Ceramics and Journalism programs, and so many of the other programs are notable. We're really a "sleeper school": we've got talent and potential, people just aren't familiar enough with us to know.