Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Unsure and not completely motivated.


During my freshman and sophmore years, they were not very helpful and "cliquey" until we got to junior and senior years.... we all started to mesh much better and were able to work as a team instead of individuals.


There are all types of kids here I have not seen one person who is out of place. Most kids are not that preppy and wear gym shorts and shirts to class even PJ's. I do not think any kids would feel out of place here maybe if you were overly preppy but that is it. Different types of students do not interact that much it is a large school so kids only hang out with kids they have things in coming with. The 4 tables are meat heads (kids who workout are strong), hipsters kids who do there own thing, frat kids who are fraternities, regular freshman, girl tables who sit and gossip. Kids here are middle class I would say/think most are on some sort of financial aid some lower class kids from small towns in ohio. I have not met many kids who are politically interested and kids do not think about the future here (one of my pet peeves). The school is more partying and enjoying the present then the future.


My classmates were not very diverse, in nursing there wasnt much else other than caucasian females.


My classmates are enthusiastic about school and about having fun in equal parts.


My classmates are enthusiastic and outgoing.


My classmates are friendly and work well cooperatively


The people in my classes have become some of my close friends, and it shows how open and friendly of a community the Athens campus is.


The students at Ohio University are mostly white and middle class, there are few minorities seen on campus. Despite the lack of minorities at OU there are very few problems with racism. I have had very little experience with students that are different from me in terms of race, religion or socio-economic status. Students at Ohio University are extremely easy going and when attending class they will commonly wear whatever is most comfortable. If there were four tables of students in the dining hall all four of them would have a mix of guys and girls, mostly white, and there would be few, if any, major differences noticed in these groups of students. The majority of students that attend Ohio University are from a major city in Ohio, if they are not from Ohio they are commonly from either Pittsburgh or Maryland. Politics do not play a huge role at Ohio University, however during election season, many students embraced Barack Obama and many will do so again in this coming election.


The students at OU are very diverse in interests, despite a reputation of being partiers. Artists, athletes, and academics all coexist and interact on campus. Everyone is united with school pride and a love for Athens, bringing every group of students together.


OU has a shared student atmosphere. Most of us are laid-back and relaxed. We work hard toward our own futures, but rarely are there disagreements on campus that center on race, religion, sexuality, or socioeconomic background. Quite simply, being at OU is the most important thing here. Once you go here, nobody really cares where you're from. It's all about enjoying the moment and the time spent in Athens, which most students call "the greatest place on Earth." While there is a significant number of international or out-of-state students, the majority are from Ohio. There is a large number of politically active students on campus, as hundreds of extracurricular organizations spanning everything from Young Democrats to our own ghost-hunting organization (Athens is listed as the 5th most haunted place on Earth). I go to class in sweats and OU tee-shirts; that's pretty much the dominant class attire, although some people do dress up. The nightlife is when people really show off their individual personalities, although that largely translates into who supports what sports teams. Sports events & holidays are well-celebrated at OU; students never miss a chance to celebrate and have fun.


The Sudents at Ohio University are very activity and passionate about their school and community surrounding it. Most students are extremely busy with academics or extra -curriculars that will help them in their future carreers but the all make time to give back to Ohio University and their fellow students. Students also know how to live stress-free and have good time.


There is a diverse range of students. You won't get along with every student, but that goes for every university. I have made a core friend group of about 30 friends, and many of them will be close to me for life. I met my fiancée here. Even the classmates I'm not friends with are typically friendly. The student population is diverse, but respectful. Conservatives and liberals; students from foreign countries and every state.


Most of my classmates are pretty nice, OU students tend to be down to earth and most come from the same background so it's not hard to get along with anyone.


There is a great variety of people at OU, that have very different personalities depending on their field of study.


Its a variety pack; you've got your eager mcbeavers, your slackers, your sleepers, your texters (though, now most get kicked out of class), your leaders, those classmates who do just enough to get by, etc. All in all, regardless of the category any one person falls into, when it comes down to it either there are drop outs or there are the people that do the work and get the privilege to stay. My motto has always been work hard, play hard. It couldn't be any more true than at Ohio Universtiy.


My classmates are energetic, exciting, diverse, wonderful people that work together as students at this great university.


My classmates generally are laid back and don't worry about a lot of things, because they are sure of their ability and they are academically good students.


My classmates are either shy and quiet, or very intellectual and participate in class.


My classmates were from a wide range of backgrounds. I remember a few that made an impression on me with either academic ability or personality.


People of many different shapes,sizes,races and beliefs all sharing a life long experience with one other. That experience being Education.


The classmates are really open, friendly people who like to get drunk alot.


My classmates are very diversified group of peole, which gives one a different aspect on many discussions.


My classmates are all very different in each of my classes, and I find it to be very interesting. The mix of students that attend Ohio University makes it a very interesting place and I find myself making new friends all of the time.


Ohio University students are goal oriented and hard working.


My classmates are the most determined people I have met on campus.


My classmates, as well as myself, are focused on the professor and the information he/she presents.


Most of my classmates could be descrbed as the preppy and socialable.


helpful and friendly for the most part.


Throughout my career at Ohio University, I have met some of the most amazing individuals. The typical student at Ohio University is encouraging and uplifting. As a student in the College of Education, I have been blessed to take classes with students that wish only success for their peers. The classes I have taken have been an incredible group effort. If one student in the class is struggling, it is a common occurrance for other students to ensure support and any tutoring or help that that student may need. I am lucky to go to school with such positive individuals.


Liberal and openminded, intelligent.


My classmates have diverse personalities.


My classmates are friendly.


Some drink a lot, some smoke a lot, some study alot but some dont, but over all its very diverse and you can find a group to fit in with.


Many of my classmates prefer to party a lot on weekends, however there are still many who would rather go see a movie and just hang out and have good clean fun as well.


Productive goal accomplishing individuals.


They are very supportive and always help me out when I'm in a fix.


My fellow classmates are diverse and interesting.


They are very supportive and easy to get along with.


they are always friendly


Pretty average but there are a lot of sleepers.


Most are the best people you'll ever meet who will bend over backwards to help you if you need it. But there's always a few bad egss, so be careful.


Very friendly, a little cliquey, but everyone has their own little niche at this school and many different sets of friends!


My classmates are funny and great to be around.


In class they are there to get teh grade and get the class out of the way. Outside of class they are all about having fun.


My classmates are very diverse. In every class I can find someone I relate to about something but also disagree about something else. Everyone is very open and friendly. I have never felt out of place or isolated on campus because there is such a wide variety of people. There are groups and organizations for everything.


I have had the chance to meet a variety of people from all over the workd. Journalism is a top program at Ohio University so we are all very competitive but we get along and help each other as much as possible.


While we are known for our drinking idiocy, there are other genuinely 'cool' people lurking between the masses that are truly genuine and amazing human beings.


Very friendly and will help out.


Fun group of students.