Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are determined.


My classmates are very helpful when anyone needs help. They also like to participate and discuss and answer questions in class. Sometimes there are a lot of students that decide no to attend class but the majority usually attends on a regular basis.


A very diverse crowd both ethnically and socio-economically.


People are friendly and helpful. We all dress like slobs with sweats and t-shirts and jeans. People don't really think of freshman, sophomore, etc. we just think of people.




They are very enthusiastic about learning.


They are all just going through the motions and waiting for the next time to grab a beer.


Everyone is pretty nice and most people care about their grades so tend not to be distracting when in a classroom environment.


Not everyone you will meet in your classes is going to be just like you but the majority of the students are down to earth, friendly people. They are willing to help you with a question you may have about class notes or homework.


My classmates at Ohio University are often in class to complete their work so they can maintain their grades in order to continue attending the university where they are able to socially interact with their friends at the bars and during the many house parties.


While Ohio is trying to become a more diverse college, I would say that our college is predominantly white. However, there are many foreign exchange students that attend Ohio and seem to love it. There are weekly activities that they can participate in and bond with other Ohio students who go to these activities to make themselves available to the foreign exchange students. As for African Americans, there are several groups directed towards them that help them adjust to being a minority on campus. They do many things together and do not seem to have a problem with being a minority. Different types of students definitely interact.If there were 4 tables of students in the dining halls, they would be: the swimmers, the basketball players, the football players, and everyone else. While many of us are friends with the athletes, they tend to be around each other a lot, which is typical. There are a lot of students who are very well off that attend Ohio, but there are more students that are paying their own way through school, which is awesome. There is such a mix of students which is what makes Ohio so special. We have students from different countries, different states, different ethnicities, different religions, different financial backgrounds, etc... and we all mesh together. Students are VERY politically aware at Ohio. VERY. Just this year we had both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama come to our CAMPUS. They are predominantly liberals.


Too open and accepting for my personal taste.


I think we're pretty accepting. Whatever group you choose to identify with there are organizations to join and lots of people to meet. I think there is a wide diversity of people in terms of SE status, international students, and religion. There could be more racial diversity, but the administration is working to make OU more attractive to minority students.


Fairly diverse crowd. Many different types of people walk the streets of campus. Most everyone is friendly and welcoming.


Ohio University Fulbright Students Association was very helpfull to learn other cultures, including the African Student Union ASU.


The student body at Ohio is well mixed, not ethnically or racially though. If you are a white kid from Ohio you will find your crowd. There is a good social mixture of various white students. There are the hippies, the frat boys, the emo kids, the strait up drunken partiers, the Christians, the LGBTs, the straitedgers, the meatheads, the skaters, the nerds, you name it everyone is here, but they are mostly white kids from Ohio.


I have encountered many more people from different races since i have arrived at Ohio and i love that. I like meeting new people and learning about their culture because i find that interesting. I think that many people find themselves comfortable at Ohio because there is a large range of diversity. There is something and someone here for everyone. Most students wear sweats or comfortable clothing to class. There is really someone from each different type of backround here at Ohio which i love because it gives campus character and provides an education for everyone that wants it. No one can really feel out of place here, at least thats what i believe.




I don't know if anyone would feel out of place at OU. I know my roommate was having problems but she was able to find a group of friends that she liked to be with. With as many people on campus as there are, it is very possible for someone to feel lonely because they can't find someone or a group of someones to hang out with. Of course there are student organizations but sometimes other things, such as classes, interfere with those organizations and you can't find people like you.


like I said before, I haven't met a mean person.


I think anyone can fit in here on campus. All thats required is that you care about your work and participate. There is so much diversity here, all races and religions. There are many different churches that you can go to. I took the Safezone workshop, which gets straight people to ally to the LGBT groups, and i feel like they are very accepted here. I am also part of OPIE, which pairs an english speaker up with an international student who is learning english or needs more help with it. Right now i've been meeting with 2 Saudi Arabians and a Malaysian. A large percent of Students here are from northeastern Ohio, but there are people from all over the united states and the world. Many students are politically aware, and i think Ohio is predominantly liberal. There is a group for everyone. Greek life is pretty big on campus, including social and honors fraternities, there is a lot of participation in plenty of different groups also. Many times teachers will have students work together on something, and it really shows how totally different people can get along really well.


Athens is a very LGBT friendly town and OU is an LGBT friendly campus. It is also a small town so don't expect a bunch of gay bars or anything, but know that it's a supportive environment. OU has had some trouble retaining students of color. Mostly because of the rural setting and the high predominance of white students. That said the President of the University and the VP for student affairs are both people of color and I think that says a lot about the Universities values concerning diversity. It's definitely a left of center student body, but there are plenty of conservatives around as well. I think there is healthy debate about political topics on campus.


The campus is primarily white. However, I have seen a lot of Asian foreign exchange students. I am not sure, but if I were to guess which students would feel out of place it might be African-Americans. Since there are not all that many and having Athens be in the middle of rural Appalachian Ohio, it seems like it could be that way. OU students seem quite involved in politics. I have seen all kinds and I am not sure which side is more dominant here.


There's nothing that unique about the student population that I see. It's a normal distribution of financial backgrounds. It's a college, of course it leans to the left, more than others. I'm not the best person to ask about this, find someone with more of a social life.


I have taken a interest in several groups on campus dealing with race, religion, the environment, and animals. I believe no student would feel out of place at OU. Students like to wear jeans or sweatpants and a t shirt.


there are alot of student groups for just about everytihng here


It's diverse!!


Well the only experience I've had with any group at all is Student Ambassadors, SDS, and members of the Green Network. Most students are wear casual clothing to class. But not casual like sweatpants casual. It's nice casual. I have noticed that a lot of the foreign exchange students tend to keep to themselves or with others of the same or similar nationality. The majority of students here are VERY politically active/aware. There is a good variety of left, right and center students here. I think the majority of incoming freshmen tend to be center because it's not really until later in your college career that you start to pay attention to those sorts of things, and start caring about who is in what office.


Race, religion, and other such differences aren't really noticed by the people I have met here. They usually treat everyone equally just like everyone should be treated. There are a vast variety of differences but no one really cares if your black, white, gay, or straight, you are equal all around.


The campus is not very diverse ethnically, but very diverse ideologically.


OU stresses diversity. There are tons of foreign exchange students. They tend to stay among themselves though. Most of the students are from various parts of Ohio. There are a few people from Pennsylvania and neighboring states but mostly Ohio. The campus is really liberal. Lately the entire campus is pro-Barack but there were plenty of signs for Ron Paul. There was a headquarters for Ron Paul in Athens but I'm sure it has closed down by now.


Students are nice and motivated and the amount of student actives on campus is HUGE there is never a dull moment!


I like the student body. Though it isn't incredibly diverse like other schools are, I do see a good amount of diversity on a daily basis. I can't really think of any student that might feel out of place here. There are so many different things to get involved in here that anyone could find their niche somewhere. And there is also diversity among the personalities of people here. You could find here the politically active, the very studious, the athletic, the artistic, the unmotivated, the very motivated, any types of personality. In that way, we are very richly diverse.


I feel like OU is very racially accepting and tolerant of people with different ideals and views of the world. People with a old-fashioned mind set and who are unwilling to move out of their comfort zone, would have a problem at OU. I feel like OU is predominantly liberal, but students aren't very politically aware. Most students tend to be from the Cleavland or Columbus or Cincinnati area.


I wouldnt hesitate to say that there are probably not a whole lot of places with so many people interested in so many different things.


I think every student should feel welcome here. A vast majority of students would identify themselves as caucasian. I am a resident assistant and have enjoyed have the opportunity to work with students that are studying abroad from many different countries, which is great and exciting. I have unfortunately witnessed a few instances in which people were treated unfairly due to the university's desire to maintain a diverse student body.


I've never noticed any problems with race, religion or any other social issues. I think most students are accepting of everyone. There's a variety of people around campus and no one feels out of place.


Our University here is a very liberal town. LGBT is very clear and present here at Ohio University and it is for the most part openly accepted. Racial issues are a slightly different story. White non-hispanic students make up about 88% of the student population, thus creating a very big disparity between races here. It does seem that students do seem to go around in cliques here at Ohio. Students from other countries and nationalities do not integrate for the most part with American students and vice versa. Also many of the typical stereotypical groups like Fraternities and Sororities seem to stick together for the most part and seem almost put off by people who are not involved in Greek Life.


I don't really know what to say about the student body here. It's diverse in political, religious, and social views. Some people are really conservative and some are pretty radical. I don't think it's really possible to feel out of place here, because there is something for everyone. There are plenty of people who share common interests, so it's easy to find and interact with people.


Don't know


OU is very open to students of all backgrounds, and the end of welcome week is a large activities fair designed to get students to interact and join a community. Students transferring in may have difficulty adjusting, but for the most part people are incredibly friendly and helpful. Most students at OU dress for comfort, although some occasionally feel the need to dress nicely. Most people, though, dress in shorts and t-shirts, or jeans and hoodies.


The school is diverse, but kind of segregated. Most of the Asian exchange students tend to stay together, as do the African American students. OU is pretty good about religion, we all seem to get along fine. The LGBT community is great, so I hear. I don't think there is a kind of student that would feel out of place here, there's stuff for everyone. Most students wear clothes to class, I don't know. Yes and no, different types of students interact. As I said, the exchange students tend to stick together, as do other groups. There is a table of Asian students, me and my friends, a group of girls, and a group of guys. Does that suffice? Most students are from Ohio. Most are also from a middle-class background, but not necessarily. Students are and are not politically aware/active, and out of those that are we have all sides. I don't really hear students talk about how much they'll earn in the future, we're kind of stuck in the now.


The students here are more diverse as far as stereotypes go than any other college I've been to. Everyone can find a friend here and I don't think anyone would feel left out here because there is something and someone for everyone.


The populous here is very accepting. I don't think you can really find much prejudice here, despite it being in the middle of Appalachia. A lot of OU's student body is white, though. We have plenty of foreign students, still, and a large mix of financial backgrounds. The campus is very liberal.


not very diverse. most people won't judge you, but there are those type of girls at every school that feel they are better, but easily avoided.


I found that most people here get along, especially if there's drink involved. The Asian exchange students tend to stick together in groups, so I don't really get to know any of them. Ohio is very accepting of LGBT students as well. I have heard that the police are pretty racist against African Americans, however. Most students wear whatever, I don't think they really care. Different types of students do interact, but I think it's very unlikely. There's my group of friends, the group of Asian students, a group of girls, and a group of guys. Most Ohio students are from Ohio. Middle-class seems to be the most prevalent background. Some students are politically aware and active, and they are on both sides, but I don't think that most are. Students don't talk about future money because most of us don't have any right now.


I have had a mostly positive experience with the student body at OU. Students here tend to be smart, friendly, and open-minded toward people of other nationalities, skin colors, religions, and sexual orientations. I have meet several close-mineded people here, however the vast majoritiy of people at Ohio University are open-minded towards others. It seems as though most students are from a middle class background, are white, predominantly Christian or Agnostic, and tend to be on the liberal or central side of politics.


Ohio University, like most public universities, is quite liberal. There is, however, quite a variety of students from different races, religions, cultures, and beliefs. So you're bound to find someone that has the same beliefs and interests in you.


There is not any diversity here. As a Black student, I wish that there were more minorities here, but the people who are here make you feel very comfortble. It is hard to hear the things that some white people say in certain classes about race, because they have never had friends who were not white, and the ten percent of minorites on this campus is a culture shock for a lot of them. There is not much interaction between minority students, internation students, and white students.


classy yet casual