Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

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Everyone here is very friendly and we have a large bobcat family. Everyone treats each other as if they were best friends. People will be there for you in tough times.


I was attracted to the culture of the school. Students were friendly and non-judgemental.


Sense of community. The campus is in a very small town and you really get to know every one students, locals , professors, staff. Ohio Unviersity really feels like a second home to me.


Quality of campus life... the 2 years required in dorms builds a strong community.


Unique about my school? Easily the diversity of thought that occurs on campus. There is no campus, or even locale, I have ever experienced which is more open to different ways of thinking about, and living, life. You very rarely find people here who are openly intolerant of other people's viewpoints or opinions.


Compared to other schools that I had considered, aside from having one of the top ranked Communication Programs, Ohio University is one of the only schools that I know that truly embraces the community in which it resides in. Although well known for being one of the most impoverished communities in the United States, Athens, Ohio holds a dear place in every students heart here at OU. This town embraces this University, and this University embraces this town. Not many students can say that they feel a part of a community outside of campus, but us Bobcats sure can.


Ohio University is unique because it offered an experience for every student in attendance. It provided every student regardless of race, culture, socio-economic background, and drinking preference, a place to belong. In addition, the professors truly went up and beyond and offered stuents with small class sizes and invidualized teaching, which is rare at this size of a school. The campus was truly welcoming and accepting of all students right from the start.


It is a very accepting, laid back community. We care about grades, but it is not a cut-throat competition. An average student wears jeans and an OU sweatshirt to class. There are lots of parties on the weekends, but it is possible to have social events without alcohol.


Our school holds alot of community action and volunteer work.


Open campus with lots of walking


Its a diffrent atmosphere, its a party school but its reputation as an academic school is just as well know . My school has so many ways to help with the transition or even for academic prohbation. I think it is unique that it is know for partying but out weighs that with its academic standings and caring of its students


My school is a walking campus, which is a big difference from the rest of the schools I toured. It is in a very small, rural town, which is also very different from the city-oriented campuses I considered. My school also has one of the top Forensic Chemistry programs in Ohio which is a huge part of why I chose to come here, as that is my major.


This school was close to home for me. It also offered a unique option called the Honors Tutorial College, however, I was not accepted to that and am enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences now.


I'm a transfer student so I have another school to compare Ohio Univerisity to, I think the most unique thing about Ohio University is the diversity. There are tons of diferent things to do down there from a huge spectrum of interests.


There is an Honors Tutorial College that gives students the chance to learn one on one from professors and do research with them.


We are one big community even though we are a very large school.


As a member of the Ohio University Marching band, I have been witness to the amazing school spirit, drive and extreme dedication of students at my school. Every class I have taken has brought me closer to my job in the communication field. And, I can't forget to mention, the campus is absolutely beautiful! Ohio University has been known as "Harvard on the Hocking River". As soon as I took my first steps on my campus tour, I knew in my heart that this was where I belonged. I am truly a Bobcat through and through.


It's campus is a lot smaller than other colleges I considered. The surrounding area has a more home feel to it. It's a college town.


Ohio University is a big city in a small town. We have one main street where you can always find your friends, and the campus is gorgeous. The brick roads and beautiful trees make this campus one-of-a-kind. But most of all, OU has one of the highest accredited journalism schools in the country. E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is what truly made up my mind. Moreover, OU is home to many top-ranked colleges.


It's the best journalism school in the state.


The music scene is very prevalent and diverse.


The landscape is very attractive to the eye. Plenty of opportunities to bike, hike, walk, jog, and just be in the peaceful nature of the environment.


Very pretty, very friendly, very hard academically, and very socially active.


It's beautiful campus and responsive staff.


The feeling of Athens! There's no other place like Athens.


Ohio University offers a unique atmosphere that wasn't apparent on other campuses I visited. OU is incredibly friendly and laid-back, and that's what ultimately made me decide Ohio University was right for me.


The campus is just the right size to give you a wonderful, new experience, yet small enough to make you feel right at home with the campus and those around you. I feel safe if walking around campus by myself even at night. It doesn't take more than fifteen minutes to get anywhere on campus. There are also many branches of this campus that gives you the opportunity to take courses on breaks that may be closer to your home. There is a great branch right in my home town!


Ohio Univerisity has the most inviting atmosphere of any school I have visited. People are excedingly friendly and helpful. There is a diverse group of students at the univeristy, so individuals are always able to find somewhere they belong. At the same time, though, OU remains a cohesive entity. The campus is large enough that all the ammenities of a big school are avaialable but small enough that students do not get lost in the shuffle. Instead, they are celebrated as individuals.


Student involvement on campus is huge. Students sit in on meetings with administrators, and can help make decisions for the University as a whole.


Everyone in general is very attractive and just wants to have a good time, while still doing well at school!


Ohio University has one of the most beautiful campuses I have seen. It is located in the Appalachian region, which gets very colorful during Autumn. The campus' buildings are mostly made of red brick.


I had considered going to an HBCU and I ended up coming to OU. At first, it was hard to adjust to a new environment, especially since it wasn't my first choice. After being here for what is now three years, I love this school. Once I gave it a chance, I began to acquire a sense of pride and a sense of belonging to this shool. I love it.


Stress was a major issue for me when I chose a school. I didn't want to get lost on campus or worry about being late by a minute or two, or even ten. The campus is calm on the weekdays, but can get a little wild on the weekends depending on which street you walk down. I haven't heard of any physical violence on the campus, so it seems to me that the school is proud of student safety.


Rural setting and it still feels like a big school with lots of choices.


the town is so small that most of Athens is college students


My school has a Forensics (speech and debate) team. We are considered the number one team on campus, and I love it. We have brought a lot of publicity to the university, by appearing on Fox and Friends for a political debate, and currently we are eleventh in the nation. This is an academic activity which will attract students that tend to have high ACT scores and GPA in high school.


If you're even remotely interested in OU you should tour the campus. You'll be able to tell right away if it seems like home to you.


I want come back for Ph.D, in the next few years.


go Ohio! and maybe have things be cleaner!


Jefferson Hall


I don't know what to say really. Unfortunately I must transfer due to personal reasons, but for the time I have left here (4 weeks) I hope to enjoy every part of it. I am very sad to leave such a beautiful, welcoming place. I will really miss it and the friends that I've made. Bush Hall


Bush Hall


Jefferson Hall Go to OU!! it's awesome.




True House is a good dorm to live in. The atmosphere is very good.


true house.


True House


i live in true House.




True House!