Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends about how friendly and accepting our student body is. Since I've started school here, I haven't met a single rude soul, which is really refreshing as a new student on campus.


The gorgeous area surrounding the campus. It's a wonderful place to go if you enjoy being in the outdoors and enjoying nature.


I tell them how emersed the college is in the town around it. There are so many things to do both on campus and off campus, and it's impossible not to get involved in something.


I always brag about how much there is to do on campus, as well as the little town of Athens. Everyone thinks that Ohio is the most boring place on Earth, but in reality there is so much to get involved with. There has yet to be a day that I have been bored or without something to do.


I always brag about my experience with my professors. I would say 95 percent of my professors to the time to get to know me and sincerely cared about my education. I found that they were always willing to help, whether they would meet with me during office hours, stay after class, or communicate through e-mail, I always felt that they were there when I needed them.


When I talk to my friends I usually brag about the atmosphere here at Ohio University. I would say around 80% of the students here are completely friendly. People hold doors open, say thank you, say excuse me, and use great manners. Everyone is a friend to everyone. A stranger will help someone when they see they slip on the ice or drop all their belongings. The people present at this school are awesome and I know for a fact that I have made friendships with some people that is going to last a lifetime.


Party school!


The beautiful campus! Ohio University is absolutely gorgeous in all seasons.


I tell my friends a lot about the friends I have and the extracurricular groups I'm in. My school has lots of clubs and groups to choose from, and every group is accepting of new people. I've found many groups that suit a variety of my interests. I also brag about my classes, since I am able to do well in them and I am taking classes I enjoy. Also, I've made many wonderful friends here that I know I will keep for a lifetime.


I brag about the beautiful campus. There are so many trees everywhere and red brick builings. It feels like you are in a completely different place than what most of us are used to. This is probably the absolute most beautiful campus I have ever set foot on. There are so many beautiful little paths to go everywhere and anywhere on campus. It is very relaxing finding a nice quite area outside to study and do homework. I absolutly love this campus.


I love everything about this school. The thing I love the most is the campus. The location is great. It is honestly in the middle of no where and I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyone that graduates from here has Athens withdrawal for a long while. There is such a strong sense of community here. It is great to see so many familiar faces on a regular basis. I would recommend Ohio University to anyone!


I normally try to be modest especially towards my friends that are less privileged than I and are not atttending college because of the expense. I do my best to encourage them to get into college and pursue their dreams as well as my friends who are in college. Sometimes the dream gets lost in all the chaos and they need to be reminded. Ohio University does do a fantastic job keeping the dream alive.


Our school resembles Harvard with its surroundings it is very beautiful.


I brag about the rich environment. The professors are always an email away. They make students feel as though they truly care about our education; not just in it for the money. Another thing that is worth mentioning are the animals. On any given day, squirrels can be seen running around campus. Also, every once in a while, one can see grounghogs, chipmunks and even bunnies. It is just an amazing place to live and learn.


I tend to brag about the educational, extra curricular, and social opportunities that are available on campus. Research, tutorials, volunteering, intramurals, and a large variety of majors are available at the University. Career services and the academic advancement center are also helpful resources to students.


When I tell others about my school I brag about how wonderful the professors within my school are. They take the time out to make sure you understand the aspects of the material in which you are studying. It is a fairly large school so many of those professors who take time out of their busy lives to assist you do this because they care.


How nice the campus is and the opportunities.


Uptown is full of awesome little shops, our campus is gorgeous and our mascot is better than everyone else's. plus the students are crazy friendly


Beautiful campus and amazing Chrisitan groups. Club sports are also alot of fun.


I love the campus at Ohio University. It is rural yet almost a small city. I have many new friends since coming here. I come from a really small community. It is the first time I was ever away from home,so,it was really a challenge to be away from my family so far. I have learned to take care of myself. I tell everyone how friendly the other students are here. It is really easy to make friends and adapt to your new surroundings. It is small yet still has the feeling of community.


Beautiful outside in the woods and surrounding areas, quiet, and great that it's built int he town.


Ohio University has a BEAUTIFUL campus. Sports aren't a huge deal, students always have school spirit and attend sports such as basketball, volleyball and football. We are the 5th ranked party school in the nation. Even though we are known for our drinking, our academic standings are through the roof as well, "Smart Drunks." When it's nice out, students crowd the lawns and paths playing music, cornhole, football, or just laying on a blanket talking to your friends. OU never seems as big as it really is, its easy to fit in and become apart of the family.


Most activities on campus involve drinking,you have to work hard to find a group a friends who like to do things other than drink.


Great Parties, people, atmosphere, weather, and great education. There is always something to do and it is cool.


When I talk to my friends about Ohio University, I always mention the great atmosphere of the school. This is in part to the beautiful school buildings and brick roads throughout the Appalachain town of Athens. It's almost like stepping back through time in a sense. But this atmosphere goes way beyond the small town physicalities. There is also a feeling of genuine friendship among students. From the classroom to block parties, everyone seems to be interested in making friends and having a good time with however may be around, be it friend or stranger.


There is a close-knit community at Ohio University. Everyone who attends feels they belong to something bigger than themselves. Everyone loves to have a good time on weekends, and are usually welcoming to new experiences/people. OU is a great place to go to school.


My school has a very high number of bars which students often brag about. We also have a nationally ranked Journalism school. The thing students probably brag about the most concerning OU is our Halloween party, being a nationally ranked party school, and our fests during the spring.


The atmosphere of the school. It is a great place to learn and has a really great social scene.


Halloween and my music teachers


The jouralism and communication school at Ohio University, Scripps, is consistently ranked one of the best in the country. I feel great bragging about it because the university is a state school and I know I am getting just as good of an education as I would have attending a more pricey institution. One of the most interesting parts about the school is that students in Scripps arrive expecting to compete. In fact, it is largely the students that push each other to do bigger and better things.


A lot of people brag about the parties. I brag about the fast paced of the quarter system


How fun it is, and interesting it is.


My school is easy-going, and known for it's weekend party life, and it's something I've gained a lot of social experience and great memories from. Also, Athens is a quaint and beautiful college town placed in the middle of absolute nowhere. My friends are always impressed by how "college-like" OU seems. However, I'm a journalism major in the very competitive Scripps School, and it's something I'm really proud of, and tend to boast most about in regards to my school.


Our football team (hah!) and our 6-week winter break.


It's very easy to get comfortable here and the campus is BEAUTIFUL!


We have a strong sense of community here. The people are very friendly and the professors are really good.


It is a fun time and a great enviroment


How beautiful it is. Uptown isn't all that great, but when you're on South Green and looking out at all of the trees and hills, it's breathtaking. It's also nice walking through East Green, the trees lining the street, it just feels like a campus, unlike some of the other schools that I applied to and visited.