Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who enjoy positive atmospheres and extensive opportunities, but are able to maintain focus and drive; there are a LOT of distractions on and around this campus. With that said, the benefits far outweigh the potential losses from going out often, avoiding schoolwork, etc. It's easy to do well if you focus mildly and enjoy what you study.


People who go to schoool for more than academics. The community is very strong but academics could be stronger.


Any type of person


A person who is a leader and not a follower, is socialable and likes to get involved with school events and activities while maintaining there studies.


The kind of person that should attend Ohio University is a diverse student that works hard and has a lot of passion for the school they will be attending. As one of the best jounalism schools in the country, along with rigourous programs such as Business and many Health fields, coming to this unversity definitly requires students to put in a lot of stud time. However this school also is for a person that has a lot of school spirit and that loves meeting new people because this campus is so welcoming to everyone.


I would say a person that is open minded to the different views that people have to offer. There is a diverse group of pepople that attend this university and having an open mind helps you to connect more with the surrounding students.


Outgoing, hard wroking, generous, helpful, responsible, respectful, and school spirited students are the type of people that would thrive at Ohio Unversity. Because here everyone has each others back, helps when needed, and does not meet a person they do not like. OU is full of diversity, so you as a person has to be open to that diversity and accept it. And most of all you have to have school spirit and love the color green!


A person who is motivated and willing to experience new things. There are so many opportunities available you have to be willing to try new things. you also have to be motivation and hard work.


Ohio University is the second craziest party school in all of America. Don't be mistaken though; this college can represent all people of my every ethnicity and lifestyle. The general social norm here are the weekends out on the town including the strip of bars and wonderful locally owned restaurants, but there are so many organizations that definitly cater directly to a student's personality and background!


There is no ideal candidate for OU admissions. If you choose OU you should be fun, laid back, outgoing, friendly, looking to have a good time. However, you should also be smart, driven, ambitious and able to knuckle down because you have to be able to find a balance between your school life and your social life in order to succeed.


Someone who is very outgoing and independent. Someone who is willing and able to walk the campus. We walk and walk and walk to classes. Nobody drives a car. Someone who is hardworking because college is alot harder than you think. Someone who is focused because it is easy to get distracted with all of the partying.


OU is known as a party school but it is a good place to get a good education too. Class size is OK. The school is not know as apowerhouse in sports and that gives a person interested in playing a good chance to be on a team. If you have a radical agenda this may not be the scool for you. Things are pretty calm on campus. Nearly everyone is in the same boat here and that makes it easy for a shy person to form relationships with classmates.


You have to be driven! There are many distractions on campus but as long as you prioritize your life you'll be fine. I've heard many people call Ohio University one of the happiest places on earth. I would definitely agree with that. Everyone is here to have a good time and make the most out of their college experience. The campus is supposed to be haunted as you may hear from the many stories but it just makes Halloween even more fun here!


People who struggled in high school but are intelligent and responsible beyond that level can do well there. Those who thrive in a small town setting with high tech access to the world will find this University very welcoming. You must have the mental fortitude to keep your focus on your work.


As advice to prospective students looking at Ohio University, I would say it's an excellent school for those who are looking for a true experience, different from what you would find at other univerities. People who enjoy a laid back and accepting environment would love Athens. There's really something for every kind of person here at OU!


somebody who is open to new things


Ohio University is an extremely pleasant place to live and go to school. Individuals here are extremely helpful and nice. There is plently to do at Ohio University aside from classes, and it is important to stay focused on schoolwork and make that your first priority. Ohio University is a positive, fun-loving environment. The faculty and staff make you want to succeed. I have been given many opportunities to excell in my major, education, here and I would encourage any new students to find a major that they love and stick with it.


A Social person


a person that knows how to balance work and play


I think any kind of person would be happy here


Any person who knows how to manage their time effectively between school work, social life, and work would do well at Ohio University. This campus offers a wide variety of academic programs and extracurriclur activities that can appeal to almost everyone's interests.


Anyone who loves to have fun, who wants to get a good education, or who wants to challenge themselves should go to Ohio University.


A person who can stay focused academically and not let party's and friends distract them too much from their studies should go here.


I think any type of person would fit in here, OU has a very diverse student population. There are clubs and sports for everything so you are almost always garenteed to find something you like and a group to fit in with. It's a tough school academically but as long as you work hard and apply yourself you will be fine. That is why I think Ohio University would be a good school for anyone.


Liberal, Fun-loving, Hard-working, open-minded, athletic


Someone who is very outgoing, so they are able to make friends. Someone who is not afraid to ask for help from others, and someone who is driven towards their future career.


It is a very fun and liberal campus, a student at Ohio University should be open to the world around them.


Students interested in getting a good education, a degree from a respected university, those who enjoy the outdoors


Kids who have self-discipline and don't mind being away from home.


An outgoing, enthusiastic person who enjoys getting to know the people around them. Someone who has many great values and who are goal oriented. Being able to balance drinking and learning doesn't hurt either. And while many people do drink, you do not have to in order to enjoy your time at Ohio University.


This school is very diverse. All different types of individuals should attend this school. There are a lot of different majors, groups and social activities around campus. I would most recommend to outgoing individuals looking for a great experience away from home. I am from a small town just an hour away from campus. It was far enough away, but not too far. You must be a hard working individual as well. There are a lot of outside activities that can get in the way of your acedemics, especially if you are a procrastinator.


A person who would like to socialize, have a good time, make alot of friends, and go to school all at the same time.


The ype of person that should attend this school is someone who is focused on academics, but also likes to enjoy themselves. Ohio University is a great school that has a lot to offer both academically and socially.


Anyone who is looking for a small knit community and who is interested in personal growth should attend this school. This school promotes independence, builds character, and allows you to become your own person. It is a small town that entitles you to make friends if you want make the most out of the college experience. I do not recommend this student to anyone who know that they are not ready to leave a big city, or anyone who is not willing to meet new people.


ANYBODY who likes to have fun and wants to go to a decent school.


People who are willing to open up to other people viewpoints because there are so many different students and they from all over the country, so when you meet people you have to be willing because they are so much different from whereever you come from. This institution is great for students who love nature, due to the fact that this college does not have a lot of main attraction things such as a big malls or shopping centers, this is a small town college and the college is surrounded by nothing but itself.Overall this is great university.


A liberal, open minded, community oriented, hard-working, fun-loving, social, and young person.


Someone should attend Ohio University if they are interested in a traditional approach to education. The students and professors interact peacefully and theres is a feeling of calm on campus. The party-goers can look forward to mill street and palmer street on the weekends, but the academic person also can look forward to a rich and fulfilling curriculum.


Students at this school are very socially oriented. Anyone who is in communication, journalism, telecommunications, or music therapy would enter into a great program. Other programs are not as strong, and students tend to take the easy classes or what they are required without any extra effort. It is generally about finding something to do beyond McDonald's and making sure that parents' money is well spent.


To go to OU, one has to be able to function in a tiny town with limited stores and limited activities. Also, this person should not bring a decent car unless the suspension is already destroyed or they don't mind ruining it. (They are into preserving the brick roads.) And no, we are not a huge party school even though a lot of people think so and it shows up on somelist. I think that's only because it's out in the middle of nowhere and there's nothing to do. Not everyone parties - but many do regularly.


Someone who like being around a lot of people and having fun but is still okay with a small town type of environment.


A very open, dedicated, and balanced person should attend Ohio University, using his/her dedication and balance to finish the necessary schoolwork to allow the open person to interact with the diverse populations on campus.