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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I believe that a person should first examine their finances so they won't hurt themselves monetarily in the long run. Once an affordabel college is found, a campus town of similar size to their hometown would be a nice, comfortable fit. A person's personality, Type A, or Type B should also be taken into consideration. If a student has an outgoign Type A personality, a party school, or a school far away might be an easy fit. For someone with a Type B personality, however, should go to a university that is a comfortable fit, possibly one that has friends from high schiool already attending. A student's comfort level during college has a lot to do with their performance at that college. If someone felt out of place at their university, it could lead to slipping grades and maybe even depression. Most importantly, parents need to constantly support their children as they attend school. This doesn't always mean monetarily, but constant communication should be maintained regardless of how close or far away the parents are from their child. Ideally, a student should choose a university that they both can afford and feel comfortable in.


Visit campus. The school I chose wasn't my first choice when I was applying, just a backup, but I feel in love with the campus, and that was the main reason why I chose it.