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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


To some extent yes, but they seem to go a little to far.


OWU is no longer directly working with the Methodist church, at least as far as I know. About the only direct association I can find with the Methodist Church is the name. As for the liberal image, yes, OWU does tend have a majority of open-minded. But we really aren't hippies, just very opened-minded. The rich image can be true, certainly most people on campus wear very preppish clothing but because of the excellent scholarship program (which is the only reason I can attend OWU) I have found that the people here are extremely varied, economically.


Not at all.




Not at all! I think there is a huge range of students at OWU, not just rich kids for sure. I think there is definitely a party scene at OWU, but it isn't the only thing to do at all. You can always find other options if you want to. And OWU is DEFINITELY not a safety school. The classes are all challenging, and by no means a breeze. You work hard, and the harder you work and the more involved you become, the more you get out of your experience. There are so many things to be a part of, you just have to take advantage of what's there, and people don't always do that. Those are the people who feel negative about their experience, and it's only their own fault.




The stereotypes listed above are true because I only know of these truthful stereotypes because thats how I'd stereotype OWU.


I think so. As a campus, we have a pretty even-keeled personality. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but I think there's a good balance of personalities here.


OWU is not really full of cliques, there is just a large number of student clubs, group, organizations and sports teams that become very close nit, but there is definitely inter-mixing . After all, there are only like 1,900 students. As far as changing lives, we are in a book called "40 Colleges That Change Lives."




I find we have a large population of east coast students but we also represent a large portion of the mid-west and west coast so number 1 is a no. Number two: a large portion of students do apply to ivy leauge universities but I don't know if I'd call us a dumping ground. We attract a diverse collection of applications so two is also a no.




I don't know.


Two of my roommates last year did not belong in Welch and I have no idea how they got in there in the first place. Other than a few minor glitches, the stereotypes are accurate.


I'd say no on both counts. I came to OWU because it was the least preppy of all the schools I visited. As far as academics, our science programs are extremely challenging, and from what I hear, lots of time is required for any program you take.




Most of the time


No. I am from Ohio, and am anything but preppy.


While there are some students like that in every school I do not feel that this is an accurate picture of OWU.


to a degree yes, there are a good number of wealthy students (generally from the east coast that can be caught driving Cadillac Escalade around campus), however, this is only a fraction of the student body and there are plenty of other people from around the country and around the world


I would think that they are accurate




Overall, I feel that people view the students as spoiled, stuck-up kids. And yes, there are those kids, but a majority of the student body either is not one of those spoiled and stuck-up kids or they merely just don't show it.


It can be a party school at times, but, honestly any major is difficult and students need to get their work done to keep their grades up.


For the most part.


The truth is that there may be only 2,000 people at the school but I am no where close to knowing everyone in the school. Because the school is so small, classes are much more rewarding but at the same time are more challenging. Its the difference between being a little fish in a big pond and vice versa.


Yes, but they don't necessarily have a negative connotation.


Very, very true.


Not all the kids are from rich, uppity families. There are rich, uppity kids and you'll find them more often than the common kids.


somewhat. i know a lot of people who work their asses off everyday, but there are the few occasional stoner/party animal/borderline alcoholic who doesn't give a shit. those people are few and far between though...


we have a large GBLT community, and there are more than a few rich people, but they're not all snobs.


Yes and No. Not every student from the East Coast is preppy-many in fact assimilate to the Ohio culture/blend in quickly with other central Ohio/Columbus/Cleveland kids. However, many of the Darien/Fairfield county kids along with students who went to prestigious private schools and/or boarding schools bond together, especially with the lacrosse team. In actuality, the bars might be the only OWU force (apart from the Greek community) than can bring both midwesterners and eastcoasters together.


To some extent yes, most of these people make it a point to let everyone know how liberal they are or that they are from the east coast; If you have any brains, you won't associate with extremists like them and be able to understand and accept other peoples' views and opinions.


I don't believe that they are completely correct. I mean obviously a person will find people to meet those stereotypes at any university and OWU is no different. However, I feel that any student who does in fact meet those stereotypes will not be successful at OWU; in fact many students I knew who met those stereotypes did not make it to graduation.


Not at all. While there is a pretty big percentage of Connecticut kids who think they own the school, a lot of students are actually from Ohio and have to work to get into and stay in the school.


To an extent, yes. There are a lot of rich people from the east coast, but also a good number from Ohio and all over the US (as well as a significant international student base).


no, owu isn't very supportive, informational or helpful during your four years. they love to sell the school during visits and tours but as soon as you get in, you're just another student paying them and they don't care. they aren't helpful at all in preparing for graduation and informing you of the requirments.




It is small, but this gives you a chance to meet more upper class men.


We are very smart, and there are some people with money but they are not as a whole snobby. We have a huge Catholic turn out.


Not everyone here is like that, but I must say that there are quite a few of them here. It's quite an exclusive group.