Ohio Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would not discourage any student from attending this school because there is a place for everyone on campus. Whether individuals are involved a little or a lot with extracurricular activities, the academic aspect of Ohio Wesleyan offers an equal playing field upon which all different types of students interact.


Someone who doesnt want to go to a university in order to meet incredible people, be a part of a kind and very accomplished student body, work with top-notch professors that truely care about what you do, or work towards an education that is looked at as one of the best should not attend OWU. Someone who won't put in the time to learn as well as be socially open would have a hard time at OWU where everyone values their education and works for it but also takes time to be part of the student body.


Close-minded, ignorant and mean people will not do well at OWU.


What kind of person shouldn't attend? Illiterates... you won't get far without the ability to read. Trust me. I know.


Someone who likes big schools.


Ohio Wesleyan is extremely diverse and any outgoing, open-minded, and hard-working high school graduate would find Ohio Wesleyan stimulating. However, someone who is not willing to work hard for academic success and is not willing to give up a few weekends to study instead of party should not attend Ohio Wesleyan. Also, someone with financial concerns should not attend Ohio Wesleyan. Although they give a variety of scholarships, it is still very expensive even with half-tuition paid


You should not attend this school if you are not open to other people's potentially different values and opinions. This campus is very liberal, and as a result everyone is accepted for the most part. If you want to go to a big school and prefer anonymity, this school is not for you.


A person use to urban lifestyle may not enjoy the atmosphere of the town. The school is not a good match for anyone who thinks they can get by without doing any serious work. Most students with that mentality fail out their first year. Anyone use to warm weather conditions may have a tough time adjusting to the cold weather which exists for most of the school year.


People who want to attend a school with large, unfriendly school should not come here. If I miss a class, my professor will ask me about it the next day. Largest class i've had is around 20 people. As a senior, the biggest class i'm in has around the same number.


Conservative, non-artsy, fools.


The type of person who should not attend this school is someone who is lazy and likes to party hard


Republicans. People put off liberals always trying to change things. People who care about technology.