Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That it is really small so it can get pretty boring sometimes. Another thing is I feel like they don't have enough apartments for upper classmen.


Some advisors ae very lazy in their duties. They often allow students to take classes or not take classes that they shouldn't and in doing so can throw off the students' graduation dates.


Everyone has to live on campus. They do this to create a community, which is great and really works, but it means that it is really hard to stay in town all year long. The appartments are very expensive to live in over the summer but you cant really sign a lease because it would only be for 4 months and then you have to move back on campus.


The worst thing about OC is the "visiting hours" for the on campus apartments.


With it being a Christian school, you are required to take bible courses. Some students may not be religious and still come to our school due to sprots or what not and feel forced into a religion they want nothing to do with.


i believe the worst thing about the school is that the school cost a lot of money so if you don't know what you plan on doing with you college career try a community college first.


There aren't too many things to do on the weekend. A lot of people go back home and it can get very boring. The campus parties can get shut down very quickly so not much goes on at times.


The worst thing about Oklahoma Christian University is the fact that all of the building seem to look that same; other than that, there is not one thing I dislike about my school.


Cafeteria food. Although it's a school cafeteria, so obviously the food won't be gourmet, it would be nice if they kept the food atleast warm all day. When you go during an off hour (such as between lunch and dinner), there usually is barely any food left and it is cold.


The worst thing about OC, in my opinion, is that it's hard for me, a shy student, to feel like I can ask a professor for help when I need it. Classes are large enough to where I feel like I don't really know the professor, so I don't want to ask for help.


The Cafeteria doesn't have the best food.


Well, it costs a lot.


The way they deal with VA (GI Bill) funding. They tend to be slow and the person in charge of VA funding at the school in not even in the business or finacal aid offices.


I think the worst thing about my school is that students with under 30 hours have curfew.


I have not previously attended Oklahoma Christian University, so I am not privy to the shortcomings of the school.


I am a new student to this school and have not attended the university for a full semester. I have visited the campus and explored what the campus has to offer and so far I have not found anything I would consider to be the worst thing about this school. Because I have not attened the actual school, the only thing I can say is the worst thing about Oklahoma Christian is that this school is in Oklahoma.


I can truly say I can't find one thing negative about my school!


It requires me to be away from my family.


Oklahoma Christian University does not have great tolerance for ideas or beliefs that do not follow the professor's. If there is anything remotely "odd" about a person, then it seems that the first solution sought is counseling. Counseling should not be the first option open to people who are expressing themselves.


The worst thing about my school is probably the closed mindedness about religions outside of Christianity. If a student is not of a Church of Christ background, there is not much inclution in campus activities.


The worst thing about OC in my opinion is that there is a curfew placed on the freshman class for their first year of college. It was always annoying to be in the middle of something and suddenly realize we only had 20 minutes to be back in our dorms.


The worst thing about Oklahoma Christian is the very few scholarship and financial aid opportunities in the school, particularly for graduate students. With the caliber of professors in this institution, receiving a graduate degree from here is a great thing. The costs associated with this, especially for foreign students is quite high. I would love the situation where the school is able to provide a quite a good amount of financial aid for graduate students to enable more international graduate students to enroll here.


There's really nothing I dislike about this school. Probably the worst thing is the price, but most colleges are expensive and OCU does its best to offer some scholarships for incoming students.


Because this is a Chrisitan University, it is very conservative. Although this can be a very, very good thing, it can also make other people feel outcast if they do not believe what the majority does. There professors do not force their veiws on you, but I'm sure if you do not believe exactly everything that is taught, you will feel uncomforable.


One negative thing about Oklahoma Christian University is the high cost of tuition as compared to other schools. When combined with an impractical degree, of which there are several, it can really have a negative impact on a student's financial status for many years after graduation.


The worst thing would probably be expenses. It feels like OC uses their money for lots of good things, but tuition continues to rise. Normal universities consider 18 hours a semester to be normal - OC considers 15 to be. You have to pay more than $1000 extra if you want to take 18 hours a semester. By the way, that means it is almost impossible to graduate in four years without paying a lot of extra money on top of our already outrageously priced tuition.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the cafeteria food. I'm typically a bit of a picky eater (not so much by choice, more on the grounds of allergies) so the cafeteria food is not something I'm particularly happy about. There are too many meals served that I look at and question their edibility.


The worse thing about our school is the dorms. The freshmen girl dorms are the last to be updated and are pretty old. It is really the only complaint I have about OC.


Oklahoma Christian gets a bad reputation for being a strict school, and this scares away many possible students. Because of rules such as curfew for freshman, mandatory chapel attendance, and complete separation of male and female dormitories. Although all of these rules have a purpose to keep the morality and spirituality of the students here, it does make many students choose not to attend OC.


The worst thing about my school is that they are not really connected with other colleges. We do not have many oppotunities to meet other college students. Although being in a small community helpes you to be connected with each other, I feel like I want to connect with other students from other colleges.


The worst issue about Oklahoma Christian University would be the cafeteria food, and smallness of the campus. The food is not the best but it is fulfilling. The Campus is small, meaning you will know evertone on campus and they will know you. There is not as much privacy once you do something everyone will know.


I, honestly, don't have any complaints about Oklahoma Christian University.


The worst thing about my school is the required amount of bible classes to graduate. Every student ends up graduating with a bible minor because of the required bible classes. I am not against taking bible classes because i have enjoyed some of the classes, but those hours each semester take away from other hours. Therefore, it can be hard to organize your schedule in a way to fit in the bible classes along with classes required for your major.


chapel. I don't feel that it connects well with the student body or reflects our spiritual needs. most of the time i feel like its just the school guessing what we need (instead of asking) and then flying in prestigious guest speakers to talk to us. it would be better if more students and teachers talked in chapel, and if the school took some time to figure out what i wanted.


Nothing really. This is a good school in all aspects


THe worst things about Oklahoma Christian have more to do with our ability to let God lead is in the right directions and relying on our faith. The overall spirit and enthusiasm throughout the people on campus is very good; but we are fearful of being challenged in diferent aspects in our faith and how God can reach people for good!


The worst thing about the school that I am attending is that the students are not allowed to rush a faternity/sororiety until the sophomore year. To me this seems to cut down on the interaction you get with other students. The students don't get to meet as many students in other years because they are not allowed to rush.


I don't think there is anything so bad as to call it the worst. However, if I had to choose, I would want the cafeteria to be better.


I think I would consider the overall lack of human differences at Oklahoma Christian to be the worst thing about the school. Being a private Christian institution and of Church of Christ affiliation, there is a general lack of miscellany in religious, racial, political, and socio-economic matters. Oklahoma Christian works to accommodate this absence of diversity through international missions, multi-cultural festivities, providing study-abroad programs, recognizing and acknowledging its own international students, and encouraging student-led political gatherings of all affiliations.


I think the worst thing about my school is that they have a lot of rules that make it hard to feel like an adult. It feels like they want to control every aspect of your life. You have to sign an agreement to attend a certain number of chapels a semester and you are not allowed to drink. While I understand that it is a Christan school, I feel like they need to let students make their own choices and provide services that can provide help if a problem arises.


The worst thing about Oklahoma Christian is the caf. The food is generally sub-par, and there are really only two other options for food on campus.


The worst thing about this school would be the fact that it is so expensive. I understand that this is a private school but I am an out of state transfer student who is in a tough financial situation. The expenses do not make my life any easier.


The school can sometimes be run like a corporate business and less like a Christian community and that makes me upset because there is no need to do so to keep the school running. Students needlessly overpay for housing and food, and some options that students are charged for are never revealed to them. The school encourages diversity but broadens their focus to recruit so much that they fall short of following through with the students that are already on campus. they want to appeal to the masses, but forget that a Christian school should stand firm on their values.


This school is academically challenging to the point that it's hard to have an active social life and earn your degree in time. This is especially true of the math, science and engineering programs. Once you graduate, you are prepared for the industry but you may not have a lot of experience with people.