Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


OC is a huge mission based university. Future eagles should be some what mission minded. OC will supply you with a multitude of mission opportunitites, ranging from study abroad mission work, to spring break trips, and even local community mission work. The bible classes offered are outstanding at OC. If you as a student it looking to learn more about your Christianity and your faith you will be well equipped here.


To be succesfull at Oklahoma Christian, one needs to have a solid work ethic, a desire to learn, and an interest in coming to know more about Christianity. If someone wants to go to college to party it up, this is not the place to do it. Succesful students here are serious about their future and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get there.


Anyone. There are all kinds of people there. Oklahoma Christian is accepting of whoever steps foot on campus. It doesn't matter what you believe or what your past is like...anyone is welcome there.


one that has strong religious ties that enjoy life and broaden their horizons


Someone who can study a multitude of ways because all the teaches teach differently and it is rarely in the manner that I learn. If you like quiet this place is ok. Kinda windy kinda wet sometimes. Someone who is ok with cliques and preferable can live in the apartments or off campus so that you can cook your own food and not be forced to eat at the caf though it is leaps and bounds better than other colleges and has decent food on guest days. If you dislike sports we have a bit less of them here.


A person who is willing to go through many Bible courses and either believes in God or is just curious. You don't have to be religious to go to this school. If you are looking for a college that is devoted to every major then this is a good college. They meet the need that every department asks and they also truly care about their students. They want you to be happy and comfortable, so if you are looking for a college that you can call your home away from home then this is the perfect place.


Someone that is a believer and wants to grow in their faith, while being a studnet at an accredited, competivite university. Or those that want to be in an atmosphere around other belivers and Christians to experience the love of God and give him the Glory in all that you do, including school.


Anyone who wants to learn and apply their religious beliefs to the things they learn.


Most people would respond with, "people who are Christians," but really anyone can attend this University. Part of the title of the school is Christian, and that means to accept, believe, lead, and follow. It doesn't matter where you come from, who you are, your national background, or the kind of things you have, but what matters is that you are there to help those people, to help them strive for what they want in life, and help them succeed in the Christian life style. So anybody is able/should attend this school.


Anyone that loves a small school/community atmosphere. You do not necessarily need to be a Christian to go to school here, people are very accepting and open about religious beliefs.


Oklahoma Christian appeals to students who want a small college/class atmosphere. Obviously it is a Christian school, so students should be prepared for that aspect. A lot of the students come on scholarships for athletics or other programs. It is important for students who are considering OC to realize that there are certain expectations to uphold that may be different from other universities. However, there are so many different types of students, including a surprising number of foriegn students, that it is really easy to make friends with different types of people.


I think that Oklahoma Christian University is filled with a large variety of people. We have students that come from different countries, social groups, beliefs, talents, and ways of life. Yet, among the diversity there also exists a sense of unity. There is no "kind of person" that should attend OC.


those interested in a college and religious experience


Someone who really liked high school. OC is small, so it is a lot like high school in the fact that if you are somewhat social, just walking around campus you will know quite a few people. OC also required that you follow all of their rules. If you are the type of person that doesn't like to be told what to do or have rules than OC isn't for you.


There is no "kind" of person that should attend this school; everyone should attend because OC is a wonderful school to go to further someone's education and meet new people.


I would say the best person to attend this school would be a Christian who is ready and willing to work hard to achieve success. A student that has a good work ethic will go far at this school, but it is also a major asset if the student is social. This school can offer a balance of social life and academic learning if the student is willing and able to take advantage of it.


Any kind of person can attend this school. It is helpful to have a very open mind about religion and about other people. Because there are so many diverse students, it is good to keep an open mind about people you meet. School must be a priority but you should also have a want to make friends and have adventures with people.


A Christian person should attend this school. Moreover, a Christian person who wants to increase his or her understanding of the synthesis of faith and reason. All Christians should have faith, and those who are lacking should ask the Father. I know from experience that He gives good and perfect gifts. Regardless, if a student is interested in increasing his knowledge and challenging his faith, then this is the right place for him or her.


I think everyone should be given an opportunity to attend this school and that anyone should be admitted that truly wants to attend and succeed. They should have a Christian heart and be willing to work hard to succeed in classes, to help their classmates when needed and to serve the community around us.


A person who is ready to take on anything.


The kind of person attending Oklahoma Christian University should be somebody wanting to get a great education with fantastic professors, while living with some of the greatest people you'll meet.


Someone who wants to grow and be challenged in their faith, and form a Christian worldview through education.


Anyone who has an open heart and an open mind to a Christ like environment, with genuine people.


A person who is Chruch of Christ, as that is what is mainly focused on in our school, there are many who are not but they feel discriminated against.


OC is for any student who is interested in truly enriching their spiritual life and incorporating that into their college education. It is for any student who is not only interested in gaining an incredible education but also being offered experiences to truly challenge who they are and what they are about. It is for a student who wants the most out of college through a combination of education, extracurricular activities, and relationships with others that will last a lifetime. OC is not something you do for a little while; rather, it is something that never leaves you.


A person that is looking for a closer relationship with God based on the Christian faith. A solid education from professors who sincerely care not only about your grade but also about your well being. You should also be a person that is looking for a group of peers that won't let you stray from your goals in life.


Fun, friendly and outgoing


Someone who likes to have small classes where teachers get to know you.


Someone who enjoys a somewhat smaller school that is more like a big family. A person who wants to go to a school that has excellent academics where help is easy to find. I would say the kind of person who should attend this school should be a Christian. The nonChristian would become fed up with the rules and activities of the school. A friendly person would love it here.


Anyone can attend. I think the type of student that will fit in the easiest is one who is conservative and religious in some way. Non-drug users and non-alcoholics would feel more comfortable here than students that do use those things, since they are banned from campus.


A person who wants a great Christian education, from teachers who know what they're talking about. There are some rules that might turn people away from this university, but in hindsight, it was all for good reason, and I appreciate what this school has done to prepare me for post-graduation. Yes, it is a church of Christ school, but there are many other religious beliefs here. And somebody who wants to be involved! Athletics are great!