Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Upon looking at the school, I was told if I worked hard my first year of college I would be able to receive more scholarship money. However, this was not the case. I worked two jobs my first semester and took 17 hours and one job my second semester while still taking 17 hours. I made a 4.0 my first semester, yet I lost OC grant money. I do not feel like they held up to their end of the bargain and now I don't know what to do because I can't afford to stay there.


It's not particularly diverse in thought. We have several people from various ethnic backgrounds, but as far as religion and belief systems are concerned, the school is fairly homogenous.


Since I haven't attended yet, I will start next week, I haven't got to the frustrations yet. But I am sure I will come across some downs but it won't hold me back.


You can't live off campus until you're 23, married, or living with family.


We are only allowed one school scholarship, even though there may be more than one scholarship that is available to any one person.


It's expensive! I feel like they care more about the business aspect of the university rather than the actual welfare of their students. It's very offputting.


I have not previously attended Oklahoma Christian University, so I am not privy to the shortcomings of the school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is hard to balance all of my athletic responsibilties as well my school work. Also, that it is so conservative and set in its way. The expense is also very hard to deal with, but the education is worth it.


The most fustrating thing about my school is having enough money to pay for your education.


The weather in the Middle Oklahoma area is frustrating. It is always very windy.


Dealing with financial aid.


The tuition is pretty steep. Especially if you're one of two people from your household attending college at the same time. It can be tuff on my parents because they didn't have any money saved up for a college fund.


The school is small, 2,000 people so everybody knows everything about eachother. Rumors spread very quickly.


I'm not really frustrated with any aspect of the school. Probably the limited weekend hours of the cafeteria, but hey, all employees need a break sometime!


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the fact that girls are not allowed in the guys dorms at any times and guys are not allowed in the girls dorms at any time. While I do understand that there needs to be restrictions on that, it makes it much more difficult to hang out in groups with the opposite gender. For example, watching a movie with friends is much harder since you can't watch it in someone's room because the opposite gender is not allowed in that room.


The most frustrating thing about OC is the philosophical absurdity of the art and music department. I have a hard time dealing with the progressive pushing of the envelope to use a modern colloquialism. Also, the business of any college life will be frustrating to any human being who likes peace and quite. It can be hard to get a restful prayer away from the fast track college life. Lastly, some of the dorms are rather small. Thus, if you are a large student, I advise making arrangements for a large dorm.


One of the most frustrating things about my school is the students. Some do not have morals, or they disagree with the Christian atmosphere. As students we are required to attend chapel everyday. Many students complain about having to do this, and in my opinion if they don't enjoy the idea of chapel, that's their own fault. They knew chapel was required when the applied to OC.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be how expensive it is just to attend per semester


The most Frustrating thing about my school is probably the housing problem for our international student. Our school is a residential campus so we wont be able to move to live off-campus which is really inconvinence for International students because we dont have home here, it is so difficult for us to move every year and also, we dont have any place to go if the campus is closed for holiday. Usually we will need to go travelling but it is pretty expensive.


The cafeteria food is not the best.




The students are still treated like children in some ways by being sheltered and given many rules to follow. We have to live on campus until we are either 23 years old, married, or have 124 hours completed. The issue with that is that on-campus housing is much more expensive than off-campus. Also, we are required to have a meal plan on campus, which is extremely expensive too. I had the lowest amount of meals, and it came out to over $8 per meal. I would never spend that much on food buying my own groceries!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost. There seems to be a fee for everything and even though tuition is only $14,000 a year, I'm somehow paying around 24,000. I want to live in the nice sophmore dorms but I'll be stuck in the not so great ones because they're all I can afford! And there is only one scholarship open that I am eligible for.


The housing quality is generally very poor; the campus dining is not very good.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they dont seeem to give enough freedom to the students. There are always many rules restricting the students from participating in things that they want to do.


It is private university, so we are required to go to chapel every day for about twenty minutes. I think they should require us to go only twice a week so we don't get so frustrated with it. Also, the cafeteria serves alot of the same food every day. It would be nice to have more variety.


The most frustrated thing about Oklahoma Christian University are the book prices. The cost to buy a used book at our bookstore is pricey in its own. I know several students that have purchased their books for one semester and they all summed up to at least 800 dollars. When it is time to sell the books back to the bookstore you will make a maximum of a third of that of which you spent to purchase the books.


The most frustrating thing about my school is, I have to pay more money if I go over 15 hours, but yet I have to have 32 hours to be a sophomore.


The most frustrating thing about my school to me is that they dont do as much for the community as i would like for them to.


Nothing is particularly frustrating about OC. It's a wonderful school with teachers and facutly that really care about their students. I feel at home at OC.


Cost. Financial aid can be a pain because I'm not entirely convinced they know what they are talking about. They've lost my documents before and told me wrong information.


The most frustrating thing about Oklahoma Christian is its low tolerance for any sort of rebellion. They only have a "2-strike" policy and then students are suspended for a full school year. College students make mistakes and they shouldn't be punished so harshly.


Sometimes the food is not that good in the caf.... oh well what school has good food???? They make you puchase a meal plan for the whole year. Sometimes I don't eat there or that much at all. I think they should have a meal card that you can load and add to it as you need it. The meal plan that has to be puchased for the whole year is way to high for the amount I use.