Oklahoma City University Top Questions

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Oklahoma Christian University (or OCU) is unique from other colleges that I have considered because they offer Computer Animation and Gaming as a major. I also wanted to go there because it was ranked the 8th best in America in teaching Computer Animation and Gaming as a major. It is in the medium range for cost. The staff and students there are friendly and it was awesome that I was accepted and was able to make friends there; even though I didn't know anyone in Oklahoma before.


the small size allows you to build a relationship with students and faculty


The campus is diverse and opens your eyes to different cultures and ways of living. Also, everyone is extremely friendly. Fellow students will smile and greet you even though you might not know them.


Give yourself time to adjust if you're from a big school. Find out the real deal about your program from students. If you want to see something happen at OCU look at your self. Most of all step outside your comfort zone.


One of the first things you hear when joing the community at OCU is "Smile at the people you walk by. Don't frown, be happy." It is truely amazing to walk across the lawn of too my classes, and get a smile from nearly every person I see. The school is welcoming, with a very warm atmosphere. I also "trust" OCU's greek life more than I trust those at other schools. I know my sisters won't contribute to any hazing activites. I know my sisters care about my well-being.


You are pushed to do your best every day


It is more like a home, very small and everyone knows everyone.


Nothing is unique. This is a "glorified high school" private university that overcharges.


It has very small class sizes which I prefer. Also, you can be accepted your freshman year into the nursing program which is really helpful in planning your future because you aren't having to apply anywhere for your junior year.


The smaller class size is definitely unique. I looked at several public state universities and the fact that several of their lecture classes were 100-400 students at a time was not appealing to me whatsoever. OCU has about a 12:1 faculty:student ratio and the largest class I have ever had was 25. The second week of each semester the professors are able to call each student by their first name. They are always willing to respond to any emails or questions about assignments on the weekend or over the break.


Small yet not too small. I am still meeting new people yet I know a lot of the people on campus. I also think that we have a servent leadership feeling on campus. We are cpmpetitive but not cut throat competitive. People help their neighbors to help make this campus a better school The current economic crisis has inspired the student senate to donate money into a scholarship fund for those who might not be able to make it back in the coming semester!


It's not an extremely small school, but it's not very large either. If you're very social you'll know just about everyone by the tie you get into your third year there. This has it's many benefits, but it also reminds one of living in a small town. That includes all the gossip.


There is a lot of interaction between the different departments and you get to meet lots of different poeple into lots of different things. The classes are smaller and allow for a lot of individual attention which I find bennificial


The class sizes are very reasonable, and the professors know your name. There are no graduate students teaching the classes and grading your papers.


This school, compared to most others, does really well in thier effort to include all students together as a team to help each other succeed.