Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?

papa souleymane ndiouck

I Like tis school because I have visited the site and I have met that it is a good school and iam interested in LAW and International business or international commerce. So i am interested in soocer because I like FOOT BALL. All that opportunities encourage me to interest in the oklahoma university. My only dream is to will be a OKLAHOMA STUDENT IN BEGINNIG 2015.


OCU is a small school; which has its benefits and demerits. There is a feeling of family here; everyone knows everyone. The downside is everyone knows everyone's business. While the school has about 4,000 students, only half of them are undergraduates. This small group is very active in everything but sports. The sports teams here rarely have crowd and the basketball homecoming and graduation are the only times Freede is full. The student are very active in the artistic and political arenas. The dance department puts on three Broadway style shows that rival the city's dance show, all playing multiple days and selling out. Students look forward to the year's musicals, plays, operas, and concerts. Students rallied around gay rights after Westborough Baptist Church came to protest the performance of "The Laramie Project". The students also convinced the Student Government Association to set up a scholarship for students after they felt the funds from a student project went to the wrong project. The campus is close to Downtown Oklahoma City and Western Avenue.


OCU is a pretty small school, but the saying "you're a name not a number" is true. The classes are small enough that you'll always get a good seat. The professors are really accessible and know your name. You meet new people in the caf all the time and just around because student s are pretty friendly here. OCU has expanded so much in the last few years, it amazes me. The University Center is way cooler than the first time I toured the school, the cafeteria, or caf, has been completely remodeled. Alvin's, the cafe downstairs, just got a pool table and a shuffleboard table and now even more people are there. The Wanda Bass Music School is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the gorgeous soaring atrium hold a lot of dinners and special events. The Meinder's School of Business is state of the art and the classrooms are spacious and filled with technology. The library also had a renovation and the first floor looks a lot better. Sports seems as if they're non-existent here. The focus is on the arts and the school is NAIA, so the sports teams, while excellent get left out. President Tom McDaniel is retiring in the summer and will truly be missed. He and his wife Brenda are ever-present on campus. They visit the caf, frequent walk around campus, attend shows , and even invite groups of students to their house for "OCU Chats". The other administrators are extremely friendly and helpful. Fortunately and unfortunately OCU is the heart of Oklahoma City (the capital city), so life does not revolve around OCU. There is a not a college town atmosphere surrounding the campus. The area surrounding the campus is not unsafe, but definitely not the most savory part of town; the food and art scene in the area are among the best in the state. Students often go downtown to Bricktown to go clubbing, eating, or to the movies. During the week you won't need to leave much or move your car. Everything you will probably need is campus including a clinic The entire campus takes 15 minutes to walk, slowly. All of the school is in one location. The caf and Alvin's are centrally located.