Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I would have known how difficult it is to find a job on campus. My parents are helping with my college education, but it is expected and appropriate that I have ownership of my college education expenses and I contribute and will pay them back. I have tried repeatedly to find a job, have not, to date. Additionally, the financial aid package is not very good compared to the high cost of tuition and room and board.


I wish I had known more about myself. I came to this school thinking it was the best option for me but despite the fact that I made great friends and met my future husband I truly think that the price tag was a lot higher then it should have been for what I got. I got amazing training in my field for about the first 2 1/2 years then I found that I "out-grew" my professors (for lack of a better term). I loved OCU but I have loans coming out my ears...


I wish that I had a bit of programming experience before I came here because it would have been helpful to me in some of the programs I am trying to learn here. This is only my first semester as a freshman so I think I will aquire some of these skills later. I wish I had known how much time I would spend in the cafeteria, so that I could have bought a more appropriate meal plan.


I wish I knew more students when I came here. The only people I knew where the students on my rowing team. Eventually I knew more people because everyone is so nice and greets everyone and always tries to find out who you are.


I wish I had known to leave history in the past.


I wish I had known to be more open to new people and new experiences. Some of my best friends now are people that I either didn't like or didn't want to hang around at the very beginning of school, just because I prematurely judged them. Now I know to be more open and to not pre-judge people and situations before I experience them.


How much some of the things I did in high school would affect scholarship considerations.


I wish I had known how hard chemistry class is.


Since this is a small campus you really have to get involved. Get involved and become a member of social groups, otherwise you will not enjoy this school very much. Focus on your studies and don't let things get in the way of your dreams.


How many useless blowoff classes you have to take.


The price of on-campus housing.


how to save up money to pay for college!


I wish I had more financial needs available.


Take as many classes before you get here because you pay 7 times as much for basic general classes that you could take at a community college.