Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at Oklahoma State University-Main Campus.


Most of the students are very welcoming and eager to learn. Oklahoma State's students are not afraid to be who they are. They are involved academically and socially. Considering we are America's healthiest campus we very active throughout the entire school year. The students have a lot of school spirit as the stadium's are packed for most sports games. Find activites that get you involved with the other students because that is something you dont want to regret down the road.


The students are very friendly and helpful. If you ever ask for help someone will be glad to.


My classmates are mostly concerned about improving their educational experience; such as joining different organizations, involving themselves in community services, and participating in various clubs.


My fellow classmates at Oklahoma State University are all independence-hungry freshmen who are each on their own journey, discovering who they want to be, what they want to do with their lives, and where they want to continue their journey after graduation.


The classmates enjoy learning. Everyone is devoted to their major and will do whatever it takes (Integrity wise) to make sure they will get to their degree. Everyone is friendly and will tutor a classmate in need. No one cheats or lies ande everyone is always taking notes over what is being taught.


My classmates are rather diverse, but are mainly aggies.


The class atmosphere here varies with subject and teacher, but a majority of the people in my classes are nice people, and very friendly. A large amount of people are involved in greek life, and other organizations. My classmates tend to be able to work well in groups, and add to disussion, which makes for an enjoyable classroom experince.


The classmates at Oklahoma State are very helpul and nice to friends and strangers.


Finally joining Oklahoma State University and becoming a part of the family of the brightest orange, my classmates would best be described as a family.


My classmates are sometomes quiet but always dedicated and spirited.