Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of the students are very welcoming and eager to learn. Oklahoma State's students are not afraid to be who they are. They are involved academically and socially. Considering we are America's healthiest campus we very active throughout the entire school year. The students have a lot of school spirit as the stadium's are packed for most sports games. Find activites that get you involved with the other students because that is something you dont want to regret down the road.


The students are very friendly and helpful. If you ever ask for help someone will be glad to.


My classmates are mostly concerned about improving their educational experience; such as joining different organizations, involving themselves in community services, and participating in various clubs.


My fellow classmates at Oklahoma State University are all independence-hungry freshmen who are each on their own journey, discovering who they want to be, what they want to do with their lives, and where they want to continue their journey after graduation.


The classmates enjoy learning. Everyone is devoted to their major and will do whatever it takes (Integrity wise) to make sure they will get to their degree. Everyone is friendly and will tutor a classmate in need. No one cheats or lies ande everyone is always taking notes over what is being taught.


My classmates are rather diverse, but are mainly aggies.


The class atmosphere here varies with subject and teacher, but a majority of the people in my classes are nice people, and very friendly. A large amount of people are involved in greek life, and other organizations. My classmates tend to be able to work well in groups, and add to disussion, which makes for an enjoyable classroom experince.


The classmates at Oklahoma State are very helpul and nice to friends and strangers.


Finally joining Oklahoma State University and becoming a part of the family of the brightest orange, my classmates would best be described as a family.


My classmates are sometomes quiet but always dedicated and spirited.


Students at Oklahoma State are overwhelmingly pleasant. While walking to class, students often share smiles, say hello, or even introduce themselves. Here at OSU you will often find people opening doors for one and other and exibiting excellent manners. Furthermore, the majority of students are involved in clubs or organizations that are often raising awareness or doing projects on campus. During the spring and fall seasons you will find students relaxing on the library lawn reading a book, playing frisbee, tossing a football around, or eating ice cream. The student body at OSU is undeniably incredible.


Students at OSU are respectful, caring, fun and supportive.


In major courses, classmates are generally involved and interested in the subject. In general, most students are eager to learn and willing to help those who will take the same class in the future.


My classmates are driven


There isn't a majority of them here, but on the western part of the campus there are many cowboy boot/hat wearing students. Across campus there are many different varieties of students. You can find the college students who are big into fashion, those who are foreign exchange, the list goes on and on. But if I had to describe all of Oklahoma State's students in one word, I would have to say friendly. We are all here for the same reasons and we like to help one another out.


Although many students at Oklahoma State are from Oklahoma and Texas, you will find a diverse student body from all backgrounds. We have a large international student population, as well. There are also many different social groups represented throughout campus. Because OSU is located in Stillwater, a small town in the middle of Oklahoma, the country music scene is very popular with the students. However, if that's not your thing, you will find many students who agree with you.


Most students are nice, anyone who is not helpful would feel out of place at my school. Student's attire is almost always respectable. Most students are politically active and love to vote.


There are students from all backgrounds at my campus. I don't believe that anyone would feel out of place at OSU. It is a large campus, but I came form a small high school and it was not overwhelming for me.Typically, students dress very casually for classes. Fridays are Orange Friday so everyone wears orange (or other colored OSU shirts). Future earning are not discussed as much as career goals independent of the financial gain from them.


There are many different groups and clubs at Oklahoma State University, I don't think that any kind of student would feel out of place attending this college. If you have a passion or hobbies you will have friends at this college no matter what. The thing is that you have to be brave and go out and explore all the opportunity and the people that attend. The students within the Agriculture come from or have a passion for this industry. The attire is like most other colleges, it varies from what major you are and how you express yourself. The people within the same majors as myself sport cowboy boots, jeans, big hair, nice top, and many accessories. In the Animal Science building, there are setting circles and these are always full and there is always chatter coming from these areas. Also within the computer labs, there are many conversations going and if you need help there is always a person who knows what going on present. The financial backgrounds varies like it does in every aspect of life. I know kids who their parents are paying for everything and on the other hand I know kids who are taking out loans to attend school. The thing that I keep in mind is to not let your financial standing influence the person you are or the friends that you have.


Students at Oklahoma State are very diverse. You meet new and interesting people each day with different ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and stories. There are over 400 student organizations to choose from, so there is definitely one that's right for you.


The students here range in diversity in every way.


With in depth studying, practice, teamwork, and understanding, the students here at Oklahoma State University are intrigued with the concepts and principles of their particular academic college.


Classmate are very helpful and generous.


My classmates are very diverse in ethnicities and helpful if study sessions or notes are needed.


Conservative, Christian, good-ol-boys and gals describes most of my classmates, although the English department does contain a fair number of hipsters, but they are the minority, and most of them are conservative Christians at heart.


Oklahoma State University students are energetic, creative, and intelligent.


My classmates were amazing people, each was their own person. However, they really helped me when i needed it.


My classmates have helped me in and out of the classroom, whether it is educational problems or questions or just social topics I need to discuss.


The classmates at Oklahoma State are very friendly and willing to help people.


Enthusiastic about the field of Early Childhood Education.


In my first year at Oklahoma State I have found the students to be polite, thoughtful, intuitive and ...creatively optimistic.


thery are really supportive and kind.


My classmates can be helpful with their knowledge of different subjects.


My classmates are hardworking students that will do anything to help their friends.


My classmates seem very eager to get out in the clinic, and so am I.


An incredible collection of zany, unique individuals.


My classmates are hardworking people who understan the world around them.


My classmates are incredibly intelligent and reliable, which is helpful for better understanding classwork outside of the classroom; many of my classmates are also very driven, which makes the environment motivating.


Most are willing to be there and ready to learn.


Most of my classmates are dedicated to their education.


My classmates are highly motivated professionals who are choosing to enhance their careers by pursuing their MBA at Southern Methodist University. Everybody brings an extremely diverse professional background to the university, which greatly enhances classroom discussion.


My classmates are serious about getting a good education.


Classmates come from all sorts of backgrounds and are receptive to eachothers viewpoints.


The people cover a full spectrum. You have the focused and driven people, you have the people just gliding through life, and you have the people that have no idea what to do with life. While there are many conservative folks there, I was still able to be a lefty (liberal). It often made class discussions more fun. People here all got along, and thats what I really liked. It didnt matter if you were an independent or a frat person, a religious person or not, smart or not very smart. We are all binded together; We are all cowboys.


They are helpful kind group fo people


My classmates are trying to figure out what type of job they want to do for the rest of their lives.


Class mates at Oklahoma State University are helpful, friendly, and fun.


My classmates are similiar to me, we are all involved in agriculture, and are very caring and thoughtful.


My classmates are usually pretty good about not talking during class so that others can learn without being inhibited by other students.