Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Sports activites are very popular whether it is from watching the football games on the weekend to joining an intramural team. Along with the Colvin Recreation center where many students are involved. Also, sororities and fraternities are a big hit. They put on a ton events throughout the school year and are very involved. Library Lawn is a popular place throughout the year whether there is an event there or just going out there to play with your dog, playing catch with a friend or having a picnic. The campus is always active. There are even a ton of events that the gym puts on including themed 5k runs, weightlifting clubs, climbing or hiking events. You name it, OSU is most likely doing it.


the Students government


There are so many! We have everything from business groups to a quidditch club... And yes they actually do play quidditch! What you consider the "most popular" is going to depend upon what you're interested in because no matter what, there is going to be a club, activity, or group for you.


The student groups with the highest participation are the greek communities, and those groups have a huge influence on campus with community service, philanthropy, and other events. There are over 440 student groups on campus ranging from international student clubs to the cycling club, lumberjack club, video gamer's club, and pretty much anything else you could come up with. Unfortunately, students place a very heavy influence on drinking throughout the week and weekend, but athletic events are the main events which a lot of students attend. Intramural athletics are very popular on campus among all students, as well as sport clubs for sports like Rugby that are not sanctioned by the university.


The greeks.


At Oklahoma State there are as many activities/ organizations for students as they could possibly make time for but the most popular are certainly student athletic events. Whether it be football, basketball, baseball/softball, or soccer, the student section is always rampant with energy creating the atmosphere which athletes on a home field dream about. Particularly the football games never fail to get the audiences blood pumping at a rate similar to the athletes themselves through the strong 'orange power' prevalent across the campus. All in all the most impressive characterization of the students' is their intensity towards supporting their university. Oklahoma State strongly bonds their students through both academic and athletic sponsored events.


The most common groups on Oklahoma State's campus would have to be the greeks. There are so many choices of Fraternities and Sororities it is insane! But you don't have to be ion those organizations, there are many MANY other options out there. One of the biggest other organizations, and definitely the most favored, is the athletics!!! There is NO bigger homecoming celebration than that of Stillwater, Oklahoma's.


The most common groups on Oklahoma State's campus would have to be the greeks. There are so many choices of Fraternities and Sororities it is insane! But you don't have to be ion those organizations, there are many MANY other options out there.


Athletics! OSU Athletics is a major part of the culture on campus, and especially during football season, you will find many students at the football games cheering on our Cowboys. When there isn't an athletics event, many students are involved in student organizations. The Student Government Association is one of the largest that supports many on-campus activities and events. Many academic departments have organizations for their students, as well as organizations for many interests, from crafting to sailing to amateur film making. Students at OSU are very involved and social with each other, and that's such a great thing about our campus.


Greek organizations are very large at OSU. My favorite organization that I am involved with is the Paddle People. We camp out for football games and we go to games and make a lot of noise for our school. Students in traditional dorms leave their doors open when they are there, but in suite-style dorms the doors don't prop open easily.. My two best friends here were my roommates my freshman year. The easiest way to make friends is to get to know the people you sit next to in classes.If you don't drink there are usually activities being hosted by various group on campus. Off-campus the biggest activity is the Tumbleweed dance hall and the other bars.


The first thing that comes to mind, student from all across the campus come together to support the Oklahoma State University sports teams. This year, we are all very proud of our football team accomplishments and the obstacles that our girl's basketball team have overcome in the past month. I am involved in the following groups; Oklahoma State Collegiate Cattlewoman's Association, Oklahoma State Block and Bridle, and the Oklahoma State University Communicators of Tomorrow clubs. I really enjoy the students who are involved in these clubs and all the different opportunities that these clubs offer and are involved in. Every week, a guest speaker comes to address the students on central campus and gives an inspirational speech. These speakers are very good and share information that all people need to hear and take to heart. One tradition, that every student takes part of is the Walk-Around during the week of homecoming. During this event, all fraternities and sororities come together and show off their school pride. Line dancing and Red Dirt Concerts are always happening, therefore there is never a dull moment around the town of Stillwater.


Football at OSU is a big deal. The environment on game day is an experience I will never forget. Everyone comes together and it is a huge celebration. Homecoming here at OSU is the biggest homecoming celebration in the Nation. Thousands of alumni and vistors come each year for the event. It is definitely something that makes our school unique and something you do not want to miss.


I would say greek life, sports, and academic clubs are very popular.