Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It would have to be cellphones on campus considering that majority students do not pay attention to anything at all period. So many pedestrians would almost get ran over because a student is too busy into their phone rather than watching the road for vehicles. It is literally a madhouse on campus due to students giving more time to the phones than anything else.


It would have to be cellphones on campus considering that majority students do not pay attention to anything at all period. So many pedestrians would almost get ran over because a student is too busy into their phone rather than watching the road for vehicles. It is literally a madhouse on campus due to students giving more time to the phones than anything else.


The worst thing about my school is parking on campus. The univeristy was clearly not intended to be so large. It was not built on enough land to sustain the ype of intense growth it has experienced.


The worst thing about OSU is the limited vegan food options. While we are one of the healthiest campuses in America, the vegan options are limited on campus.


I can not think of anything that is the worst thing about my school. There are little improvements that could be made in many different areas, but I believe that the faculty and staff have the student's best interests in mind. Overall, I love my school and I am very glad that I made the decision to attend Oklahoma State University.


The only thing I have to say I dont like I about this school, is that I initially transferred here for veterinary medicine, but changed my major to nursing and they dont have a bachelors degree in nursing. The do have an associates, but I think if this school were to add a few more bachelors degrees to their curriculm they would have a larger influx of students.


The worst thing about Oklahome State University for me has to be the stigma people put on it, personally there is nothing about the actual unviersity I hate. People judge just becuase we are in Oklahoma that we don't do much or know much about anything. But OSU abolish those theories, and brings out the best in each and everyone.


The worst thing about this school is that there is a lot of alcohol consumed. I have seen many students get injured because of this overconsumption of alcohol. At football games, they have had to life flight many students to Oklahoma City after students rushed the field. I have also seen a lot of friends' grades suffer due to alcohol and lack of sleep. A lot of people focus more on parties and less on their education.


When I enrolled at Oklahoma State, I was aware of the immense amount of students that were going to become my peers. What I did not expect was the amount of soliciting going on throughout campus. I cannot even walk through the student union without having a hand full of fliers persuading me to attend an event, being pressured to buy tickets to those events, and a backpack full of souvenirs. I understand advertising, but the amount that goes on should be controlled by the university.


The worst thing about Oklahoma State is the weather. You never know what to expect, it is always different. Walking to class in snow one day and then it's sunny the next. One thing you can count on is that it will always be windy. Other than that Oklahoma State is the perfect place to come to school. I have only been here one semester and I have learned many valuable things.


The pressure to be a part of Greek life is the worst thing about my school. Sometimes people will view you as an outcast.


The worst thing about Oklahoma State is the distance from my family. I cannot say anything negative other than its location. I have not yet attended college at OSU but I have been to camps and meetings on campus. Being more than 15 hours away from family is difficult, but I wouldn't make that sacrifice if I wasn't getting the best education.


The worst thing about Oklahoma State University is that the Greek society is so pronounced. There is too much attention paid to frat and sorority houses and not enough to academics.


The worst thing about my school has to be the location. It is in Oklahoma and just recently there has been tornadoes, earthquakes, hail, and rain. The weather conditions makes it challenging to get from building to building, but other than that, I love the school!


The thing I consider to be the worst at Oklahoma State is the costs. Not simply the cost of tuition, but also the incredible amount of fees that are stacked on top of the tuition bill. I also feel that the costs of on-campus residency are absolutely preposterous. I realize that all colleges have high costs, but the costs of this state funded institution are completely unreasonable.




I believe the worst thing about my school is some of their facilities for individual departments. Sometimes there isn't enough space or the buildings are not adequately built for the ways they are going to be used. For example, the music building wasn't built with accustic needs in mind and humidity and other environmental concerns. Some of the other buildings are falling into disrepair, but money has been donated to the university to fix all of the buildings on campus and make them better suited to meet the needs of the students and faculty.


The worst thing in my school is probably the food available on campus. There is not much to choose from and the variety gets old fast.


The worst thing about my school would have to be parking for resident halls. They give out more parking permits than there are spaces so you sometimes can't find a parking place. It's easier to find one if you have a Commuter sticker or Faculty sticker.


The worst thing about the school is the construction that is constantly going on around campus. It clogs roads, sidewalks, and crosswalks on campus, making it difficult to navigate around the school. Parking is also an issue in the school. On campus parking is virtually impossible and the endless construction doesn't help with that either. Juniors and Seniors usually move off campus and rent houses, apartments, even trailers to escape the claustrophobic dorm situation. However, there isn't enough campus parking to accomodate them so many are still forced to ride their bikes, walk, or use the transit buses.


The worst thing about Oklahoma State is that Fraternities and Sororities do not like to hang out with other people that are not in Greek life.


I think the worst thing about my school is the campus size. It takes at least 10-15 minutes to get between opposite buildings. I consider it the worst thing about my school because it is really time consuming and I'm simply not used to it at all. I think its a little to big, but ultimately, it is a D-1 school, so of course its big.


I would consider the worst thing about Okahoma State University to be the parking situation. I often have to park far away from my dorm or classes and this can pose a problem when the weather is bad or when I am in a hurry. This is an issue that has come up repeatidly in Student Government to find a way to offer more parking to college students and staff


The worst thing about my school is the town it is located in. There isn't much to do in Stillwater outside of on-campus activities or functions.


Oklahoma State is my dream school. There is not much I find unattractive about it; that's why I chose it.Nonetheless, there are several large renovation projects currently taking place on campus. While these projects are significantly improving the appearance and functionality of our already gorgeous campus, they can additionaly provide a somewhat noisy and inconvenient educational experience. Classes can sometimes be supplimented with sounds of jackhamers and bulldozers. The library renovations in particular have become frustrating and can make studying somewhat difficult.


I would say the worst thing about OSU is the lack of diversions available in comparison to a big city. Although there are events hosted by the campus and organizations on campus, the town lacks any significant attraction for students except a rudimentary dance club, the tumbleweed, and one strip club which I have not heard good things about. The only leisurely activities students enjoy are parties, athletic games, and the recreation/fitness center.


I really like OSU but if I had to choose I'd say the worst thing about the school is maybe the distance from any major cities. You have to travel about 2 hours to get to the major cities in Oklahoma or in other states. However, OSU has the perks of the hometown feel which makes it quite quaint.


I really love my school, I just sometimes wish there were more people like me that attended. I am the first out of my whole family to attend college so no one in my family really understands the pressures i have when it comes to class work and school in general. I joined our african american club at school to hopefully find people to relate to but there are only 2 other African American girls in the club and they kind of had life handed to them. So i wish I had a mentor or something.


The thing i dislike the most about OSU is the class scheduling conflicts. A lot of core classes overlap with some of the more enjoyable classes such as Politics conflicting with Acting.


The large number of people. Its hard to get individual attention.


I really do not like the fact that being in a fraternity/sorority is such a big deal to so many students. Even though our campus does not have a high percentage of a greek life, the students that are affiliated in a house seem as if they are inferior to others and makes others feel uncomfortable. I do agree that being in a house has its benefits, but it also has its downfalls. For example, partying and drinking seems to be a common and unhealthy activity, high exepenses, etc. If everyone were equal, more people would feel accepted.


The location of the school. Not change cities, but to move it to another place in Stillwater. I would move it because the school doesn't necessarily promote alcohol or allow it on campus, but when the school is surrounded by bars, a liquor store, and even a store that sells beer on campus, I dont know if its related to OSU or not but they sell it there. Then they need to allow people to have alcohol in their room if they are on campus, but not if they're not 21 yet though.


So far, I haven't found anything that I dislike about the school and or campus.


The cost of tuition is quite steep. However the quality of education received will certainly offset this and offer graduates the best chance to succeed in their careers.


One of the hardest obstacles for me to overcome, was the overly large class sizes for core curriculum requirements of incoming freshmen. For a student just out of high school, transitioning from class sizes of 25 - 30 students into classes of 300 - 500 students can be extremely intimidating. Another problem when I was a freshman, was new graduate assistants, teaching freshman classes, whose native language was not english. The university has since put a policy in place to prevent this from happeneing.


The worst thing about Oklahoma State is that its in a small town. I can't think of anything about the school that I don't like. There are not a lot of things to do in Stillwater. We do have a movie theater and bowling and we also have the strip, but you can't go there until you are 21. Other than there not being a lot to do in town, OSU is amazing.


The worst thing about my school is the distance from my home town.


The lack of financial aid, and the lack of available funds for anything not athletic or research oriented


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the availability of good scholarships. Its embarrassing that my college doesn't help support its students more financially. Now, Oklahoma State University is a great school, its not outrageously expensive like a private school but still expensive nonetheless. Ive found that being in the middle class of society is very difficult to pay for college without parents help. I am in that position. The applications i file for loans and scholarships say I'm not "qualified" because of my parents income. I wish more schools would recognize this problem.


The various departments (ie. financial aid, admissions, enrollment management) fail to communicate with each other. It is often difficult to complete what should be a simple change on campus because none of the offices have access to any of the others.


Probably the huge amounts of hicks that attend this college.


The worst thing about Oklahoma State I would consider would be the fact that the teacher to student ratio is so low. You could have a class with 150 students in it, which means you dont get as much help as you would like. You can talk to your professors after class or during their office hours, but that depends on both of you alls schedule.


I think the thing I dislike most about OSU is that the tuition is increased by great amounts every semester. I absolutly love this University and I even think that the tuition is a reasonable one, but the constant increase is something that I feel needs to change.




The fees at my school are ridiculous. They charge WAY too much for fees. Even if you do not use the facilities of the services they charge us an arm and a leg. The fees are almost as much as tuition.


Not enough attractions (movie theatres, clubs, shopping malls, concerts, etc) when compared to a major metro area.


I don't like being required to purchase a meal plan as a freshman.


nothing here is that bad


How quickly the administration forgets about the students to make the financial donors more comfortable. Students must always take a hit financially for sports facilities and for research monies.