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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to take my studies more seriosuly. As a non-traditional student I realize the hard work and dedication it takes to be a successful college student. I would tell myself to focus more, and have a big picture approach toward my future.


Join a intramural soccer team and play soccer, manage your time better, homework comes first, second, and third, try your hardest and don't accept anything less, and never give up.


Alright, listen up Kelsey. Keep your head out of the clouds. Stop focusing on games and entertainment so much. You need to have a better GPA so that you can do better in college, and get better scholarships. I didn't focus enough and I wish I did. I need you to do this. If you focus, keep your grades up, and keep your head where it needs to be, then you will not go wrong. Sure I met some amazing people through gaming, but it ultimately doesn't help you through college unless you have grades and scholarships to prove you can focus on not only what is important, but also what you want to do with your life. Keep at it. You do not want to make your mother disappointed. It's not worth her tears and anger. Get those grades up, focus, and make sure to ask questions. You will succeed.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself to choose a school that has great credentials. I would also inform myself to utilize all the resources the campus has available such the libraries, study groups, tutors, educators, advisors. I would also tell myself to get involved in campus activities that will keep me focus and knowledgeable. I would explain to myself how time management and organization is vital when studying. I would also explain how college life can be fun but also challaging. I would encourage myself to surround myself with positive people. I would also tell myself to study everyday or posibly 3-4 hours per subject. I would also encourage myself to have fun, enjoy the experience because it could be a great one. I would also inform myself on how important it is to do your best because what you you learn in college would reflect on your success in the future and in the real world. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and tell myself about college I would say Study.


The most important thing I would advise myself would be to to take education seriously. As a high school senior I felt like I had the rest of my life to to to school. I blinked twice and was 34 yrs old with 3 kids going to college for the first time. I would advise myself to be resourceful. If there is something that I want, then it is completely up to me to get it. No one will give you anything. I would advise myself to study even though I felt confident about a subject. I would advise myself to surround myself with positive influences that will help me succeed. I would advise myself not to use excuses to get out of situations, face the consequences of my actions and learn from mistakes. I would encourage myself to speak up and voice my opinion more often and never be afraid of letting others know how you feel. I would advise myself to always look for the good in situations because if you focus on the negative then only bad things will come out of a situation. I would not want to do anything over again, but smile more! Thanks


Get it done. I had two friends when I stayed in the dorm they went to class and came back to the dorm and studied they did this Sunday thru Thursday. My friends enjoyed life on Friday and Saturday. This is my second chance, this is what gets me thru now to know that if I put the time in I can make it. Be devoted to your studing it will pay off.


I have learned that in life there is no one to hold your hand the entire way. Life, if to be liven successfully, takes a great deal of responsibility, self discipline, and dedication. It has been valuable for me to attend because I would have lived off my parents for a very long time had I not attended which is unfair to them.


I am older than most of the people in my class but am determined to do the best I can to make a better life for my family.


My college experience this time around has been great. I tried the college route when I was younger and didnt take anything seriously. I am paying for it now. Im older now and more mature. I realize now that extended education is a great priviledge to experience. I enjoy going to school. My schedule is very hectic sometimes and I feel that are not enough hours in the day to complete everything. But I wouldnt change a minute of it.


I would tell myself that grades and GPA are the most important to focus on. I would also tell myself to wait until College Graduation to have a baby and start a family.


To continue with school instead of taking time off to party. Some things you will regret when you are older like struggling from one paycheck to another. Fretting over your kids not getting to go to special places. I thing if you would go to school after highschool it would be easier that doing it now. Four kids as a full time student is hard work and long hours.


If there was one thing in life I could do, it would be the chance to go back in time and correct my wrongs from my senior year. I graduated early to get out of the school; the atmosphere was not good for me, or my education. In doing so, I feel like I lost a lot of scholarship opportunities and some parts of my education. Knowing what I know now about college now, I wish I would have stayed for my senior year, I feel like I lost an important step in transfer process. I still to this day tell myself I should have toughed it out so I could have had help from counselors, and staff. Not only was it a horrible mess trying to fall into the college life, but I had no clue as how to navigate through college itself. I needed help from the counselors and staff, someone to explain what an A.A.S and BMA are, someone to tell me where to go to get certain things done, such as enrolling, or applying for financial aid. Fortunately I have defeated these hurtles and am on my way to securing my future.


attend college rigth after high school DONT take a break


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about starting college and the transition to having to work and go to school, I would tell myself that I should be patient with myself. I would tell me that its okay to be scared and nervous about what your teachers will be like, and what the will expect from you. I would also tell myself that she just needs to try her best, and not to give up. If she gives up then she can never know if she could tough it out, even though it is a really big change. Then I would tell myself about the good things, like meeting new people, having breaks in between classes and only having 4 classes a semster, if that's what she wants, and even leaving home can sometimes be a good thing. However the most important things I think I would tell myself is save your money so you can have it to help pay for school and just enjoy your time at college, because it will fly by. If I could go back and give advice to myself about college, that is what I would tell me.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior, I would recommend setting an effective time management schedule. I would also recommend going to the college that best suits you not your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends. Four years is such a short period of time and such a small commitment in exchange for a lifetime of success. Put your education above everything, keep loans to a minimum, work hard and you will succeed. Stay true to yourself, set goals, and always remember no decision is better than a bad decision. When times get hard, take a deep breath and remove yourself from the situation. Trust your instincts and the answer will come to you in time. Have fun, but don't let the fun run your life. Make friends, but don't let them run your life. College will be one of the best things you have ever done, so sit back and enjoy the ride!


I would most defintely tell myself don't freak out about cost. I never knew how much money was out there for me. I stressed up until the last minute about money and had to get a loan but the next year I was more prepared and received all the aid I needed to get me through school without me spending a nickle of my own money. Now as a recruiter for my school I tell all my hs seniors don't make money the issue!!


I wouldnt take senior year so lightly, I would have strived to get better grades to have a better GPA in order to apply for scholarships. Adjusting from having been in a high school where everything seemed picture perfect to growing up and taking action and making everything happen yourself has been the hardest thing. School, should have been a priority now the consequences are being paid for taking high school lightly especially senior year. I would say stay focused and work hard throughout the year.