Olivet College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diverse.There are really all sorts of different types of kids at Olivet.


Classmates at Olivet are very out-going, friendly and enthusiastic about learning.


Each one different making class interesting and being able to get different views.


They are friendly.


Classmates are interesting.


Olivet college classmates are friendly and willing to help each other.


For the most part my classmates are willing to help. It is part of the Olivet College Compact that students contribute to each other's education and learning. The majority of my classmates are respectful and are dedicated to Olivet College and their education.


My classmates are very nice people. Everyone on the Olivet Campus has been very nice, inviting, and willing to help each other to learn and succeed as students at Olivet College. The students themselves are talented musicians who have been willing to learn new ways of playing there instruments, and pushing themselves as musicians


My classmates at Olivet Olivet College are sincere about learning and believe in helping others in need.


My classmates are amazing. I know that if I needed help with class work or missed a class and needed notes, most would be more than willing to help. My classmates also seem to be pretty involved, and most of us don't miss class that often. Most of the peope in my classes I am friends with as well, and don't just hang out with in class.


The most dedicated and loving people I have ever met.


Most of the male classmates are a bunch of dumb jocks. Sometimes it can be difficult to have an intelligent conversation with anyone, but at other times, we you get into your major concentrated classes, you have an overabundance.


Very helpful and easily approachable on just about every subject.