Olivet College Top Questions

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At Olivet College, the schedualing is very unique. The school allows a time period to have sports teams practice without the conflict of classes coming into play. I think this helps the learning environment and also allows students to participate in the sports they enjoy.


Olivet has small class sizes which makes it easier to communicate with professors. Many of the students here are athletes or interested in athletics.


The class sizes are small so you are an individual rather than a number in a classroom. The professors are easy to approach and are willing to hlep you out. I love our small campus. We have great programs of study also.


Olivet is unique because there are strong core values that everyone on the campus embodies. The Olivet College Compact lays out the foundation of the college and what it believes the students should live up to. The students at Olivet are welcoming and friendly. Although, the town of Olivet is not exciting the people here make it an enjoyable experience.


Compared to other schools that I considered, Olivet College offers smaller class sizes, has professors that are readily available for consultation, and a quality visual art program. Additionally, one does not feel helpless if one has a mental disorder or disability, as the Olivet staff is more than ready and willing to help anyone who needs help with their studies.


The other colleges I considered going to were a lot bigger than Olivet. I like the small town feel of Olivet College and the one-on-one help I knew I would get is a big help. Olivet College was founded in 1844 so a lot of the buildings are historical and I like them. Other colleges are much newer than Olivet.


My school is unique because we have a seminar every Wednesday where you meet with all of the students who share the same major as you as well as the head of the department of your major. There usually aren't other classes on Wednesday so it gives you time to refocus on your goals and work on homework you may not have had time for. It is also convenient to have the opportunity to speak with the experts of your department every week.


Olivet College is a smaller size college which allows the students to get to know one another on a personal level. It allows for students to get to know the professors; that way we are able to ask questions and students are called by name, not by a number.


We have excellent resourses, and wounderful library. We have a little theatre in our library that plays movie all day long. Also, we always have servie trips to other states or countries to help people. That could widen the student's sigh and give them oppurtunities to serve others.


The size- I considered going to a very large school and I am glad I chose Olivet because the small class size provides a better education.


Its small and very personal