Olivet College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One that should not attend Olivet College is a person who doesn’t want to expand their educational experience or if they are not dedicated to their learning in a small environment. Olivet is an extraordinary place to make connections for your career future, having these connections broadens the many possibilities that could make a better future for you. Since Olivet is a small community you open your possibilities to run into the president of the school or a member of the board of education. Olivet is a place to explore new ideas and create memories that last a lifetime.


Anyone who wants to go to a big school!


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that is interested in a big campus where you don't know everyone and has big class sizes. This person would be completely unsatisfied with Olivet if they didn't want to know everyone on campus.


Someone that is from a large school and likes being in large lecture halls rather than smaller, personal classrooms. Someone who likes living in a large city with shopping and food centers close by.




A person who likes big schools and does not like the attention on them. A person who likes to just learn and not be to interactive.


To many with Very Low GPA


The type of person that shouldn't attend Olivet would have to be the type of person who can't stand small towns. Olivet is really small and the only big thing in the town is the Cutler Center, which is our athletic center. He next big town is a fifteen minute drive on the highway. Olivet has a great community so there's always something to do but you see a lot of familiar faces everywhere multiple times a day.


A person that likes to be in a small class room, with the professors all knowing your name. A person that likes to get the most out of the classroom.


Anyone who likes the small school. It is very small, but it is wonderful because almost all of the proffessors know everyone by name, and they also give their students their home phone so they can be reached at any time. Students need to be friendly.


Anyone who is open minded and willing to go outside the 'norm'. Olivet College is a unique college that is unlike any other. It is small but has such an 'at home' feeling that has the ability to make anyone comfortable and confident in their journey to a great college education.