Olympic College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I do not know.


You shouldn't attend Olympic College if you are a person who believes that by going to a 2 year community college that you are taking the easy route for an education. I am challenged every day and feel that people who aren't serious about showing up to class everyday and putting in some hard work shouldn't be there.


Olympic College is a very good school, one well suited to most students. As with all colleges however, it requires dedication and work on the part of the student. There are quite a number of professors who, although very good educators, are very demanding of their students. One who is not willing to commit to study or who is not serious about their education should not attend OC.


Its hard to imagine who shouldn't attend this school it has so much diversity of races ethnicity,age and handicap. Therefore I believe the person who really shouldn't attend this school, is someone who isn't willing to accept diversity formost. A biggot ,racist or elitist attitude will clearly make that student an offense to his or her classmates. The student who has an issue in this reguard will not enjoy campus life himself and probably make him or herself isolated in relation to any interaction among his or her peers. It would be wise to enroll elsewhere.