Olympic College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


If I could go back to give myself advise for college I would tell myself to get involved in as many programs as I can like robotics. I would also tell myself to put my xbox in a cardboard box and don't touch it. I would warn myself about my future dorm-mates and say to get your own fridge with a lock on it and the library has superb study rooms on the bottom floor. Most importantly I would tell myself not to give up.


I wish that I had known about the on campus housing for students sooner. I'm happily surprised that a community college would provide such an convenient resource for students to have. Speaking from experience, living on campus makes college life a breeze for there are no worries about commuting, transportation fees and so on. A student who lives on campus will have to rely on their own two feet and their time management abilities. Living on campus certainly takes a lot of stress out of college life.


I wish I would have had a career path in place prior to attending. It isn't true that college is the answer, it is a waste of resources without dirrection for your life. It takes a mature person to realize their purpose and focus on a goal. Meating my wife in college and having children early was a burden to me and I was forced to abandon school and provide for my family. Years of laboring in jobs that could barly support us gave me a burning desire to return to school and excell in it for my family.


I had no family influence to attend college neither of my parents attended college. I did not realize before I decided to go back to school how much opportunity there is for college graduates. I wish I would have known it would be the best choice I have made in my life, I would have come to school sooner, seeing now how much there is to learn.