Oregon State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that they didn't have my preferred program of study here!


I wish that I had known more about on campus activities and how to get involved with different organizations on campus . I also wish that I had known about opportunites open to undergraduates in the College of Engineering as they are plentiful and well worth the effort.


I wish I would have known that I did not need to live on campus my first year. The cost of living on campus is outrageous, and I feel that I would have met the same great people that I am friends with today by living in off campus situations such as my own apartment or house. This would have saved me thousands of out-of-pocket expenses that I do not feel was necessary in my success at Orgeon State Universtiy.


I wish I would have seen more online tours before attending this school because I could not afford to fly out to Oregon State University.


How to pay for college.


It’s common for students to feel nervous when entering college. Making new friends is not something to worry about when it comes to Oregon State. The University is full of friendly, outgoing students. Students come from all over the world to gain a education through OSU. Education comes first, but when it comes to making new friends you should not worry. The University proves clubs for sports; from fishing, soccer, baseball, dance; pretty much anything thing you can think of we got it. OSU is a great school, with many smiling faces.


I wish that someone would have told me that college isn't nearly as hard as it's made out to be. For me, college was little more than an extension to high school with slightly longer papers and a little more reading.


I wish that I would have known how fun and exciting it is to be involved in social activites at this school. I spent most of my time deciding what major I was going to have and what classes to take. I didn't spend enough time thinking about if I wanted to live in the dorms or if I wanted to join any clubs. Doing either of these two things would be a great experience.


Graduating from hig school and coming into a big University, the most important thing that I wish I would have known before now wouldhave to be, be you. I came into this college life trying to fit in a go with the flow, try to find a rythm and take advice from others. I wish I would have known that I need to take classes that intreague me, I need to find the best studying style for myself and I need to always be true to my own well being and interests.


I wish that I had known how much money college costs outisde of the shown fees. There are all kinds of things to be purchased on top of regular tuition that are increasingly difficult to afford.


I wish I hadn't been afraid to take adavantage of some of the amazing opportunities on campus. Two years into my schooling I finally got a job at the campus rec center. Never before have I had a job that put so much faith in its students and employees. It was a job that truly prepared you for your future career. Before that job I was too afraid to leave my comfort zone but because of that job I became part of a family. I gained a whole new network of people and a new outlook on life.


Before attending Oregon State I wish I would of known all the exciting events that take place through out the school year. From battle of the bands to the recycle fashion show there is always something going on at the campus. I also wish I would of known all the different business clubs that are on campus. These business clubs help you prepare for your future and really get a hands on experience with your passion. It would of been helpful to know other ways to purchase books for more affordable prices such as buying books online.


I wish I had not been afraid to declare a major on my application. That way I would have been able to begin specific course work sooner, however I have been working on general education and all the education classes that I can. The only issue was going through the process of having to change my major.


While there are plenty of things I wish I would have known before entering college, but the most important things include being more aware of prerequisites required and finding cheaper text books rather than buying new books from the campus bookstore.


I wish I had known change was OK. Before I went to a secular college I had gone to private school. I was taught to believe solely in the Bible and that doubting was a sin. This only led to severe conflict within me as I tried to make sense of the "real world" while at the same time seeing it through the lenses my sheltered society had given me. Before the world was static, as unchanging as the day it was divinely created; but with a liberal education I now see it for the dynamic enigma it really is.


I wish I had known how helpful the advisors, counselors and professors were at Oregon State University before I first started taking classes and tried to do everything school related on my own. They really want to help and are very knowledgeable when it comes to giving you the best options to make your education successful.


All of the little things that you figure out as a freshman becuase I had to figure them out as a transfer and junior.


There was nothing really that I needed to do or know in particular to prepare when coming to this school. It was a smooth easy transition coming to this school from my community college.


It is important, not just for this university, that students know how different college really is. I thought I knew what college classes would be like, but I was sadly mistaken. Every incoming freshman should be prepared to be completely self motivated, it is up to you to get your work done. Having 400 other students in class can be overwhelming at first, but don't worry, it will get better!


I wish I knew how much school would cost me at the beginning of the term! I had a fairly good idea of how I was going to pay for m school, but policy is the univeristy charges on a by term basis, not month by month.


I wish I had known that the opportunities on campus should be utilized. For example, the important of physical fitness is well known around campus, and the free fitness center is a great resource. I suppose just understanding all the resources on campus and actually taking advantage of them. The other thing I wish I had known is how much fun football games are. This last fall I finally went to a football game. It was a lot of fun. I really did instill a feeling of pride for my school.


College is spontaneity. So when posed the question, I say: nothing. I know now not what I knew then, and I thoroughly believe I am better off for it. Life is about not looking before you leap; it is about knowing the road will be hard and still running at full speed down it. College has been the most amazing roller coaster ride of my life so far and knowing the loops and turns before getting on would have detracted greatly from the fun of it all.


Before I can to this school, I wish I had known how loud people can be in the dorms. Some people just do not know how to be quiet but it is not something I would ever regret. Also, I wish I had known all the awesome things that happens here and what I missed out in high school by not socializing with my peers.


There is not a whole lot I didn't know before coming to Oregon State University as I had done immense research to make sure it was the right school for me.


Before attending OSU I wish that I would have known what to expect from the lectures and professors. I wish that there would have been a way to see how the professors teach the material. I found it difficult to be in one professors class because of how he taught his material in lecture and spent all my study time reading the book and going over the notes multiple times. If there was a way to see how professors ranked it would be very helpful in making class schedules.


How helpful the advisors are. I didn't use my advisor very much at first but she is very good at keeping my on track for garduation and helping me choose courses and make a schedule.


I wish I would have known that marijuana really hurts you.


I wish I'd known how to study. Coming out of High School I didn't have any study habits at all.


I did not know how expensive books are to purchase for classes. College is hard and it is needed to actually read the books. It really does help to see the professor. It takes some time out of your day, but you never know if it will help you. Sometimes it is necesarry to hire a tutor, there is no shame in that.


i had a mistake about withdrewing classes my freshman year, which hurt my GPA. Since then i've recovered from that mistake and have been taking care of business.


What class would help prepair me for my major.


That I could never get in resident tuition


I wish I would've known how noisy campus can be. I lived on-campus housing for my first year and the dorms were just crazy and loud at night. I could barely sleep. Most of the time there was no alcohol. They stayed up late and talked and played games. If I would've known how loud it was going to be, I would perhaps have chosen to live off-campus in an apartment.


That I should have taken some classes at a community college for a smaller classroom setting as well as the cheaper tuition.


I wish I had known a little more about college life in general-- how to find a job, how to choose classes or a major, how to budget my time and money. It's hard to jump into a lifestyle that's entirely different from what you're used to, but I think that everyone goes through that at first.


I wish I had known how much I would end up loving it!


I wish I had known how financial aid worked and I would've been smarter about loans.


how to read a text book


Before I came to Oregon State University, I wish I would have known how dead it is on the weekends. Also, I wish I would have known how focused students were on their entertainment over schooling. I wish I would have known how rude people are and that they do not want to make new friends.


More information about financial aid and how I was going to pay for my education. Also I wish I had known more about the class sizes and teacher student interaction.


About all the clubs and fun places to hang out! I just found them this year, when last year I should have taken a tour!




I wish I would have known how crumby the weather can be here and how it effects your mentality and studies.


More about class size and how exactly professors taught. More about housing on and off campus would have been helpful and what is in the general area surrounding the school.


I wish I had known how important it is to seek an academic advisor and make sure that you're taking the classes that you need to graduate instead of just trying to do it yourself. Time management is another very important skill, it is tough to balance school, social life and work until you learn the best ways to do so.


I wish I would have taken high school more seriously. College is only difficult when I am playing catch up (I.e. writing ability, math, etc.).


Besides your advisor, you have to survive on your own. The administration building is worthless when you need help unless you are paying your fees and tuition. There's a lot of red tape and bull you need to go through to get your problems fixed with them.


to beat the lunch rush at the on-campus cafe's and restaurants.


How rough freshman year could be.