Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Otis is a school for creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.


It is all about pushing your thoughts to the limits and becoming better at thinking before making.


otis is very carreer driven in terms of reputation, which often comes before the students themselves. i feel the school could do a lot better if it focused more on the betterment of the students themselves rather than the politics within the faculty and alumni.


Otis is a paramount for people wanting to begin a career in art.


Otis is a superb institution that transforms its students to the best artists and designers in the artistic field. It is a fun, yet disciplined school that will prepare individuals for professional work. The work results of the graduating class, even the younger undergraduates are very well executed and planned.


Otis is the best hands-on, self-motivating, school where anyone who is willing to learn, will learn from the best people in the industry.


Otis is a really tough school that works you to the bone, but, depending on your major, can be totally worth it.


Otis College is neither big nor small college, however, this school leads students to what they have dreamed of.


the kind of art school where there are no snobs.


It's an art school.


Otis College of Art and Design is a school where alomost anyone who attends will be successful.


artistic with structure


Otis College of Art and Design is one of the top three undergraduate Art institutions in the world for Fashion Design, Toy Design, Interactive Product Design, Architecture and Fine Art (and will probably devour your soul).


our school is best known for fashion Design, also toy design. it was the first fashion Design school in Los Angeles, and i say it's the best fashion Design school , our main capus is located at near West chester (LAX), and our fashion Design campus is located at Downtown, in the heart of fashion distric. every year we have a senior fashion benifit show at the Beverly hilton hotel to raise money, and to show off our Junior, and Senior's work.


Our school is very expensive and competitive.


It really helps to develop your artistic talents.


Otis is the future: innovative, forward thinking, open-minded individuals, and artistic.


The college will absorve your energy and time.


My school is turning us into art zombies.


Otis College of Art and Design provides students with a large amount of valuable skills that will benefit them in the work world after graduation.


Otis Art College is a school of passion, discipline, and expertise.


my school is very competitive and gives lots of works but offers nice job opportunities after student graduates. faculty memebers are very professional. they are well known in industry.


My school is open, honest , understanding, and willing to help everyones needs to suceed.


Otis is very challenging and pushes the students past their limits.


Otis College is the haven of artistic free-thinkers and is overflowing with creativity every single day.


Otis is amazing it is a small school so you get to know everyone and there is a lot of competition which keeps the students making great art.


Very liberal, very focused, hard driven, art school is how I would describe my school.


My school is very pro-networking and learning with a very friendly environment.


ready for work


competitive, liberal, costly, extensive,


It's very friendly place, where I feel very secured with artistic minds among the artistic group of people. Otis is most helpful school that encourages students to enjoy their career. Facilities are very big, and space for students are very open that many people enjoys working and helping each others.


My school is fabulous in it's creative education and diverse oppinions.


A prestigious art school, rigirous, and very informed school.