Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Excellent courses, teachers and a friendly enviroment.


My school is known for art and design in general.


My school is best known for the fashion design major. They have a separate campus on the other side of the city. They also have a great mentor based academic program where students can learn from designers in the industry. The other majors get less attention from alumni.


Otis College is best know for the creativity and skillset the graduating and current students display. Otis is well known for its alumni who have worked for many popular design, film, and art studios. As far as the campus itself, the laid-back environment and friendly and approachable community that Otis has will easily drive perspective students seeking a well deserved art degree but also have fun doing it.




Fashion Design, Communication Art, Toy Design, Writing, Fine Art, Architecture


oits is know for there great fine arts program. Their fashion is there top leading department. Otis has been around since 1910 and is one of the top ten art schools in america.


First it was known for their strong Fashion Program as well as the Toy Design program, but over the past few years, Otis became known for their strong Digital Media Program. Its demanding and reqires alot of creativity and work, and its required to have a very strict time managment.


Very academically rigorous but centered around creativity and finding new ways to solve problems.


the prestigious alumni which come from it


Otis College of Art and Design is a world renowned school, most commonly known in the art world for its Fashion Design and Digital Design majors. At this college, students pursue their artistic dreams, while each major offered allows its students to learn from professors and mentors who are working in the professional industry. With an intense curriculum, students are taught in a fashion that simulates the career environment that they are attempting to achieve, so that they will be well prepared to succeed in their future careers.


hard work


Mostly for being near LAX, but also an amazing fashion design program... and it just turned 90!


Otis College of Art and Design is well known for it's fashion and toy Departments. The reason being is that, the fashion department has a mentoring program which enables the senior class to work along side a top designer. Another reason why this school is well known is for their toy department. Otis is the only school in the world that offers a four year bachelors degree in toy design. And, about 96 percent of the students who graduate from this program leave with jobs in top corporate companies like Mattel.


Fashion School, toy design, and digital illustration.


Otis is known for the way they teach. Each student in each major focuses very hard on their field. Everyone works very efficiently and the school gives the freedom and the opportunity to use their imagination and to work beyond their limits.


My school is best known for being artistic and unique individuals, we are also known for having a great faculty of teachers that have experience in the industry, and we are also very driven and ambitious about our work. Although, our main focus is on art and design, we mix different ideas and are encouraged to think differently and communicate in different ways through our work, creating a stronger sense of undividuality. I love my school and am proud of Otis because we all share the same passion for art and design.


The school is best known for taking time and really preparing students through encouragement, positive help, and best technology in the art world.


My school is best known for being an art school.


Diverse student that are very driven and self -motivated. I think every department has its strong students, but i think it realy depends on the class and how motivated they are.


Our school is best known for the cut-throat competition in every field as well as having industry-based professors who give and direct you towards the tools needed to be a complete success in your field of profession.


Fashion Design


Fashion, Toy, and Digital Media


The amazing dedicated students that it produces.