Otis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The huge amount of homework.


The work load is very heavy, and you must have good time management. If one gets sick, it is very difficult to keep up with the work, and can possibly fall behind.


The fact that students normally can't get enough sleep because of lots of work to do every week. And Heavy competition between students.




The most frustrating experiences I have had this year are stemmed from pushing myself to create better work. Otis has a very challenging curriculum and the teachers always stress that a "B" is a great grade and "A's" are rarities; this frustrates me because while I understand that a "B" is acceptable and considered a competent grade, I am up to the challenge of getting an "A" on my assignments. I want to be more than competent, I want to nail the purpose of each assignment. I am glad the bar is set high at Otis.


It is so intense and demanding. The curriculum is set which is pretty frustrating and the hours spent on projects can be overwhelming.


Each class is a minimum of three hours long and we need to take 6 classes to be full time.


The only thing that can become frusterating is the work load, and that only happens when they are not managed well.


doing liberal arts courses with the art course was difficult and frustrating.


Parking, Time available for students to use certain equipments (lab hours)


fashion students are not able to stay at school after the classes are over.


Lack of student activities/ school sponsored trips


It's too small.


The only thing that is frustrating about the school is that we only have one option when it comes to eating and its very expensive and they close early. I wish we had a place that was cheap nearby other than Ralphs. The food is good but their is not enough choices and its very expensive especailly for a students that doesn't have that much to waste because I need to buy materials or eat. That is all that frustrates me


The most frustrating thing about my school is the work load. In my opinion, I don't think it is all that terrible because it really motivates me to be passionate about what I am doing which is creating toys. However, learning how to cope with budgeting time has always been a pitfall for me as a student as well as an individual. Therefore, I believe that this is a whole new experience that I have to adjust with before I graduate and enter the real world.


it is too stressful. students have no social life at all. the first day of class your teacher will tell you to break up with ur girlfd or boyfd, they will tell you that you would not have "life" with them. this is really frustrating.


The deadlines.


Campus is too small, elevators are too old, not a lot of places to eat healthy food, don't have a chance to meet new people because of the way the students are divided into sections and they end up staying with the same people for a year.




In the fashion major specifically, I don't like how teachers try to put down student to the point of trying to get the student to drop out. I think if a student does the work required of them and is paying tuition, the teachers have no power to fail or kick that student out of school.


How much it costs...


Any school is like a machine, and every machine is compiled of many different parts. Because this school is so small, the school should be run pretty well oiled, however, there always seem to be budget issues and small conflicts that arise out of competition or sheer misunderstandings. There are many students at this school who are not able to afford the amount of tuition that is required. Yet the tuition is raised year after year due to budget costs. With the amount of money that each student pays, there should never be a budget problem presented.


The registration process and getting the classes I want. The school is very competetive and so are certain classes and even registering for those classes. This can be at times frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about my school is knowing more about a software package than your teacher. The only classes that have teachers that are going to teach you something you don't know (giving the fact that you are already profficient with a software package) are electives which should be forced upon all students rather than being a class that students can choose to take as they see fit.


Restricted access for fashion students = discriminatory bullshit


The fashion campus isn't accesible for 24 hours like the main campus.


its hard to meet people outside your major (you do get realy close with the people in you major though)


you really have to prioritize classes


Because the school is small building wise, it is difficult to pick classes at which time will be suitable for me. Im forced to take classes that end at ten at night because its the only opening available.


The thing that most frustrates me about my school is the outside resources that it takes often times to pull off a project. I spend so much time at kinkos and various printers trying to produce my works. This takes gas, money and a lot of time. Sometimes I do not get the results I want simply because I do not have access to the kinds of technologies that I need when I need them. I wish that the school was more self contained and had moe printing and office type resources in order to improve my work.


Freshman year. Our entire academic schedule is determined by the school for the first semester so that we can get a feel for what each major is like like. There are activities in classes that have to do with Architecture, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, and Communication Arts, but nothing that offers experiences with Toy Design or Digital Media. Only in the second semester are we able to choose a Toy or Digital Media elective. I don't appreciate that Toy Design and Digital Media are underrepresented in this respect by only allowing them as electives rather than mandatory classes.