Our Lady of the Lake University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


the lack of a variety of majors and professors that teach classes.


Not to sure


The lack of involvement from the school population. Buildings are really old and some are burning down. Sport facilities are nothing compared to high school. With that said, my high school gymnasium was 3 times bigger than my current gym. The university is way too expensive and is priced up with other schools that have many things that the Lake doesn't have or even offer. Not many majors either.


The cost. Most universities are cheaper.


I think the lack of activities to participate in during the weekend would have to be the worst thing about my school. There are saturday community services one can attend, but again, the recreational center has hours that don't work well with all students. If there was more things to do on campus, there might be more participation from the students.


These is nothing that I consider worst.


the fact that the school has opened more scholarships towards the athletic majors when i'm sorry but the other majors deserve them ......we are the ones that will actually make a difference....once the athlete injures themselves then they are done....i'm tired of having to pay 4 thousand dollars a semester for something when a person that really does nothing and gets a full ride....


The financial aid department is the most inept group. While the scholarships are decent and aid packages are good, the people are stupid, slow, and unfamiliar with their work. Luckily, the quality of other departments and programs make up for their stupidity.