Oxnard College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not play around so much; and stay focus , serious, and be more active on school activies. Pick a career , don't choose the wrong friends, and thimk what you want out of life. What do you see yourself five years from know?


I am going to attend Oxnard college soon and while I was attending High School , I applied for a sholar program and yes I got it.


Knowing what i know now in college, i wouls tell myself to really focus in school because that helps get into a great college, perferably of your choice, and start a great career. During high school it's a breeze compaired to college. Making time to do homework, study for tests and quizzes, taking an oppertunity for extra credit, and staying organized. High school, it's hard to ditch class but on college they dont care. They can drop you or you can fall behind so much that it was a waste of time going because now your failing the class. Staying on top of homework, studying, and staying organized is what i would have loved to hear.


the advise i would give to myself is do whatever it takes to get in that school, always take in mind that nothing is impossible, and all you need to have is desire and patience to do things, because alot is never enough.


If I could go back and give a younger me advice, I would simply say "You're not a giraffe so start talking". Giraffe's do not have vocal chords because of their long necks and in high school it would have been possible to think I had no vocal chords either. What I have learned in college is that its more important than ever to take part in class discussions and let my voice and opinions be heard. There can often be a lot of students in the classroom and its easy to feel lost or small but by taking part of discussions, making quesitons and connecting with other students more learning can be made. Talking in my high school classroom would have made learning easier and I would have enjoyed my classes more too. Even so, I'm glad I learned not to be a giraffe even it took me longer than it should have.