Pace University-New York Top Questions

Describe how Pace University-New York looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school gives me an education that will help me do my best to succeed in my future.


Extremely diverse and fun even though it gets on my nerves sometimes.


Diverse, fun, great ability to find jobs and academic help


Pace University in Westchester is not big nor is it small but just right. Once you enter the university you will be greeted with housing dorms Martin and North Hall. Getting from your dorm to class is very easy to do because its just a short walk across campus. On average it takes a student only a few minutes to get to class. The way around campus is very easy, but if you do get lost there are campus maps all over. The campus dining hall, Kessel, is where you can find majority of the students hanging out between or before class.


Pace University in Westchester is not big nor is it small but just right. The students here are unique in their own way and thats what is one of the great pros here. You will NEVER find someone that is the same as the other. The way around campus is very easy, but if you do get lost there are campus maps all over.


The Pace NYC Campus is not your traditional campus. Although there are central locations such as Cafe 101 and the courtyard located at the main building, the buildings are spread throughout the Financial District within a reasonable radius. All of the buildings are within walking distance. The best advice I can give to someone adjusting to this kind of setting is to make NYC your own campus.


Describing Pace University to someone who has never seen it is actually more difficult than one would expect. This is due to the fact that Pace does not have just one campus; there is a New York City campus, a Law school in White Plains, and a Westchester campus. Personally, I attend the Westchester campus. Now, to make things more difficult, the Westchester campus is actually a dual-campus; there is one in Pleasantville and one in Briarcliff Manor. The one in Pleasantville is the main campus - it contains all of the academic buildings, some student housing, the main cafeteria, the fitness center, the football/lacrosse field, and the baseball field. You will also find the counseling center, student resources, and all advisor offices on this campus. The Briarcliff campus contains the rest of the student housing, the soccer field, the tennis courts, another cafeteria, and some office buildings. Fortunately, these campuses are only five minutes apart. This may seem a tad confusing but the school makes it very easy for students to commute back and forth, even if they do not have their own cars on campus. Shuttle buses run between both campuses every twenty minutes, also stopping at the train station in town, helping to make the lives of commuter students much more simple. This also provides students with the opportunity to explore the town of Pleasantville, if they so choose. Many students like to take the shuttle into town to go to some of the local shops, or sit down to read a book in Starbucks. Don't worry, if you're a Dunkin Donuts fan, there's two of those, too! Pleasantville is a quaint, little town where almost everything you need is within walking distance. This is a definite plus to being a student at Pace - even if you do have your own car on campus, you don't need to be filling up your gas tank every week. If you live on Pleasantville, as I do, you can walk from one end of the campus to the other in five minutes! And even if you live in Briarcliff, take a ten-minute shuttle ride and you can go anywhere you need to be. Although Pace is not a huge campus, that does not take away from it's beauty. The "Choate Pond," located in the center of the Pleasantville campus, along with all the trees surrounding the buildings, makes for a peaceful, pleasant walk across campus. It really is a sight to see all the leaves changing through the seasons. Being from New England, myself, I definitely value the splendor of Mother Nature's work. I have learned through my two years here at Pace that it is a beautiful campus with tons to offer to its students.


We have two campuses for just the undergrads in Westchester--one in Pleasantville (academic and residential) and one in Briarcliff Manor (purely residential). Both campuses are very pretty and fairly woodsy. There's a wonderful pond on the Pleasantville campus that you're bound to appreciate when going to class. The trek between the two campuses isn't bad and the transportation is provided for free. Some of the buildings clearly have history, like Choate house--it's a big pink building that used to be the home of a psychiatrist. Dr. Choate would often take his asylum patients out on the pond for some water therapy. Isn't that a great story?


Pace can look rather cold from the outside. The building is very straightforward. Once inside, the views are great.


Pace is a career-focused school with supportive professors that will push you to your best ability.