Pace University-New York Top Questions

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What I find is that many people chose Pace University as an option because of it's location, right in Lower Manhattan. So you are around a lot of great resources and great places for entertainment. Also because of Pace's location, they have great partnerships which provide students with great options of internships. Pace also has a theatre section, so you may find tons of students going to pace for either acting, film directing, play writing, etc. I found that there is some famous alumni from pace, I recently discovered Bradley Cooper graduated from here.


I believe that Pace provides an excellent opportunity to introduce students to various cultures and ethnicities. It truly does offer me a different surrounding than my friends at home.


My school is unique because it offered me the work experience I desire as well as a combined degree. I am in the BBA/MBA accounting program, meaning that by the time I am 21, I will have both a bachelor's and master's degree, as well as a CPA license, a few internship experiences, and a job waiting for me when I graduate. Other schools, while also in urban areas, did have internship or co-op programs, but not to the extent that Pace University does or with a combined degree that would be useful.


The small class sizes are a major advantage. It allows professors to teach more personally and students raise their hands more. The co-op center is very eager to help students find work or internships. The tutoring center is available 6 days a week. Overall, you can gain a lot out of Pace if you take advantage of their services and environment.


My school is located in the heart of New York City, creating countless opportunities for the students learning there. There are job opportunities around every corner for students as well as amazing on campus jobs. New York City has several museums to get lost in along with shop after shop to spend your spair time in. There are hundreds of restaurants to eat at of all cultures along with shops to fit everyones needs. This city provides the perfect campus for Pace University and its students.


Pace was my dream school. When I came, I was worried it might not live up to my expectations. It completely lived up to everything my tour told me it would be. Im a Pace student and so grateful for it every day. I am not even 20 years old and because of pace I have gone to Argentina, Spain, and have an internship at The Consulate of Venezuela, and will be going to Italy this summer.


Basically, know what your getting into. Most people think that they'll live this glamorous life if they live in New York but that's a lie. The people out here can be cold and careless and often judge people on their looks. If your wholesome and conservative, prepare to be challenged in every way possible. Hold fast onto your dignity and never feel like you're obligated to do something or act a certain way. Be yourself no matter what and although people will say things, deep down they'll respect you. Stay to yourself when needed because if you spend too much time with friends you can loose focus. Women, stay away from drinking at parties. There have been many rape reportings. Be alert, be aware, observe people before you try to befriend them. If you don't know where you stand, you will be crushed. If you're an individual, prepare to feel lonley every once in a while but that's okay because if you stand strong until the end, you'll be able to make it anywhere.


i feel that my school has a little bit of everything you need and want therefore you will not miss a thing. i havent yet met someone who wasnt happy at my school or need something and couldnt find it at Pace.


Pace is unique because you will never find a teaching assitant who heads a class room. The University simply does not believe in it, and there are always very, very qualified faculty assigned to every field of study. The location in New York City allows Pace to have the access to renowned scholars and professors who are genuinely invested in the success of their students, who not only want them to succeed, but who will go out of their way to propel their students forward. The Pace motto is to "work toward sucess." Nothing is closer to the truth.




Uh... it's way more boring. Also there's a killer fuckin' lego league.


New York City offers an unimaginable amount of extracurricular activities for its students. Pace Universities small class sizes and intimate relationships between students and faculty allow its students to freely explore with advice from respected elders. Your not a number at Pace. My teachers knew not only my name, but my background my goals and my dreams.


The obvious: downtown NYC location.


highly diversed, unique professors, unique people


We're right in the middle of downtown manhattan, station with lots of trains so you can go anywhere in manhattan/brooklyn


It is a small community in a large city


We are located in New York City, it never sleeps and there is always something to do.


The good thing about my school is because it is a university, therefore, it offers a wide range of courses for different majors. I'm a business major and Pace University was considered one of the top business private univerisities in New York.


My campus (pleasantville campus) has a great career and co-op service. Easy to get involved with the community and meet new people.


Honestly I chose Pace because it was close to my home, I was getting a lot of money for soccer (not anymore hence why I could use the 10 grand and why I sat here and filled this entire survey out) and I didn't want to be too involved with sports to have it interfere with school. The school is unique because it actually does have a very nice campus. The business school is amazing but other then that the other schools are extremely easy.


One of the biggest things that really got my attention was that because it is a smaller school, students are able to engage and have indepth, personal conversations with their teachers and peers. You can become very comfortable with those around you allowing you to learn and participate better.


a lot of diversity and more social freedom.