Pace University-New York Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The Advertising Club is my favorite club.


Greek life is pretty active and is also very involved on campus. Student Government is a great way to become more involved at school as well. All the major departments have organizations that hold events that are interesting to attend.


Fraternities and sororities are prevalent at Pace. The LGBQTA also has many events and is seen active in the Pace community. The Pace Advertising club engages members and non-members with ice cream socials during the semester. Pace Press is also very popular. C.O.R.E. (Consciousness of Reality Everywhere) is a club that I am very involved in. In my first semester of Pace I was secretary of C.O.R.E. when it was known as STAND (the student anti-genocide coalition). As we have come on our journey of development and discovery, we have changed our name, image, and values to reach out to more Pace students. Our mission is to enhance the human connection and to think outside of our everyday routines. We accept our responsibility to one another and think of the world around us in both immediate ways and on a global level. We find out more about ourselves and humanity through our weekly discussions that range from defining what it means to be a human to discussing different mental disorders categorized in different cultures. I met my closest friends through a friend I made at the very beginning of my studies at Pace. I attended the bowling social that Pace hosted for freshman. Through the friend I made that night, I was introduced to his friends that he made during orientation and through classes. My circle quickly spread and I have very good friendships at Pace that I believe will carry on after graduation. If I'm awake at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday I am most likely studying for a test or reading something for my own leisure. College students do tend to be insomniacs and most of the time you will find me awake at 2 a.m. on Tuesdays just out of habit. I would say that there is a huge party scene at Pace because there are constantly things going on around Pace. Yet I wouldn't know first hand much about Pace's party scene because I do not dorm and dormers are more likely to be found partying even during the week. Fraternities and sororities are important around Pace and many students are involved. Yet they are not stereotypical in hazing and actually are involved in improving the Pace community as well as reaching out to other organizations through bake sales, blood drives, etc. There is plenty to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking. There are always performances, art galleries, athletic events, music concerts, and hundreds of other events going on in the city at any time.


There are a wide variety of student activities and organizations that students can get involved with at Pace. Some of the most popular ones are the student run newspaper The Pace Press and the up and coming television station Pace's Official Programming Television (POP TV) both of which I serve on the executive boards. Other student organizations include the entertainment and media organization P.A.C.E. Board, the Student Government Association, APHROS Literary Magazine, the Stonewall Coalition, WPUB radio station, the Legend Yearbook, and Greek Life is also on the rise.


I would say the athletes and Greek life students are the most broadcasted bodies of students of all. I believe both groups are very important to the spirit of the university.


The most popular groups on campus are the Sororities and Fraternities, the Black Student Union, the Organization of Latin American Students, and Athletics. Generally if you aren't involved in Greek life, than you are involved in Athletics, and if you don't do Athletics than you're involved in a smaller organization kike Black Student Union, and if you don't do that than chances are you have a small close knit group of friends in the dorm area. In certain resident halls it's more common to leave your door open than others. In any hall though it is important to lock your door when you aren't there. This year my roommate and I were victims of theft. Some people go to the athletic events but it's never a huge turn out except for homecoming. The Pace homecoming events are the most highly attended events all year. There are fireworks, dances, the pep-rally, a drum line and step group, cheer leaders, a dance team, contests where you can win things, a drag competition, and the homecoming bazaar where various clubs sell different things to raise money. The party scene isn't so big this weekend because security is really tight this weekend. Homecoming is the biggest tradition we have next to townhouse day, Townhouse day is the one day of the entire academic year that a blind eye is turned on all that is evil. It's always towards the end of the spring semester. Everyone is drunk. Everyone. As long as it's in a red cup it goes. Everyone gets drunk before they go up to the townhouses, then the houses are almost all open and people continue to drink there. Pace rents fun equipment like bouncy houses and slides. Other than that all townhouse parties (as of this semester) are shut down by 1am and resident assistance look for any reason to kick someone out of a party. Though in the past there used to be parties on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, this semester it's been mostly Friday and Saturday. Thursday nights if people drink they got to the bar or stay in their dorms with their friends. Greek life pretty much runs the party scene so if you aren't close with someone in Greek life or aren't in it yourself you could find it difficult to find a party. For people who don't like drinking there is a train right in town that goes to New York City. There is a bus that goes into town where there are many restaurants including Pizzerias, Chinese food, Indian food, American food, Sushi, Pizza Hut, and McDonald's. There is the Jacob Burns Film Center as well. For those who are fortunate enough to have cars, the next town over has several movie theaters that show more mainstream films than the Jacob Burns, more places to eat, and mini golf. White Plains has a lot of shopping areas and is only $5 round trip from Pleasantville. The dating scene is mostly just hook-ups, all of the nice boys have girlfriends either on campus but usually at home. All of the jerks cheat on their girlfriends, or are incredibly shallow. I can't speak for the girls because I've never tried to date one. I met my best friend when I was smoking a cigarette at the side door of my dorm. We have to go 50 feet from the building so everyone generally ends up in the same spot, we found out we had a lot in common and now we hang out every day. I met my other Pace friends at orientation, preview weekend, Facebook, and through other friends. If I'm up at 2am on a Tuesday there are two possible reasons for it; if it's the beginning of the semester I'm probably in someone's room watching Southpark, if it's the end of the semester I'm studying for my finals.


Like I said on the last answer there is an organization on Pace's campus for ANYTHING. If a student feels like a group is not being represented, they are more than welcome to bring it in front of our Student Association and make it an official organization. Pace University in general is a very welcoming place and the dorm room doors are open a majority of the time. Many close friends are made in your dorm hall or in an organization that they belong to. Athletics are no the most important thing on campus but they have been making efforts to make our games more popular and for more people to attend them (tailgating with alcohol and free giveaways at games). There are many traditions that students look forward to every year and there are definitely the parties that everyone will prepare for weeks in advance. Greek life is very present on campus and is continuously growing. Pace encourages everyone to go Greek. Students do tend to stay on campus on the weekends and many of that has to do with Greek functions and parties.


I would say the most popular student activities and groups are the SDCA (Student Development and Campus Activities), greek life, and the radio station, WPAW. All of which are extremely active and do great things on and off campus. There are a range of student organizations from academic, cultural, religious, performing arts, student media, special interest, student governance, and test webform, coming to a total of 30 different organizations. All sorts of events from athletic to guest speakers and theaters are very popular, and, the best part is that there are 3 different campuses to attend such events! White Plains, Pleasantville, and NYC offer a range of things so you will never get bored, and never have to leave the Pace community! I met my closest friends in class, as I am a first year graduate student who does not live on campus. I was nervous since I wasn't living on campus that I wouldn't make friends or fit in, but my friends include some who do live on campus, and some who don't. All of us are involved in the school, with other students, and professors as well. I don't feel like I'm not a student there, I definitely feel like I belong.


Some of the most popular orgs on campus are our cultural orgs like the Black Student Union, the Students of Caribbean Awareness and the Organization of Latin American Students. These orgs, along with several other orgs, host annual staple events like the Fashion Show, the Block Party and Holi-Jouvert. There are great parties thrown every semester by an organization, or three or four orgs working together. The campus radio station does a costume party for Halloween and also had a Don't Forget the Lyrics event, which I'm sure will turn into an annual function. There are so many ways to have a good time and not even have to leave campus! Even the residence halls get involved. Townhouse Day is one of the most anticipated events of the Spring semester. It's a huge carnival hosted right in the middle of the townhouses and there's plenty of free food and fun to go around!


The most popular groups on this campus are the athletes and the greek life. Currently, I am a junior on the Pace women's soccer team. We had a successful season, making it to the first round of the play-off tournament. One of my favorite aspects of being an athlete is having the support of my fellow peers at each of our games. Pace students, for the most part, do a tremendous job of coming out and supporting their sports teams. Since it is not a huge campus, it is really a tight-knit community that brings everyone together. There are many activities outside of sports that are available to students here at Pace. You can join a fraternity or a sorority, join one of the million student organizations, do community service, get an on- or off-campus job, or take the train into New York City for a day. Partying, of course, is always a part of the college experience. Pace does have it's party scenes on the weekend, but if that's not your scene, there is always something else to do. There is Pace Perk, a popular cafe, open until 2 am that always had karaoke nights, or bands playing. There are also movie nights at the townhouses. My friends and I like to go see a movie at one of the local movie theaters every once in a while, as well. there's never a dull moment if you take advantage of all that Pace has to offer.


Greek life is huge on the Pleasantville campus. There are over 20 different sororities and fraternities ranging from cultural to social. Athletics are very popular on campus as well even though we are a Division D school.


Pace University does have a large number of Greek life on campus, both social and ethnic. We do have an athletics program, with sports such as football, basketball, baseball, mens lacross and womens soccer. There are also a number of campus organizations such as the student radio station, the student newspaper, psychology club and a gaming club.


Pretty much at Pace you will eventually fall into one of three categories, or two of three or three of three categories. Its almost impossible to not get involved on campus, and I've found that most students find a desire to become involved once they meet more people. In freshman dorms people always have their doors open and are looking to socialize at all hours of the day. Once you get older and move into upperclassmen dorms, that "open-door" aspect starts to diminish and you have already developed the close friends that youll make plans to hang out with. Greek life is very important to people in Greek life. If your not a freshman getting recruited or your not in a fraternity or sorority, greek life wont affect you.


The most popular clubs and organizations on campus are: P.A.C.E Board (the entertainment group that manages major events from Homecoming Concert to school-wide festivals), BSU (the black student union that address controversial topics effecting all students, not just minorities), Pace Press (the school news paper that covers both on campus and local news), POP TV (the student run television stations the broadcasts on campus), SGA (the student government), and the Greek Life (sororities/fraternities).


Clubs based on cultural discussion are super popular, like ASAP (African Students at Pace) and OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students). There are many members of WPAW (the radio station) and I personally am very involved in the Pace Chronicle school paper. In the dorms, people usually leave their doors open--if you notice that they aren't open, leave yours open to encourage others--and that's how you occupy yourself at 1am on a Tuesday: meeting new people. You're not the only night owl! Greek life and sports are big at Pace even though the football team typically doesn't do well. The student body just has a lot of athletes. Fraternities and sororities, like I mentioned, are big. They continue to grow every year I'm here, particularly the cultural ones. I am not involved in any but it's impossible to avoid their presence on campus. Like myself, though, you don't need to join one to be social. On Saturday nights if you're not a drinker, there are always other students staying in as well so you can hang out with them or go to a school sponsored event like the party coming up this weekend that just involves dancing (there's a DJ, lots of people go). Also, there's a movie theatre in town as well as places like NYC and White Plains to go to get away from campus.


Were in NYC, literally you can do anything you want. Some people sit in their dorms with a bunch of people and watch movies all night, others go out to various bars and clubs. I find anything random to do with all of my friends, whether we decide to go roam around Times Sq, or walk the Brooklyn Bridge, or go to a greek event at Pace. Pace always has tons of events going on, and theres always something to do in the city.


Most of the student activities are quite cheesey. Sure, you have the actors studio but that gets old after awhile. There are many business organizations and so on. There is no dance team, cheerleading or any type of sports. We have to go to the Westchester campus for that, which some of us never do! The dorms are interesting depending on where you are. The dorms in Brooklyn are a bit more calm and laid back. The dorms in Manhattan have a lot going on. The students are definatley crazier over there and there are a lot of brown nosers. There happens to not be any dateing material here. Many people are too selfish to have someone to care about and plently of people are very loose and would rather fool around instead of trying to commit( disgusting, I know). Truthfully, I have the most fun when I am away from this school. For instance, I enjoy going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or I'll see a movie on Times Square. I have one or two friends that i'll hang out with. Like I said, you have to be cautious with people who you call your friends. Most of the students only attend events for the food and could care less about what the speaker is saying. (Yes, it's THAT bad) There are also students that think their going to be hot-shots in their feild but half of them don't know the first thing about being a good hearted adult.