Pacific Lutheran University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Wanting more free time.


The location in Parkland, WA is not ideal. I wish it were like Seattle where you can walk around and find interesting places, libraries, restaurants, or shops. In Parkland, you pretty much have to drive at least tem minutes to find anything "fun" to do. It's about thirty minutes to Seattle or Olympia.


How I don't know many people, due to me being a transfer student.


Pacific Lutheran University is very expensive and is actually one of the most expensive schools in Washington state. It is hard for me to be able to stay at PLU without getting student loans. This is frusterating to me because I love attending PLU and if I do not attend college I will not be able to follow my dreams in terms of not only what I want to do with my career, but for the rest of my life.


The most frustrating part about PLU is the location. PLU is located in a part of Tacoma that is more crime riden, so the transtion from a small town in Montana to a lower income are of the city was tough for me.


The cost, it's insanely expensive.


The amount that is demanded of you at PLU can be frustrating. As a full-time student whose also involved with extra-curricular activities, I don't often have time to relax. Sometimes it feels like professors forget that you also have other classes, activities, and a social life and assign what seems like entirely too much work. The key is to manage your time wisely and plan ahead so that you don't let your workload overwhelm you or stress you out.


It is a bit rigid with their rules; for instance, their parking policies are very defined and only allow one registration type per person which allows that person to park only in specific scattered parking lots. Also, there is a lack of minorities; there are may caucacians, and very few darker skinned students. Furthermore, it can be difficult to transfer in & click with the already formed cliques of students; the students are like a family and are extremely (I thinik overly) obsessess with outside team building and 'getting to know each other' activities. People can also be very snobby!


The most frustrating thing to me is that I was awarded a loan provided I had a co-signor and no one noticed until a month into school when I noticed I still hadn't received my book voucher.


For me personally the single most complained about feature of PLU is the food. Not so much that the food does not taste good, but that it lacks variety. I am a vegitarian and Dining Services completely lacks options for me; for dinner I could choose to have salad, or pasta, or whatever one other option they decided to give me. I find that very frustrating.