Pacific University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Pacific is best known for such a great student body and faculty. Everyone has, I guess you could say, adapted to the Aloha spirit Hawaii people bring to this school. The teachers are awesome and the staff is great. This year was the second year having a football team after twenty plus years of not having one. Seeing the great support this school had from its students, teachers and town was an indescribable feeling. When you walk on to Pacific you will definitely not be ignored but will be welcomed with a hello.


Pacific is best known for the extremely caring and supportive faculty and staff. At every level from the president to the professors to the health services to the career services, students are treated with respect and consideration and can trust that everyone they interact with is rooting for them and is willing to go the extra mile to meet each students’ specific needs. Students rarely slip through the cracks because there is always someone keeping his or her eyes out. As a transfer student, I felt especially welcomed into the Pacific community and was impressed, especially compared to other colleges.


Pacific University strongly supports sustainable living, and living green is a huge theme on campus. Programs are geared toward progressing society's awareness in terms of preserving the environment. Our buildings, food and events all seek to embody the green life, and students and facilty alike support and get involved with the movement.


Pacific University is very well known around Oregon for its optometry program. A lot of optometry students are able to complete their undergraduate degrees while gaining credit toward their optometry graduate degree.


Pacific is best known for its commitment to its students. The faculty is always willing to help students whenever necessary. The class sizes are small making it possible for real connections to be made between the staff and students. Pacific is also well known for its history and its future. Pacific is one of the oldest universities west of the Mississippi. It has a rich history including the infamous Boxer toss. By the future I mean its commitment to becoming a green campus. There are 3 green buildings on campus and a mindful student body.


Optometry. Also, the large amount of Hawaiian students.


It is best know for it's education standards and the professionals schools here on campus such as the optometry and other health professions. Another promient feature is out Education School. The undergrad program of Excersize Science is popular too.


This school is known for its physical therapy and optomitry schools


Reputation as a good academic institution.


The Optometry graduate program, and the Exercise Science undergraduate program.