Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes to think critically and is open to new experiences.


Tenacious people who, passionate and hopeful about their futures should attend this school.


A student who is willing to study hard and open up to people and new experiences. I remember how one staff member was always telling us to take advantage of the library. The resources are here you just need to use them. Although, most of the people I ask here are planning to major in exercise science there are plenty of other majors like media arts, history and world language. There is also a graduate program for those going into optometry, pharmacy and education. Anyone who is interested in these career options should consider Pacific University.


I would recommend an intelligent, young person with a liberal attitude and an open mind, willing to explore new ideas and places.


The kind of person who likes to stay in a small, well connected community. If you like to know everyone and at the same time have most everyone know who you are then Pacific is the place for you. Pacific is great for individuals who enjoy close relations with both the teachers and the other undergraduates; a place where achieving in a class room is only a arms reach away. While the academics here are great, Pacific is home of phenomenal athletics; Pacific University is great for the athletes looking to further their careers.


An indivdual who likes smaller groups and the feeling of belonging to a community. It is also great for someone who is very focused on their education. Here, others help you to succeed and do everything they can to help you understand and complete the class materials. It also is great school for people who are interested in pursuing a career in health care.


One who is Hawaiian, rich, and able to spend lots of money on a mediocre education.


People that attend Pacific University should be studious, but still fun-loving, and not mind rain and cold.


Anyone should attend this school


A student who is concerned with helping those less fortunate in their community through their career, especially by means of the various health professions offered at Pacific University. Also, a student who is self-motivated and well organized is important because the health profession programs demand a great deal of time for classes, homework and group projects.


someone who is likes the small town feel with the accessibility to a larger city if they want to travel. It is a very laid back campus and also very liberal; students aren't afraid to speak their minds. This campus is very accecpting of students regardless of their past and has a place for everyone.


Someone who is willing to work hard for a good education. This will not be as easy as high school.


A perosn who has an open mind, who is willing to do the work, and someone who wants to be a productive person on this campus.


People that should attend this school must like the small class sizes, and should be able to handle a small campus surrounding. Usually everyone knows who each person is, and sometimes it can be tough in such a small school.


If a person wants to be a part of a small, liberal arts college that places value on environmentally friendly policies as well as on-campus participation and school spirit this could be the school for you. The work that is required of students at Pacific is challenging, but fair so Pacific is not the school for you if you lack motivation. It's a pricy school, so I would recommend knowing the general field you'd like to go into before choosing Pacific. It's not the sort of school you go to to "figure out what you want."


If you're looking for a school with small classes, devoted professors, a high quality of education for the cost and a diverse student population, Pacific is a solid choice. If you need a city around you, it's a bit far from the nearest city (Portland, 45 minutes), and the town can get a bit dead on the weekends. It definitely helps to focus, but there's tons to do in the surrounding area (the coast is an hour's drive, Mt. Hood is 2 hours). Self-motivated individuals tend to do well here.


A person who is willing to learn, and wants to go places in life.


A serious student who is willing to put forth the effort to study hard and ask for help/clarification when something doesn't click in their head. This is not the most athletic school, so definately students shouldn't attend Pacific if that's all they are interested it. But if you want small class size and individualized instruction from Professors who really know their stuff, this is the perfect place for you.


self-sufficent, driven, open-minded


Anyone who is open minded with respect for a variety of backgrounds. Be prepared to hang out with only white people if you're not from Hawaii. Also, it is wise to have deep pockets or really empty ones so the government can pay for it.


Those who want small classes and accessible teachers