Pacific University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Plan your classes on your own - don't just rely on your advisor. Lots of students end up coming back for a fifth year.


The weather during the fall and winter can be a downer. The sun goes down at 4:30 PM and I wish I had experienced it before coming because it took me a while to get used to it. This exxagerated my feelings of homesickness.


I wish I would have known how popular and common it was to take college courses through community college before I came here, because I probably would have been more likely to take some of my own while I was in high school.


I can't think of anything.


I wish I knew right away that the right way to make friends is to go out and meet new people by going to events rather than sitting around hoping for someone else to take that first step. After making friends, it would have been nice to know how to balance hanging out with friends and taking time to study.


I wish I would have been more aware of the small town atmosphere at Pacific. The professors and other students are more cooperative than I had even dreamed. Had I know this I would not have stressed out so much about going there.


That there was uneasy tension between the hawaiian and mainland students at this school. And that the finacial aide would NOT cover all of the school's tuition, the school promised scholarships that never came through and DOESN'T accomidate for non-traditional students. I may have to drop out a semester before graduating because no one at that school wants to point me in the direction to get finacial help. And the most importantly, I wish I would have known that this school is more worried about what funds they can bring in than if their students even graduate.


A lot of drinking takes place on and off campus from what I have observed, and I am not a fan of underaged drinking.


I wish I had known how horrible Winter is. I still would have chosen Pacific University but I would have prepared myself better for seasonal changes considering I am from Hawaii and know nothing about that.


Money, the root of all evil and the root of my problem. Everyone needs it and Pacific seems to ask for more and more of it. What is more important to this univeristy: Putting in two new water fountains that no one will ever drink out of, or offering more for their students or even a better idea, more financial aide! Faculty, although there are some exceptions to the rule, some of the faculty members here are not fit for teaching. They may be the experts of their area, but if the experts cant teach, why pay them?


I wished to know enough for me to be prepared to get a desirable job when time comes necessary. I wished to be fully capeable to take on a classroom, as well as one could be expected to in their first year.


Make sure you have time to study, and READ. You will be spending at least 3-4 hours a day reading.


I wish that I would have known exactly what kind of career I wanted and exactly what I wanted to major in. I have completely changed my major from Environmental Studies to Computer Science so it will take me about 2 extra years to graduate instead of it just taking 4 years.