Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are like my soulmates, even if i don't know all of students I get build so many strong relationships, and i know they will be my friend for many years to come.


My classmates display godly attributes which makes the classroom a positive, Christ-honoring environment to learn and apply the subject matter in.


My classmates range from those who have no Christian background to those who are into their faith "a little too much."


My classmates are all goal-driven, task-oriented, and reaching for the same prize as myself.


Very friendly and easy to get along with classmate.


Like stated earlier, the campus is small. Most of the students are Christian and it would make sense since we teach Christian Principles. Students wear flipflops and shorts. Lately, it's been cold (70 degrees). So many of the students have been wearing jeans and sweat shirts. PBA students are normally engaged during their last semester.


My classmates are very friendly and interactive.


A majority of students on campus are Christian, but you do not have to be a Christian to go to school at PBA. I actually am friends with a few people who do not identify with the Christian faith. There are also many different denominations on campus, which makes for interesting conversation about religion. I think there is an open atmosphere geared towards discussion at PBA, which I have come to appreciate. I have most certainly grown in my own faith as a result of being at PBA. Though PBA does have a good deal of commuter students, I think commuters have a hard time making friends and getting connected into campus activities as a result of not living on campus. Though there are clubs which make an effort to get commuters connected, it is still rather difficult unless they have lived on campus for a semester or two. A lot of people look nice when going to class. Girls especially usually have a full face of make-up and their hair done nicely. It's easier here though, because it is warm for most of the year. I would say PBA is a mostly middle-class to upper-middle class and above kind of school. This is due mainly to the fact that it is a private institution. It is easier for residents of Florida to be able to afford the education than it is for people from out-of-state.


Everybody at PBA is just down to earth and cool. All the students just seem to get along pretty well. All students interact and have a good time with each other.


There isn't a huge variety of culture at PBA or I haven't encountered it in my 2 years attending. I think a poor, international, unintelligent, anything but Christian, and portly student would feel out of place at PBA. Most PBA students are from Florida, Michigan, and New Jersey.


The majority of my classmates are conservative, white, wealthy students who are friendly and enthusiastic about their social life, even if that means their academic career may suffer.


PBA is a Christian University with faith based rules and regulations that all students are required to follow. That being said, I believe that PBA is a very welcoming and including environment. As with all areas of life people tend to group with people who are like minded and have the same interests. I do not think at all that PBA is cliquey. Many different groups seem to interact with each other at different events. A lot of the grouping has to do with freshman resident hall placement. People tend to remain close friends with people whom they lived with freshman year. It is very easy to make friends in classes and at the various social events on campus, especially on the off chance that you acquire a roommate whom you do not completely get along with.


PBA is a very welcoming university. We are a Christian university, so we do have standards and rules that are different than state school's. Not everyone that goes to PBA is a Christian though, and you do not have to be one to apply to go here. From my experiences, students from all different groups interact with each other, but there are still some cliques. I think that people tend to find a group of people that have similar interests or views and stick with them. I am the type of person that loves to meet new people and have friends with different views, and I know a lot of other people at PBA that are like that. It is not a particularily clique-y school and different groups interact with each other all the time.


Again, because PBAU is a smaller, Christian university, it provides a great atmosphere of community. There are many different groups within this community: some are more politically aware, some not. There are some who love talking about various theological topics and others who would rather talk sports. Because of the variety of students here, everyone can find someplace to easily fit into!


Containing multiple genres. Thought they are a small group of people in quantity, the encompass many of the available types of people in the US.


very eclectic... everyone is different


My classmates mostly consisted of business/ student athletes, that always was ready for a good time.


I learn so much from them, they are very engaging and fun to be around!


Friendly people, but can sometimes be judgmental due to religious affiliations


Sometimes overly cheery, and always smiling.


Very friendly, and welcoming. Easy to connect with people.