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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


*most of them *there are certainly less men *it seems like it


No. Though there are a lot of white students at PBA, we're certainly not all rich (even though there may be a couple of those...). And though we do live near the beach, we're not all beach bums either. Everyday life tends to get in the way of constantly being at the beach. I do have to admit that I was there VERY often my first semester at PBA. Now I just take it for-granted.


This is not true there are some pasty students at PBA, not all students spend every spare minute at the beach. Infact some should probably spend more time at the beach.


I must say that not all students that come to PBA are wealthy. In fact, I am a perfect example. It was almost impossible for my family to afford me living on campus. However, it is a blessing to say that I live on campus now. As far as the Fake Jesus Freaks go, we are all fallen. period. For those of us that are real Jesus Freaks, there isn't anything wrong with it. Don't be ashamed...ever.


Although based somewhat on real life experiences, this stereotype is not completly accurate. The beach is a very important part of the life of a PBA student but it is not everything. I myself do not surf and could not play a single chord on the guitar.


This stereotype is somewhat true, but not everyone surfs (myself being a non-surfer) and there are a lot of students that don't even enjoy the beach. Most people do like to spend their free time out in the sun though.


For a portion of the students, it is accurate. But in no way does that stereotype include all of PBAU! Sure, there are kids who love the beach and go there often; but there are the few who rarely go to the beach! I am not one of these kids however, I love the beach! But, the variety of the students at PBAU is great as are their interests!