Palm Beach Atlantic University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who loves to learn should attend this school. This university has a wonderful academic reputation with lots of choices regarding majors. The professors here are very friendly and take an interest in their students' lives.


People who desire a strong, personalized education and a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ or are open or curious about Christianity should attend this school. People who do not want to be constantly tempted to act immorally but instead encouraged in their walk with Christ definitely should go here. There are many opportunities to attend bible studies, student-led worship nights, and chapel. It is a small school, making it very much like a family.


While it is a Christian university, students from other religions are not turned away. Someone who is interested in learning more and is willing to work hard.


The kind of person that would thrive at palm beach atlantic university is someone who loves the warm subtropic environment, loves the beach and outdoors, is comfortable at a smaller school where you get to know almost everyone. Is likely to get involved with student activities and community outreach, and who is a person with strong christian beleifs.


Palm Beach Atlantic University is a private Christian school. With that being said, there is a certain standard for the student that should attend the or looking to attend the school. Most of the students that attend PBA are established Christians. While others are still searching in hope to learn more about themselves and the Christian faith. The kind of person that should attend PBA should be someone, but not limited to a person who wants to learn and grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally whether they are a Christian or not. While at the me time obtaining a good education.


Someone who is willing to work, and ejoys the cold weather. You also have to be accepting of others and their differences, such as religious views.


Hum, well I believe anyone that God has called to one of the most incredible experiences in life! I am loving where I am at and am honored that our Savior has called me to this incredible experience!


A person looking for a good education where they can meet alot of close friends, and grow in their faith as a christian. a person who wants to know their teachers and have teachers that want to help. you should go here if you aren't looking for a huge school where you can get lost. if you aren't looking party or drink or anything. its a great school where if you want to develop a close group of friends, grow in your faith, and get an education is the ideal location for you.


A person that wants to go to college but feels that they cannot find the time or the means. Thsi school would be it.


anyone who wants to have a great time at school in a christian environment


Those who love the sun, who like going to the beach, who like being around friendly people, who like making bonds, who would like to be ministers, teachers or pastors, and anyone who is talented in music, art, drama, dance should go to PBAU.


A Christian, who wants to go to school for social life rather than education.


Those who enjoy the beach and Christianity would likely fit in at Palm Beach Atlantic.


People who are religous and spiritual and undersand their religion.


PBAU has a lot of outgoing students. Everyone is friendly and fun, and a lot of students chose to go here because of their religion. Although it is a Christian-based school, PBAU does allow people of other religions or no religion to join the institution. This creates a very diverse group, but everyone still gets along very well.


I think that anyone could attend this school. This is a school that has an excellent emphasis on theology and religion, but nobody would feel out of place. I think that every single person would somehow benefit from the things that are imparted upon them from this school.