Palm Beach State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


smart one, critical thinker, creative, friendly, helper.


they are on their own world.


My classmates are very varied at my school, most students are young, either fresh out of high school or are in getting ready to transfer schools. There are always about 5% of the students that are adult learners, or generally older than their mid 20's.


My classmate are very enthusiastic about learning. They are mature beyond their age, and are very likable.


The students at PBSC are so diverse. We have students from all different backgrounds and nationalities. Also the range of personalities are endless making classes much more interesting


The students at PBSC are ar a unique mix. There are the the students that will use PBSC as a stepping stone to four year schools, there are some the will obtain their AA or AS and head into the working world and then there are the students that will take advantage of PBSC being a four your school.


My lassmate in my class the very respecfull in the like to helping each orther , sepecially for student in my accountinh classes .


My classmate are well to work with, nice, friendly, and caring


My classmates are very involved in their education, by asking questions or making comments, even talking to complete strangers about class assignments.


The classmates are diverse, i attend night classes and usually end up the youngest in the room. Many people in my class have family's and work full time.


my classmates are extremely loud.


My classmates are international , of all ages and mature to study with.


My classmates come from all over, with different backgrounds, different interests and different personalities; some of my classmates end up being pests while others end up being good friends that I keep in contact with as we travel down our own paths in our lives to do what want and eventually become the person we dream of being; not only do my classmates enlighten me with their experiences and ideas, they also give me the opportunity to grow and learn.


My classmates are intellectually smart people who always give me something to think about, it is an honor to go to school with them and still be able to learn something while sitting in the next seat.


My classmates are people who are driven, but did not get into a four year school.


My classmates in Palm Beach Community College is like of an experience in high school. It is an experience in high school because once a student enters a class, they either know or do not know a student in class. In general, my classmates can be reserved at first but, when spoken they would express themself. They are helpful and can make an enviroment where people can be socially accepted. In other terms, my classmates make the enviroment like home. That is how I would describe my classmates in college.


If I were to describe my current classmates; I must say that my classmates are very motivated, sympathy , confident, obsessive, lateral thinker, personable, and assertive.


Very friendly and everyone works hard together. It is a very personable and comfortable atmosphere!


People who wants to see a diference in the community, with dreams and goals.


My classmates seem to be dedicated, this isnt like high school where you had to go. This is now college and it seems everyone has understanded that now they have to get serious. When we have team work in class you can see all the classmates are working together and working hard to get it completed correctly.


Most of my classmates are in their early twenties and are working towards their Associates Degree.