Palm Beach State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't think I consider one cause I don't really see things or face with something that I will consider worst.


My school turned from a community college to an accredited four-year college that now offers bacherlor's degree, so people, including students and staff, act as if the school isn't that important, because they still have the mind-set that it is still just a community college. People there act less serious and make processes that should be fairly quick take a few days to complete. My school doesn't take itself as serious as it should, and that is the problem.


Students rate teachers based on how easy going their classes are. Based on their reviews, a lot great professors are taken as a last resort. This may seem minute, but many of these professors are excellent teachers of the topics they teach. They simply require a tedious work ethic.


The worst thing i consider about my school are the lack of parking spaces. The college already knows that around 1,000 more students are comming to the college so why not expand parking. The books are out the door high and tuition is just as bad; so why not expand parking. Parking creates a huge dilema for students. Being late for class is one and so one..


It actually is a good school and I do not have anything to complain about, other than the registration lines that are extremely long.


financial aid is the worst thing, i applied for financial aid but i din't qualified for some unknown reason.


I would have to say the fact that we don't have dorms.


The lack of student recources is frustrating.


There aren't flexible hours for weekend classes. Should offer more evening/early morning classes too.


Really,i dont think the school is worst at all. Its all about how you handle things in life. What can be a bad thing for one person can be different from how i look at it.


The worst thing about palm beach community college is the overly amount of student there are in the. There are not enough parking spaces for every one to park at, if you were to park in the grass u would get a ticket, another expense you have to spend at the school and which also leads to being late to your classes.


The worst thing about my school would have to be parking. You cant find a parking space in the mornings at all. So half the time students are late to their class.


The only complaint I have about my school is the lack of parking spaces. This means I have to spend about 10 to 15 minutes roaming the parking lot in search of a spot. As a result, I have been late to class a few times. Therefore, I now leave my house earlier in order to give myself plenty of time to find a parking space and get to class early. I like to start every class relaxed and ready rather than exhausted and unprepared.


Really, the only thing i dont like about PBCC is that there isnt alot of things to do on campus, which is understandable, being that it is only a Community College. I wish there was a library or something open late for students to get help studying.


Palm Beach Community college is a great school,but it has too many students. Students cannot find classes,parking space in lot, it doesn't have enough teachers in the science department etc...... The school is so crowded that sometimes students have to park in the grass, but still get a ticket. For the classes,students are forced to register early in order to find classes. Students don't really have a long period of time in order to pay for the classes,we usually have 2 weeks otherwise they drop us out of the class.


the computerized system between campuses and the online student services setup. my boca raton campus is becoming over crowded and needs to be expanded.


Some of the walkways are not covered up from the sun. I don't like it because, I know that I have to protect myself from the suns rays by taking extra time in the morning to wear sun block.


The most undesirable thing about Palm Beach Community College is that there are not enough Professors to teach the subjects that the students want to enroll in.


The worst thing about Palm Beach Community College is that it is a divided college. What I mean by this is there are cliches of individuals who hang out between and after classes and there is no campus or student body unity. I believe ultimately this is due to the lack of student housing available o campus. It affects the overall feel of the college while you're there. It's much like a high school experience without dress code and hall passes rather than a college experience.